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    Ivor Crotty

    Every state has a law on external funding for NGO's. The Centre for Public Inquiry, where I worked in Dublin, Ireland, was the subject of constant political bad-mouthing before it was prematurely closed,effectively, by the Irish govt. The law and the political culture behind it is not unique to Russia. That is not to say that the selective and politically motivated use of the justice system in Russia is not the very cancer that will eat the system.

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    ya think?
    It's weird how international human rights watch organizations like Committee to Protect Journalists, Amnesty International, & Reporters Without Borders rank Russia s the 3rd most dangerous place to be a journalist….you know…since speaking out against the state is a crime punishable by death in Russia…

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    54 confirmed executions for dissent since 1996
    20 executions for dissent since 2012
    America sucks, but Russia is murdering citizen journalists.
    details & links in the video

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    Karlis Vasulis

    Sometimes I'm wondering when the momentum will build up for Russian citizens, so they can outmass that pathetic dictatorship…

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    Alexey Pryamikov

    The fact is that if NGO recieves money from abroad – it should be named as "foreign agent". I have to remember that over 1 000 000 000 $ was spend on such organizations in Russia from abroad in this year!

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    Остап Бульба

    Если гайки и закручивают, то до уровня США ещё крутить и крутить.

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    Lion Winds

    Нет, yulyashko, тебе гайки уже закрутили так, что вместо того, чтобы посмотреть в зеркало, ты льешь помои на того, на кого укажет Путин.
    И если ты считаешь себя правым, то что же ты не выйдешь на митинг в поддержку "угнетенных" граждан США?

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    Lion Winds

    ЛЮДИ РАЗНЫХ СТРАН, 5, 6 мая 2013 г. приходите на митинги/пикеты в поддержку российских политзаключенных.
    Подписывайте обращение – putinavotstavku org

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    dǝwиduɐн ɐɓɐ ǝwqɯ оʚ dɐɹʎ ņиʞиɓ

    комменты конечно шизанутые как всегда. россия однако

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    Hello my name is Leslie, I am doing my thesis on Chechnya and Human Rights via the new anti-NGO law. If anyone has any comments or information please let me know.

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    Ilo na

    Read "Funding Civil Society" by Sundstrom and you will understand why Western model is not appropriate for Russia and what are the implications for foreign assistance policies.

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