Thoa Dao’s Practice U.S. Citizenship Interview

Please stand. Please raise your right
hand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes I do. Put down your hand. What do you promise? I promise the truth. Explain to me how you are eligible to become a U.S. citizen? Because I have been a permanent resident for five year. Five years? Good. Please show me your green card your driver’s license and photo ID. Yes Thank you very much. Let us begin. What is your full name? Yes. My full name is Thoa Dan Dao. Thoa–the first name Dao–the last name and Dan–the middle name. Your full name, very good. So your family name is Dao correct? Is it spelled D – A – O ? Very good Is the name on your Green Card the same as your legal name? Yes Are you requesting any accommodations because of physical disability? No What is your date of permanent residence? My date my date of permanent residence is on March 26, 2014. What is your date of birth? My birth . . . my birthday July 7, 1971. What is your country of birth? Yes my country in Vietnam. What is your country of nationality? The Vietnam Vietnam Is you first language Vietnamese or is it
Chinese? No only Vietnamese Okay Vietnamese. Good, okay. What is your current home address? Do you live in San Jose, Milpitas, or Fremont? Yes, my current home address is in Milpitas. Do you have a previous home address? Yes, my previous home address is 3537 Telegraph Dr San Jose, zip code 95132. How long did you live on Telegraph? Yes two years. Two years. How long do you live at your address now here? Yes two and a half years Okay good Let us continue Do you work? Yeah I do Where do you work? Yes I worked in the Eastside Company. I work in assembly. Do you really have one job or do you have more jobs? Yes I have a two jobs What is your second job? Yes, my second job I work in in fleet market. Oh you do? You work at the flea market?
(Visit the The San Jose Flea Market Yes, I sell the beer. You sell beer? Yes!
You’re my friend! Oh what kind of beer do you like? No, No, No. It’s okay. I like soda better. That’s very good. So what days do you work at the flea
market? Do you work on Saturday and Sunday at the flea market? I work only Sunday. Okay very good. So you are a very busy man. Have you traveled outside the United States since you’ve gotten your permanent residence? Yeah How many trips have you taken? Only one When did you leave and when did you come back? I leave March 28, 2018 and and return at April 18 2018. How many days were you outside the United States? Yeah twenty one day Where did you go? I go to the Vietnam my country Okay and why did you go to Vietnam? Because I’m visit my friend and my brother. What is your marital status? Now I’m divorced. Were you divorced in Vietnam or were you divorced in the United States? Yes in the United States. In the United States. When did you get your divorce in United
States? On the November 11, 2008 How many times have you been married? Yet only one Is your wife in the United States or is she and Vietnam She lives here Do you have any children? Yes I have How many children do you have? I have only one? Is the your child born in Vietnam or the United States? Vietnam Is he living here in the United States? Yes How old is your son? My son 15 year s So when you become a citizen, your son will become a citizen. Have you ever claimed to be a US citizen? No Have you ever registered to vote in
the United States? No Have you ever voted in the United States? No Have you ever had a title of nobility like a king or queen? No Have you ever been in a mental institution or mental hospital? No Do you belong to any clubs or
organizations? No Do you pay your taxes every year? Yes Do you have any overdue taxes? No Have you ever been a member or associated with the Communist Party? No Have you ever been a member of the terrorist organization? No What is a communist? Communist? No freedom, no rights. It’s the government party of China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba. What is a terrorist? to kill from someone from the government. Yes so they kill or hurt people or governments Have you ever been involved with genocide or torture? No Have you ever tried to kill someone or badly hurt someone? No Have you ever tried to stop someone from practicing his or her religion? No. In Vietnam, were you in the army or the military in Vietnam? No Have you ever worked in a prison or labor camp? No Have you ever had any weapons training you know did you ever sell or give weapons to another person? No Have you ever forced a child under 15 to become a soldier? no have you ever committed a
crime no have you ever been arrested no have you ever been in jail no have you
ever been on probation no have you ever been stopped by the police for a traffic
ticket no okay good have you ever been a habitual drunkard
no what is habitual drunkard? Drink wine so much. shall I yeah what did you say drink wine
so much? yes yeah you could say drink too much alcohol yeah to drink too much
alcohol yeah very good have you ever sold or
smuggled any illegal drugs no have you ever been married to two people at the
same time no have you ever helped one enter the United States illegally you
didn’t know have you ever gambled illegally no have
you ever been deported what is deported deported get our the
country kicked out yeah okay are you between 18
and 26 years old when you come here no no so you did not register for the draft
okay good let us continue do you support the Constitution in the form of
government of the United States yeah do you understand the full oath of
allegiance to the United States yeah are you willing to take the full oath of
allegiance to the United States yeah What is allegiance?
Loyalty. Loyalty, Very good good if the law requires it are you one
to bear arms on behalf of the United States yeah if the law requires it are
you willing to perform noncombatant services in the US Armed Forces yeah if
the law requires that are you willing to perform work of national importance
under civilian direction yeah okay now I’m going to ask you some questions okay
yeah all right when was the Constitution written? 1787
name one state that borders Canada Alaska we elect a US Representative for
how many years two who is in charge of the executive branch the president what is
one responsibility that is only for United States citizens
yeah I’m sorry yeah I can hear the question what is one responsibility
that is only for United States citizens what in the federal edition okay name
one problem that led to the Civil War slavery name one War fought by the
United States in the 1900s did not work yes what group of people was taken to
America and sold as slaves African when is the last day you can send in your
federal income tax form April 15 what is one important thing that Abraham
Lincoln did free this land what is freedom of religion you can rush it any
religion or not for us to utilization what ocean is our the east coast of the
United States Atlantic Ocean what is the name of the Speaker of the
House of Representatives now Nancy Pelosi. Take out a piece of paper. I exercise the written test. All citizens can vote. I did yes
oh I’m sorry I’m nervous? You’re nervous? yeah why that can’t repeat yes I can all
citizens can vote let’s see how do you spell citizens C I T I Z E N S spell
vote V O T E a new I congratulations Chúc mừng! okay yeah you will pass

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