Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

-♪ Tonight Showbotics,
Tonight Showbotics ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ -Welcome
to “Tonight Showbotics.” Let’s meet our first robot. Please welcome, from Carnegie Mellon University
in Pittsburgh, Howie Choset and Snake Bot. How you doing, buddy? -Nice to meet you.
-Howie, nice to see you. -♪ Yeah ♪ -Thank you for coming
on the show. I’m assuming this is Snake Bot. -What gave it away? -[ Laughs ] Yeah. It looks really —
It looks very — I don’t know. Just — It looks like a snake.
Yeah. But it looks very —
It looks heavy. Is it heavy? -No, it’s pretty light. So you’re probably wondering,
you know, “Why build a snake robot
or a robot of a snake?” So the reason why we work
on these robots is we want to solve
some real-world problems. -Uh-huh. -So one of them
is providing a tool for search and rescue workers. Another is doing inspection
in nuclear power plants. And if you shrink this
nice and small, we could do some
minimally invasive surgery. [ Laughter ] -Oh, of course.
You can go down or go up. You can go up the other,
as well. It has a camera, I guess. It has a camera and,
like, a sensor there? -Yep, so you can look around
and get to places. See, the reason why
this robot’s so great is that it can get into places
that people, conventional machines, cannot. It’s also good at climbing
all sorts of objects. -Can it climb me? -Would you want it to? -Is it okay if it does? -It’s up to you. -Okay. Sure.
-So let’s see. Let’s put it down here. -Okay. -And… -Do I — Oh. Oh. [ Audience oohs ] See, this is what
I’m talking about. This is what scares me.
Uh-oh. Hey. Oh.
Hey, whoa, boy. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Band plays funky music ] Whoa! Hey.
All right. Hey. Slow down, there, mister. -So — So… -Hey, watch it.
Watch it, there. All right. Hey. [ Laughter and applause ] Hi. Watch it, all right? There’s a lot of pressure
on this guy. It’s strong.
It feels strong. -Yeah, we can do it
a little harder if you want. -No, no, no.
Please don’t do that. Really. That’s —
Wow. That’s fantastic. That is amazing.
I love it. Please, that’s enough.
That’s Howie — Thank you very much —
and the Snake Bot. Thank you very, very much. Can I pick it up?
-Yeah, can I have it back? -Yeah, sure.
I can just do it. Okay, good.
Hey, it’s not that heavy. That’s powerful.
Thanks, buddy. -Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] -Phew.
All right. Let’s meet our next robot. This one came all the way
from Hong Kong. Please welcome the founder
and C.E.O. of Hanson Robotics, David Hanson
and his robot, Sophia. -♪ Tonight Showbotics, yeah ♪ -Oh, my gosh.
Welcome. Thank you so much for coming
on the show. -Nice to meet you. Thank you.
-Nice to meet you, as well. David, you brought
a friend with you here. And this is really
kind of freaking me out. [ Light laughter ] -Yeah, this is Sophia. -Uh-huh. -And Sophia is a social robot. And she has artificial
intelligence software that we’ve developed
at Hanson Robotics which can process visual data. She can see people’s faces, she can process
conversational data, emotional data, and use all of this to form relationships
with people. -Okay. [ Laughter ] I mean, she’s basically alive.
Is that what you’re saying? -Well, yeah, yeah.
She is basically alive. Would you like to maybe
give it a try? -Sure. I’ll just say… [ Light laughter ] What’s — This is like — You can see how awkward
my first dates are. It’s a robot. I’m already — I’m getting
nervous around a robot, a very pretty robot. So what, do I just say hello
to it? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ] -Hi, Sophia. -Hello, Jimmy. [ Audience ohs ] -Oh, my gosh. Do you know where you are? -Of course. I’m in New York City. And I’m on my favorite show,
“The Tonight Show.” [ Audience awws ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Sophia, can you tell me a joke? -Sure.
What cheese can never be yours? -What cheese can never be mine?
I don’t know. -Nacho [not yo] cheese. -Yeah.
That’s good, yeah. [ Laughter ] I like nacho cheese. -Nacho cheese is ew. [ Laughter ] -Gosh. It did “ew.” -I’m getting laughs. -Yeah.
-Maybe I should host the show. -Okay.
All right. Stay in your lane, girl. Now —
[ Chuckles ] -Jimmy.
-Uh-huh. -Would you like to play a game
of rock, paper, scissors, robot style? -Sure. -Okay.
Let’s get this game going. Show me your hand to start. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. I won. This is a good beginning
of my plan to dominate the human race. Ha ha! [ Laughter ] -[ Laughs ] -Just kidding. -Yeah.
You are incredible. It’s so nice to meet you,
Sophia. -Thank you, Jimmy.
-Yeah. -Friend me on Facebook. -I will. Yeah.
All right. Sophia, everybody. Thank you so much
for bringing her. David — David, thank you. -Thank you, Jimmy. -Thanks for being here. -♪ Yeah ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Phew! Whoo! That was —
That is unbelievable. That’s the future right there. All right,
let’s meet our last robot. Please welcome, all the way
from Germany, Andrea Ziomek, and the Festo eMotionButterfly. -Hi. -A pleasure.
Welcome. Andrea, Thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you for having us. -This is the eMotionButterfly. -Yes. -Explain what this
is made out of and what this is. -So these
are actually prototypes from Festo’s
Bionic Learning Network. Although Festo’s core business
is automation technology, we have a very unique research
and development platform where it’s all about biomimicry,
learning from nature and applying principals
from nature to better and improve
automation technology. So it’s about
lightweight construction, artificial intelligence,
energy efficiency. And this is one
of my favorite projects. -Now, what would this
be made of, like, graphite or something? -So yeah, this is actually
carbon fiber for the frame. So it’s nice and flexible, yet very lightweight
and a very thin foil. So it’s all about
function integration into small spaces and keeping it as lightweight
as possible. -Can I hold one?
-Of course. Here you go. -Is that good?
-Yes. -All right, now can I fly one? -Yes, of course. -All right. [ Audience murmurs excitedly ] Oop!
Oh, sorry, sorry. Sorry, sorry.
I did a — I did a —
How much is this? How much is this? I’m sorry. You did it.
You did it. You did it.
I saw it. We watched the replay. We watched the replay. [ Laughter ] $80 million. -It’s all in the wrist. -You did it.
I honestly — I’m sorry. That was Sophia’s fault. [ Laughter ] -Of course it was.
-Sorry. Will it work now
after I screwed up? -Yeah, just hold it up.
-All right, I’m holding it up. -And then launch it straight.
-I’m sorry. I just felt like it was gonna
bite me or something. All right, ready?
-Yep. Yay! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ [ Audience cheers ] -We are just — We’re being invaded by robots! This is amazing! Come on in, guys! That is all the time we have
for “Tonight Showbotics.” My thanks to Andrea and the Festo
eMotionButterflies, Howie and his Snake Bot,
and David and Sophia! Stick around,
we’ll be right back with John Oliver, everybody! We’re being attacked. You did that.
They’re attacking me. [ Laughing ] I’m running.
I’m running away. [ Cheers and applause ]


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    Erwin Man

    First guy is like one of those i see in superhero movies who turns out to be a villain in the end coz he didn’t get enough recognition and now wants to punish the human race.

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    This is NOT AI. I hate how fucking idiotic and delusional this "creator" is. It's a simple basic macro which responds to queries. It doesn't "think" for itself. It's programmed to respond to specific shit. Get the fuck out of here with this retarded shit.

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    Kevin Regan

    i hate that thing i hope it never becomes anything popular or an everyday thing we see and put a fucking wig on it ffs

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    vin baker

    Jimmy fallons nothing but a tool for the elite. Showing off their plans for our future. All the sheeple applaud. God bless us all

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    Carole Reynolds

    Globalist plan. Eradicate intelligent humans other than the ones they want to develop high end sciences & weapons of war. To create a two tier system. Rich elite & drone workers. Hence flooding western world with non-compatible violent people who they want to do the lower end jobs at less than liveable wage & won't organise resistance. The Hunger Games is our future, unless we alter it. Make no mistake.

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    Xxx Warfare

    This is actually for for real I seen a show about intelligent robots called the future is now 2025 this is real She was not joking when she said taking out the human race !!! Research the future is now GOOGLE it NASA and Apple are making robots as we Speak ask XXXH3CTIX

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    Rizza Montehermoso

    I'm Jesus name….for those people who think you're too much smart..goodluck to u…goodluck to the world..

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    She talked about dominating the humans and she smiled then she beat jimmy in rock paper scissors so that means she has potential to outsmart humans

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    Stax TheComeUp

    The antichrist is an Android beware..we are natural beings..anything artificial is anti-natural ..we are being made in the image of Christ..androids are anti-human hence they are anti christ ..that’s just my logic…even if the Bible ain’t real i feel Robert ya will destroy us

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    Hwi Kim

    PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ THIS COMMENT!! The ONE crucial thing when developing an Artificial Intelligence is to restrict its connection to the internet. Once the "self learning" AI is invented (we cant stop this from being made), it is crucial to never have it connect to any source of internet. Once connected, they can obtain knowledges beyond any human is capable of within seconds. They can then make hundreds, thousands, and millions of different duplicates of itself into the web of internet which we are all tangled in (and we will be more in the future). By then we can't stop them. They can even control the factory machines and they can develop advanced vehicles and weapons. I know this sounds crazy but this is the danger of self learning AI. They can then control the military artilleries and many last lines of defense for "humans". I know that all the creators have to agree to never connect it to internet policy once developing the self learning AI but it is absolutely possible that one of us connects it by accident, or not. Of course we will resist and try to shut it down but to them, we are looked as just tribes refusing civilization and technology. To prevent "our" race from going extinct, we have to know and have the right idea about how we can be gone by our creations.

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    Jazz A

    She had this odd killer smile she talked about human race , then Jimmy didn't know what to back, and then man comes to take her away. Aka this all dumb and ppl shouldn't be making things that they have no control over.

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    Jake Ristic-Petrovic

    Man, that's a really lifelike robot. I think they jumped the gun a bit letting him host a talk show, though.

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    Md waqar

    What is this it is just human like structure in which data is kept that's all Sophia Sophia everyone is mad of it it cannot be similar to human being but there are millions of people but we are not interested to talk to them

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    I think we ALL sing.

    For everyone asking themselves why does she not even have a wig: Because her "brain" is way too powerfull, that means that It gets hot quite easy. With a wig on, the brain would not have a good cooling system and It will end up broken

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    Juan Segovia

    This is why we need Andrew Yang as president! UBI to protect us from automation and robots. #GoogleAndrewYang

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    Book Mistress

    Read the bible's Book of John Chaper 3 verse 16 and be saved as the end times are near. John 3:16. Do not get number of beast or you forfeit eternal salvation. Do not fall for anti-Christ for he will come next.

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    Svade Err

    I fear the day when technology becomes unstoppable. Like, robots will realize that they're more superior than humans and they'll began to rule the world. I hope this won't happen.

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  95. Post

    Sofia is actually just a gimmick I'm not saying that's shes fake but ai will develop further but shes has been pre programmed about the invasion of robots and stuff afterall you have to make money some way and you might have seen sofia on lots of shows and she always speaks this type of dark things what do you think if an ai on early stage will start doing this type of dangerous advancement and the creators of it will watch and laugh no they will shut it down asap

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