The Whole Story: Civil War Captain America vs Ironman Spiderman fun in real life superherokids movie

See what I don’t understand is why you would call yourself doom. Because that just gives away that you are a bad guy. I know, his actual name is Von Doom. Who names their kid Von Doom? I got it! Hey Cap, You stink like dead fish! A big, stinky pool of fish! Just wanted to let you know. Iron man What was that for? I smell like fish? Like what? A big pool of fish? No, not my favorite limited edition Avengers cup! No! This ends now. Agreed! Hey! Have you seen Deadpool? He stole my cape. I’m trying to find him. So I can beat him to a pulp and such. Uh, no. Ok that’s fine. I’m going to go search over there. And you keep doing your thing. And I’ll be over there. You will never beat me along Iron man. Luckily, I don’t have to. Calling all kid superheroes! Two can play at that game. Superhero kids! Code three! Code three! I am the knight! You know what this means right? Civil war! Ah! Man of spider. Oh, hey Thor. Greetings! Your voice is still weird I see. Have you seen the man of iron? I received his distress call. Huh, that’s funny. I got the same thing from Captain. Captain! That’s the rogue that destroyed the man of iron’s signature cup! It was limited edition. He only did that because Iron man said he smelled like dead fish. What? Whoa, whoa, whoa! You have disgraced the man of iron! Now you must pay! Whoa, whoa can we talk this out? I guess listening is not his strong suit. I’ve got to warn Captain America! Well this is promising. Huh? Who left this here? Who did you think? Geronimo! That didn’t go as expected. Oh, we got a runner! Haha! I beat you. That’s going to hurt. Oh bananas! There it is! Finally! Haha! See ya loser! Great scott! (Dead pool) Wait! Stop fighting! It’s not what it seems. I have discovered something. Come with me! I have a plan. Why should we listen to you? Yeah, I don’t trust you. I am the dark knight. The conveyor of fear and justice. Thor! Thank goodness you’re here! I came to save my friend, the man of iron. But why are you helping him? You have disgraced the man of iron. He said I stink. Yeah but you broke my limited edition cup. Okay, okay! Everybody needs to calm down! When did you get here? Hey, I’m on your side! Works for me. Surrender, you are in the wrong. At least I don’t look like Goldilocks. What did you say? Just because I condition, doesn’t mean I have Goldilocks hair! You’re finished! Whoa, whoa, whoa guys! Do you want to go to a different park? Yeah! You guys are still fighting? You do know that it wasn’t Ironman that wrote that note, right? It was Deadpool. I figured that out like two episodes ago! Think about it. Deadpool? That loser? We definitely have to get back at him. He’s gonna pay! Haha! Sweet! Batman! Where is Deadpool? Hi! He’s way up there! How are we supposed to get him? I got this! He calculates the angle and checks the wind! Cap? Ten out of ten! Uh, I guess I have to do this by myself! How are you going to get up here? Oh. You wrote that note! It was you all along! Oh, yeah, the thing about that is… Look! A cliche distraction! How does that always work on me? Okay! Enough running! Whoops! Wait, wait! It’s me! It’s me, Ironman. Ironman? We figured out who wrote that note! It wasn’t me. It was…. Where did he go? Attention all superhero kids! The superhero that is known as Deadpool is now a wanted criminal! Hunt him down and find him at all costs! Uh oh!

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