Top 10 People That Hooked Up With The Joker

Top 10 People That Hooked Up With The Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime surely has a lot
of admirers out there in Gotham City, and across the DC globe. While many of those admirers are probably
extremists or just individuals tantalized by the idea of an eccentric serial killer,
it’s hard to deny that the Joker carries some major sex appeal for those who don’t
mind his whole criminally insane schtick and tendency to murder. That’s what every girl wants, right? Right. So today, we’re counting down all of the
people in the comics who the Joker has hooked up with over the years, with our list of the
top 10 people that hooked up with the joker. Also, heads up, we do mention some spoilers
for the recent Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix. 10 Thomas Wayne
What if Batman and the Joker were in a relationship? That’s the reality that was presented to
us in the Flashpoint time, the Flashpoint paradox, in which Bruce Wayne is the one gunned
down in the famous alley scene instead of his parents. The tragic event causes Martha Wayne to go
insane, becoming the Joker. Thomas Wayne goes down the opposite extreme
path; he becomes Batman in search of revenge. The two become archenemies, with Thomas Wayne
using much more violent tactics than Bruce ever did in the prime Earth continuity. He uses guns, develops a drinking habit, and
it’s all very toxic. 9 Hayley Fitzpatrick – Earth 37
Here we have a hook up that occurred on Earth 37, otherwise known as the Thrillkiller universe! Thrill Killer is a one shot comic book that
was published in 1997, and takes place in the year of 1961 during the transitional period
between the dawn of the sexual revolution and the Vietnam war. This alternate universe gives us a female
version of the Joker named Bianca Steeplechase, who is the nemesis of Batgirl and Robin, the
two protagonists in the story. She poisons Robin, pretends to be the mayor’s
wife, kidnaps and tortures Bruce Wayne, all of the fun evil things! And in addition to that, she’s got a girlfriend,
the Earth 37 alternate of Harley Quinn who goes by the name of Hayley Fitzpatrick, although
she would use Harley Quinn as her alias name. Because of the whole being married to Gotham’s
mayor, it’s believed that these two defy regular relationship norms, and that they
share an open relationship. 8 Batman
Okay, so yes, this isn’t canon. But the Joker hasn’t been romantically involved
with a lot of characters, and we got ten numbers on this list people! Despite never being romantic together (with
the exception of our Thomas and Martha number earlier on this list), the Joker, over the
years, has been depicted as being in love with the caped crusader. While that love has never been canonically
reciprocated, the Joker has always been very open about it. For example, in Catwoman issue 14, during
the new 52 Death of the Family arc, the Joker flat out admits to Selena Kyle that he’s
in love with Batman, responding to her question of whether or not he’s in love with him
by saying “of course. It’s that obvious?” The whole arc seems to imply this dynamic,
with Batman even later stating he saw love in the Joker’s eyes when the villain looked
at him. In the Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller would
later state that the whole Batman Joker mythos was a homophobic nightmare, and he intentionally
wrote the Joker as a gay character. 7 Harleen
‘Harleen’ is one of the latest miniseries set to come out as part of DC’s Black Label,
an imprint geared towards more mature readers. In Harleen, we’ll be witnessing a different
kind of origin story for Harley Quinn, which reimagines her descent into villainy and her
relationship with the Joker. It’s been described as a Greek tragedy in
three acts, with Harleen being a brilliant young psychologist who takes drastic measures
to heal the mentally ill; she has discovered a revolutionary cure for madness after studying
criminals and sociopaths in Arkham Asylum and with the GCPD. But then she comes into contact with the Joker,
and everything changes. It’s a more intimate portrayal of their
relationship, with Harleen being a woman who is foremost a psychiatrist in this iteration,
trapped in her own mind, comprehending her own psychosis and understanding the severity
of her actions yet constantly trying to justify them because she’s in a defective relationship
with the Joker. 6 Three Face (Earth 3)
We’re venturing into Earth 3 for this number, an alternate universe 3in which strength is
valued above all else, and it’s believed that the weak deserve annihilation. It is home to the Crime Syndicate; an alternate
of the justice league where all of the heroes are villains instead. On this earth, the Joker’s alternate, known
as the Jokester, is a hero, the arch nemesis of Batman’s alternate, Owlman. He began as a struggling standup comedian
at a place called the Last Laugh, and one night, he witnesses the club’s owner being
murdered by Owlman. So he begins to redirect all of his jokes
at Owlman, which doesn’t go over so well. Owlman slices his mouth open giving him his
grin, and murdered his manager Harley Quinn, beginning the Jokester’s search for vengeance. Anywho, he’s with a woman named Evelyn Dent,
who he loses when her split personalities develop, and she becomes Three-Face (an alternate
of Two Face, of course). The two have a daughter together, Duela Dent,
who has made appearances in other related works. 5 Terry (Batman: Secrets)
Aside from the main female love interests that come to mind when you think of the Joker,
there have been a few obscure individuals who have been mentioned or have made very
brief cameos as a love interest of his in alternate universes. Terry from Batman Secrets is very much that. For starters, Batman Secrets was a five part
series that came out in 2006, and depicts the Joker and Batman going at it. In it, the Joker commits a heinous act that
depicts how heroes are treated by the media and the public’s perception of them. But back to Terry. She’s a woman he has a short fling with,
a very sadomasochistic fling in which the Joker tricks her into thinking he’s a sweet,
sensitive man with a big heart, but really, when it comes to getting physical, the two
end up beating each other until both are badly injured. Our next number has those spoilers for the
2019 Joker film, so heads up, you might wanna skip this number if you haven’t seen it. 4 Sophie Dumond
In Todd Phillips’ recent Joker film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Arthur Fleck aka the Joker
develops a bit of a crush on his neighbor in his apartment complex named Sophie Dumond,
played by Zazie Beetz. She’s a single mother and has a young daughter. And gradually, throughout the film, we see
that she becomes a product of Arthur’s dillusions, with him fantastizing about the two spending
time together and her being highly supportive of all of the things he does. They share a kiss as well. But it’s hardly sexual, more so, he’s
possessive over her, using her as a dependent to prop him up. Man y critics have drawn similarities between
the way Arthur sees Sophie in his mind and the way in which the character in the comics
sees Harley Quinn. It all comes to an end though when Arthur
breaks into her apartment while her daughter is asleep, creeping the hell out of her, and
her ultimately kicking him out. And, for those of you who have seen the film
and were wondering, he doesn’t kill her. There was a scene deleted from the movie in
which that was confirmed, according to Phillips. Back into spoiler free zone! 3 Alicia Hunt
In the 1989 Batman film, Joker had a love interest named Alicia Hunt. Alicia, a model, was the trophy mistress of
a former boss of the clown prince of crime’s, a man named Carl Grissom, back when he was
known as Jack Napier (according to the film’s lore). She would cheat on her husband with him prior
to his disfigurement and full transformation into the Joker. Grissom is actually responsible for Jack becoming
the Joker, having found out about the affair and sending one of his goons to have him killed
off, which resulted in him being knocked into a vat of chemicals. He clearly survived, and killed Grissom himself,
taking over his criminal empire in the process. Alicia wasn’t the most supportive of this
transformation though. When she first saw him, she fainted. And then later, when she reappears, she has
been badly scarred thanks to the Joker having used sulfuric acid, and dons a creepy little
porcelain mask. She has a terrible fate though, eventually
having a mental breakdown, causing her to jump out of a window and kill herself, although
it’s implied that perhaps the Joker threw her out of the window, since he attempts to
make moves of Vicki Vale shortly afterwards. Besides, the Joker’s reaction to this tragedy? He finds it highly amusing, saying you can’t
make an omelet without breaking some eggs. 2 The Unnamed Wife
The Unnamed Wife is the woman who appears in The Killing Joke. Or, that’s what she’s referred to as,
since a few iterations of the Joker have hinted to a family life he had prior to becoming
a criminal. In the Killing Joke, her name is Jeannie,
and the two of them were having rotten luck financially. Being in dire straits, the Joker (before he
became the Joker) pursued a life of crime in order to keep them afloat. On the day of his first major heist, he would
learn of her death, which came about in a freak accident. It was one of the variables that pushed him
further over the edge. Another unnamed wife is mentioned in Christopher
Nolan’s The Dark Knight, in which Heath Ledger’s Joker mentions that he had a wife
who gambled their life savings away and had her face cut up by loan sharks, so he gave
himself his permanent smile in order to show her how much he loved her. Instead, it freaked her out and she left him. That being said, many of his stories in that
film about how he got his scars are questionable, as he is an unreliable source due to his madness
and tendencies to lie. 1 Harley Quinn
Duh. Arguably, Harley Quinn is the only relationship
of the Joker’s that we’ve truly seen played out in the panels that was canon. She was first introduced to us in Batman The
Animated Series as a jester-esque female sidekick for the clown prince of crime, but later was
integrated into the comics. I’m sure the majority of you know the story;
before she was Harley Quinn, she was doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel, a psychologist at
Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum. According to Gotham City Sirens, the reason
why she chose to pursue psychology as a career was to understand her own broken and dysfunctional
family. But those plans came to a halt when she met
the Joker, and fell under his manipulative spell. Their relationship has been both adored by
fans but also highly criticized for being toxic, with the Joker often abusing Harley
or showing little concern for her well-being. He’s kicked her into a vat of acid in the
past. He’s locked her in a prison filled with
the corpses of other women dressed up as Harley. In one iteration, she has a daughter who she’s
kept hidden from the Joker in fear that he’d murder her. He’s offered her up as a volcanic sacrifice. He’s threatened to cut her face off, with
her doing it to prove her loyalty to him. It’s all very, very messed up. Harley is the person who knows him the most
intimately, or at least next to Batman, that is, and to think that this is how he treats
the people he loves, well, that speaks volumes about just how insane he really is. There we have it friends! Who do you think the Joker should be with? Give us a shout in those comments below and
let us know! If you dug this video, you know
the drill.


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    If Joker really looked like Jared Leto, I bet he would had slept with half of Gotham. And yes, I believe in that theory that the Joker and Poison Ivy were an item.

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    I have 2 answers, ones a joke and the other isn’t.

    1. Ya get a chia pet, paint a red smile on it, and boom you’ve got who the Joker should be with! 😂

    In all seriousness here’s the second one

    2. He shouldn’t be with anyone

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    Madness Media

    I think he pushes Harley away a lot but honestly he’s told her things no one else knows so he obviously has some trust and has been shown with some feelings for her,I think he just has issues showing that and sometimes feels she gets in the way.

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    in the animated movie crisis on two earths that earth 3 in the animated universe Joker is called The Jester and Harley is a monkey although in the animated killing joke movie his name is spoken by his wife by going to a life of villainy

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