Thinking of visiting Brazil? – A message from U.S. Citizens Services

Thinking of visiting Brazil? – A message from U.S. Citizens Services

Hi! Are you a U.S.
citizen planning to travel to Brazil? Whether you’re coming for
business or pleasure to enjoy Brazil’s famous beaches or to watch a World Cup soccer match,
the U.S. Department of State has some tips for you. Check out the State
Department’s website for travelers
at There you can access
up-to-date information about passport
and visa requirements for Brazil, safety and security, and
learn how to contact us at the Embassy or Consulate if you need to. You can also download the Smart Traveler
app for your smart phone or tablet. This great app will help you build
an itinerary to plan your trip and to access the State
Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, the best way to keep us informed of your
plans and to contact you in emergency. Finally, don’t forget to follow the
U.S. Embassy’s English twitter feed @USCitsBrazil to keep up on the latest news and events. Have a great trip or, as they say in Brazil, “boa viagem!”


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    Embaixada dos EUA - Brasil

    Hi Michel, we really thank your comment but we will have to delete it because it is an advertisement and violate our terms of use. Thank you.

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    Embaixada dos EUA - Brasil

    Olá Maroth3, p/ viver nos EUA, você precisa solicitar um visto de imigante para lá. Consulte nosso site para mais informações.

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    I am thinking about moving there in may be a year and a half or so possibly 2. I am wondering what the trucking industry is like there and what kind of careers are there?

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