Top 10 Scary Expeditions That People Never Returned From

Top 10 Scary Expeditions That People Never Returned From

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet…. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we’re
going exploring, but unlike the people on this list, we are going to make it back! That is right – we’re talking the Top
10 Scary Expeditions that people Never Returned From. What is the furtherst you have ever journyed?! I spent 23 hours travelling from London to Perth! LIKE SHARE 10 – The Devil’s Triangle
Lop Nur is a dried up salt lake with a mysterious history and the nickname The Devil’s Triangle. The former lake is a hostile place known to
have been the death spot of hundreds of people. In 1980, Chinese Explorer Peng Jiamu vanished
here on an Expedition. The explorer was several days into his journey
when he disappeared. It seems that he left a note at his camping
saying he was going out to find water. Despite rescue missions, the explorer was
never found. It is still an unsolved mystery to this day. 9 – The HMS Terror Who calls their ship the HMS Terror! Blimey! Victorian Explorer Sir John Franklin set off
on an expedition to find the Northwest Passage in the Arctic on the HMS Terror and the HMS
Erebus in 1845. The ships were spotted at Baffin by a whaling
ship but the 60 year old explorer and the 129 crew members he took with him were never
found again. Numerous rescue missions were sent to find
the team but it wasn’t until nearly 15 years later, after a tip off from local first nations
hunters, that some of the groups remains were discovered on King William Island. It seems that the ships had become trapped
in sea ice. Some explorers died from the cold as they
tried to march across the ice to safety, others stayed alive for a while on the ship by sheltering
from the conditions and eating the food supplies, only to die from lead poisoning from lead
used to seal the cans. A lot of the sailors bodies had become mummified
but Sir John Franklin’s body was never found. 8 – Naomi Uemura Naomi Umera was a modern Japanese explorer. I say was as the man is missing presumed dead
but who knows, he could still be out there somewhere. Uemura was part of the first Japanese team
to scale mount Everest – which is no mean feat. The man was a seasoned intense explorer. He was the first person to reach the North
Pole solo. He met his end…or so we think, in Alaska
as he attempted to be the first person to solo winter climb Mount McKinley. That was the last anyone ever heard from him. Search teams went to look for him in the tundra…
his diary was found hidden in a snow cave but sadly his body has never been found and
how he met his end remains a deep mystery. 7 The Flood
I want you to know about Isabella Eberhardt. This woman was an explorer and adventurer. She was born in Geneva to a Prussian aristocrat
and an rebel priest who turned to anarchy. Isabelle’s greatest adventure and motivation
was to stage revolts against French Colonialism. She travelled to Algeria, converted to Islam
and dressed as a man named Si Mahmoud Saadi as she explored Africa. She survived an assassination attempt by the
French and was eventually killed by a flash flood when she was exploring Algeria. It is said that, realizing she couldn’t
outrun the water, she turned to face it instead. She is absolutely my female sasspiration of
the say Another Lady to add to our list of fearless
explorers…a story often told but never solved… at number ** we have 6 – The Circumnavigation Amelia Earhart was an aviator of the highest
order….she was an utter babe, a record setter, a best selling author and a political influencer. Honey survived the Spanish Flu pandemic of
1918 which killed between 3-5 percent of the earths population at the time and infected
500 million people! An avid explorer and boundary pusher, Amelia
set her sights on becoming the first female to circumnavigate the globe. On July 2nd 1937, just three weeks before
her 40th birthday, Amelia and her navigator a Fred Noonan disappeared in an attempt to
circumnavigate the globe. It is thought something went amiss in the
pacific ocean near Howland Island, but to this day, nobody knows as Amelia’s body
and aircraft have never been found. Many wild theories have formed, some suggesting
she made it to Howland Island and lived as a castaway, others say she was captured by
Japanese troupes who held her hostage and the US government refused to pay her ransom. Some even say she faked her own death and
lived a life under a new identity in New Jersey. 5 – City of Z El Dorado or the City of Z sounds pretty appealing
on paper. After the Spanish Invaded South America they
came back claiming to have seen cities made of gold and filled with treasure, the most
beautiful of which was El Dorado. The city was thought to be in the Colombia
or Brazil and many expeditions were led to try and find it. Famously British Explorer Colonel Percy Harrison
Fawcett set out to find the utopia. The man had an esteemed military career and
was excellent at creating maps of the uncharted and unknown. His keen sense of adventure led him to want
to find the golden city. The last letter he sent was on May 29th 1925
as his team prepared to cover another 15 miles that day in their pursuit of riches. That was the last anybody heard from him. There were rumours that he had joined a native
tribe and others that he set up a mystical commune. The best theory is that he had been killed
by tribesman. Either way, despite 13 rescue expeditions,
he was never found. What were his last word in his last letter? You need have no fear of any failure . 4 – Roanoke
There were two expedition attempts to Dare County, North Carolina. In 1585, a small group of English settlers
journeyed to Ronake Island off the coast of North Carolina and attempted to make it their
home. Some wrote that they found the conditions
unsatisfactory and some even left….the people that ditched the settler expedition survived…those
who stuck it out…well..not so much. In 1587, 115 English Settlers came to join
those who were still there but weirdly they found no one… not a sausage … they figured as they’d
just moved on else where. The only thing is, they were never heard from
again. The second round of Roanoakers settled up
and after a while decided to send their governor, John White, back to England to gather fresh
supplies and fresh recruits to expand the colony. White made the three year round journey but
dutifully returned to the settlement, where he had left his wife and daughter he found
no trace of the inhabitants. Again. Just like last time, only he knew his wife
wouldnt have left without a messenger or a letter. The only clue he found was the word Croatoan
carved into a wooden post? How strange. Where did the settlers of Roanoke go ? The
second set of disappearees were also never seen or heard from again. Some theories say that they were killed by
a fearsome Native American tribe, although the fact that there was no trace of their
bodies – not so much as an errant bone is suspicious. Croatoan? The mystery is still one of the biggest to
still remain unsolved today. 3 – Journey to the North Sentinel Island There is a reason that people do not go here. Amid the Indian Ocean, the North Sentinel
Island has been the home to an uncontactable indigenous tribe for 60,000 years – the
Sentinelese. They do not want any interference from the
outside world and by and large that has been respected. Until recent years the tribe had just been
spotted only through far off images. Those unfortunate enough to get close to them
have been attacked and often killed. including two fisherman who were illegally
harvesting crabs near the island in 2006. In 2018, John Allen Chau, a 26 year old American
Missionary, was sent out on an expedition by the All Nations group to make contact and
live among the Sentinelese. Bad idea. The purpose of the expedition was to convert
the tribe to Christianity…. you can imagine how well that went. Chau kept a journal of expedition and his
attempts to spread the word of Jesus – he said he sang songs and offered the bible to
the tribe…but the holy book was shot at and pierced with an arrow by a young boy. While to most that would have served as a
warning, he persisted to no avail and was met with a mixture of laughter and hostility. It was last reported by the crew who went
with him that he was dragged away and killed. His body was spotted lifeless on the shore. Some of the last words found in his diary
were “God, I don’t want to die.” 2 – The Lost Cosmonauts I can’t put this at number one as this is
scary theory rather than provable fact but it seems as if a lot…. a LOT of people think
that a number of soviet cosmonauts went to space before Yuri Gagarin but their missions
went wrong so it was never publicized and the data was expunged. Evidence to this is perhaps supplied by the
discovery of Valentin Bondarenko’s death – a would be astronaut who died in training. The death was covered up by the soviets but
was discovered after the fall of the soviet union in the 90s. I can only imagine how brave a person would
have to be to go to space now, but back then before it had ever been done? If the whispers of the Lost Cosmonauts are
true – imagine going on an expedition to SPACE in the 1960s? We don’t know if they were real so we certainly
don’t know how they died, but what if some of them floated away gravity style. 1 – The Terra Nova Expedition…or The South
Pole Race as its often known I am just going outside, and may be some time. These were the last words of explorer Lawrence
Oats before he waded out into a blizzard without his shoes on. Lawrence was part of Captain Robert Scott’s
doomed British expedition to race Roald Amundsen’s team to be the first to the South Pole. Dogs died one by one, followed by expeditioners. There were just four men and a tent left when
Oates realized he was too weak to continue and that his fellow explorers wouldn’t leave
him. That left just three, including Scott. Sadly the men died one by one, with Captain
Robert Scott being the last. His last diary entry read: Last entry. For God’s sake look after our people” He also
wrote a note to the public… I’ll read you a particularly rousing except
– Had we lived, I should have had a tale to tell of the hardihood, endurance, and courage
of my companions which would have stirred the heart of every Englishman. MATE. So…what of the other expedition in the race? The Norwegian expedition led by Roald Amundesn
got to the South Pole 5 weeks before Scott’s did but their success was overshadowed by
the tragedy of Scott’s losing expedition. Years later Amundsen died looking for lost
explorers in the Nirth pole. His plane crashed and he was never seen again. I feel like I actually want to cry.


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    the redgamingcheetah

    I once once traveled from Arizona to Connecticut on car, it took a week.

    But then we didnt do that so we took plane

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    Kandi Piatkowski

    My farthest from home…so far…was a 12 day journey I took to the UK 3 years ago. Started out with less than 48 hours in NYC. Once we arrived in Dublin, the next morning, we left on a road trip clockwise around Ireland. We visited Kilkenny, Tipperary, and Limerick (just for pics of the town sign…lol). Got to see several great sites, but missed just as many because of driving time. After a stop in Edinburgh to see Rosslyn Chapel, out trip concluded with a tour of London, the WB studio tour (my pilgrimage), Stonehenge, and the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff. Saw just enough to know that I will make it back one day.

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    Kill Me

    I've been all across the southern US, when I was really young, too young to remember how old is was accurately. My father drove semi trucks and one summer I decided I wanted to go. It was a memorable trip, but because I was so small, I can't remember a good deal of it but at least I can say I did it

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    OK I'm a dude, I normally don't care about what girls wear, but you Rebecca, you have a wonderful array of outfits. I can almost always guarantee that you'll be wearing some new outfit.

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    Ezzy Derp

    My family went from Oak Grove in Kentucky to the Key West. Most of my father's side of the family lives down towards Miami. The Everglades are a must any time of the year if you are down there 💚

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    good work sm

    Think the worst trip was when I was picking up my new puppy in 2017 we left about 10 am mum drove to wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and we got stuck in traffic road was closed we had to go to hotel 🏨 to help us then we got there about 5 pm but we stayed to talk anyway it was chucking down with rain everywhere we finely got home it was like midnight it only takes 4 hours to get there blood hell it was so long longest trip ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    But I guess worth the trip for a puppy 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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    Anyone else who wants to learn about The Franklin Expedition, watch the first season of The Terror. It's really good! 👍

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    the longest trip I have gone on was from central missouri to Jamaica. I loved it. Jamaica is an absolutely gorgeous island.

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    Gabriel Mehalko

    From the U.S. I've seen Japan, Italy, South Korea, and Germany. Inside the us the farthest I have been is Florida, Washington, and Oregon (all by plane).

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    Matthew Richard

    Rebecca the Slytherin Queen must be a Legilimen! The day before she uploaded this I watched video about lost expeditions in the Arctic (mostly regarding the Franklin Expedition) FYI we actually know what happened to one of the two ships since it was just found in 2014. Franklin was likely burried at sea since there it a note found mentioning his death long before the expedition was abandoned… side note where they found the ship shows us that they actually did finish the North West Passage like they where suppose to but died long before they would ever know or care)

    Longest journey I have taken was Windsor Ontario to Jasper Alberta by bus… would not recommend it… 3 days on a bus sounds nice but is very unpleasant

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    About 8800 miles. RAF Brize Norton, refuel at Ascension Island then quick stop over at the Falklands. Then a 3 day trip on a Merchant Navy Ship with a final destination of King Edward Point, on the Island of South Georgia /Malvinas…. Then 6 months with 41 other squaddies and one deranged slop jockey 😱

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    Serena Larson

    You used to be my least favorite host, but now you’re one of my favorite hosts. You don’t even have to try to be that funny or original because you just ARE. Thank you for that 🙂 And thank you for not wasting time by TRYING to be funny or make new jokes.

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    My longest journey is ongoing i left Sweden in 2004 and it's now 2019 and i still haven't returned home, found my now husband in Belfast International Airport and journeyed down to the Republic and well…. that is where i''m currently at…. lol, joking aside my real longest journey is when i was Adopted from India and flew all the way and we had to stop in every country because there wasn't any direct flight then it took a few day's.

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    Verb Plays

    I went from my bed to my fridge, and back to my bed safely. So I guess I’m fine to tell the tell. 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

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    Tara Hayman

    I travelled from Christchurch New Zealand, to Sydney, Bangkok, dubai, and to south Africa all in one go. It took me two days. Next trip ill be going from Christchurch, New Zealand to Sydney, to Vienna and driven to Bratislava, Slovakia.

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    Brooke Skoglund

    I traveled from Minnesota, USA to Puerto Rico with a few friends & we purchased tickets with multiple layovers because it was a few hundred dollars cheaper that way. The initial flights both ways were at 6:10am & I had to pull all-nighters before each one because I knew if I let myself go to sleep I wouldn't be able to get up (I usually fall asleep around 2-3am). With travel time to the airport, waiting in security lines, flight delays, 1-2 5+ hour layovers both ways, boarding and unboarding the planes, and the actual flight time all combined, it took us a full 24 hours to travel from each place to the other. SO WORTH IT, all of us are even planning on going back together again next spring :') the 7 days I spent there this summer was the best week of my entire life!

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    Tara Fischer

    Thank you Rebecca for delving into my favorite subject. History is facinating. I really enjoy learning about obscure history facts.

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    Tony Emerson

    Hey Rebecca lookin fab babe 🌹 i traveled from North Alabama to Fallbrook, California once. it took 4 or 5 days to drive the trip but other than that i havent really been any really far distances. Great video hun hope u had an awesome day Mmfwcl 🃏

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    13h from Brazil to Spain… Yeah… 2h more because of turbulance and problems to land… Yeah… I never felt so much terror in my life. I was alone with my son, who was a toddler.

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    Dear Spicemaster Slytherin Queen Rebecca Jane Felgate the 1st may I please have an autograph with a group picture? This is my favorite channel.

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    I have a story

    I watched a video saying why you wake up at 3 am(im not going to say why you have to find out for yourself) and everytime i sleep somewhere i always wake up at 3am so i think the demons/ghost/evil entities might have an obsession with me

    And thanks for reading

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