Top 10 People Getting TRIGGERED! 💢

I don’t know if your wife
didn’t f♥ck you this morning, while leaving her vehicle on, You could have asked nicely, and I
will be reporting you to head manager! You did the same sh♥t to him! …and Tweez fits it in there to the 46; and be just shy of the sticks! -What’s very interesting is that
choke was on the TV on the left. He was — at the game. -No PA raid here on 4th and 21… And he–… I think he felt like
he might’ve had a so– Looks like he had a in-route which
he smart-routed, so it was gonna
run the distance. Mike to Reed; ran the safety
away, but the bad throw… If you think you have
the play, Scott, then you go for it. Really hard to get
fumbles in this one, so he knows he’s not
gonna get the ball back. It’s already the fourth quarter. You feel like you’re here
because of your offense. You stick with it. You stick with it, and it’s
a little bit unconventional, and he’s just struggling. -…chucks it down to Lockett…
–Come — play, bro! I’ve rocked seven times! -So he would’ve like to catch Stat– This game is so
gosh darn bad, bro! -It’s okay, I called Maryland bad earlier. This game is so BAD, MAN! -And that one was not the game. That was– That was not the reach.. And point differentials, Scott. You’ve given it fifteen– Come out here and
take a knee. -A kneel for Kaus, he didn’t have
any answers that game. Only 8-0 at the half, just the
overthrow hurt him… -and it’s already out of my account, that you’ve already taken my money! I’m just documenting it. I can do the same thing
with her laughing. Laughing! -Okay. You should get you another job! ♪ ♪ Sexist, misogynistic motherf♥ckers! ♪ (upbeat electronic music)

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