so if you are watching this video then
you must be a big lover or you genuinely want to develop yourself spiritually and
I can tell you for that books are the perfect medium to me books mean a 6/8
key to treasure the treasure of experiencing someone’s else experience
and knowledge that they gather in their lifetime that means if you’re holding 10
books then you have ten people’s lifetimes experience and knowledge in
your hand for you crazy right so in this video I am going to tell you my three
favorite books that changed many people’s perspective towards life in one
line each open their eyes help them to rethink what they have learned till now
in life you can consider these books as unique stop reads right now so let’s
begin the first book is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz I like
this book because somehow it challenged the things that I’ve learned from my
childhood as somehow I believe many things that our society teaches us are
not correct as it is working in a pattern that is hundred of years old and
that may not work for many of us the author told us to make foreign
agreements with us in this book that are be impeccable with your words don’t take
anything personally don’t make assumption and always do your best the
author explained in detail the importance of this agreements how we can
apply it in real life and how it can enhance our spirituality for example in
one place Otto told us if anyone tells you fat that doesn’t mean that he
believes you’re fat that means somewhere in your mind you believe you are fat and
that’s why it’s affecting you so much for that reason you need to change your
thinking pattern and this is how you’d be able to see clearly where you are
going wrong that’s the magic of this book it’s a very short read and I highly
recommend you to add this in your reading list the second book is the
power of now by Eckhart Tolle the school yes and college I used to
realize that some problems are going inside me I was not in me I was unable
to concentrate in my studies also in other works just like a balloon in the
air which doesn’t know where it’s going means I was unable to trace the source
of the problem and I was not able to experience everything properly you know
what I mean right when I read this book and after reading it the problem seems
very clear to me and then I thought this was the problem and I was not able to
figure it out for these many years the problem was I was not living in the
present moment in my mind I am always in the past or future it was really crazy
when I think of that now but here’s the issue is simple and many people are
facing the same issue every day the sad thing is they don’t realize it for that
reason they suffer this will just give you the knowledge of how staying in
present is important how we can do it and what we would be missing if we don’t
do that this is a book that you need to reach right now the third and the last
book is the untethered soul by Michael a singer this is my favorite book I read
it several times and I bet if you read it twice or even thrice then you’ll find
it new every time I took many days to come with this book as an every chapter
every line it makes you think and I sometimes get so much involved in the
middle of the chapter that I closed the book and rethink what I just read it is
that thought-provoking if you are looking for the answer who you really
are then this book is perfect for you I’m not telling what exactly we did in
this book but still I will give you an idea it
tells you you are not your thought your identity is beyond the voice in your
head it identifies you with your consciousness it tells you how it is
important to get connected with your consciousness why you should leave
opening your heart with happiness it’s a shame of a book and I cannot
thank enough to mr. Michael singer to give this book to us so these are the
three books I would highly recommend you to read this if we read only one book
among these then you have an idea why these are in my top three list meanwhile
I also make summaries of some important chapters of these three books in this
channel you can check this from the links in the description below thanks
for watching my next video will be on mindful hustle meet you all in that one
till then enjoy heavenly bliss you


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    Hey , I'm here.
    I surely appreciate your efforts.
    I can now figure out what is going on with myself .
    Adolescent life keeps on looking for anything and everything.
    One moment you would feel on skies and other in deepest sorrow.
    The thing is ture that whenever you read something you'd relate it to yourself.

    Lately I've been reading Anne Frank's : The diary of a young girl
    It too deals with adolescent life of herself.

    Also I suggest reading -The power of you subconscious mind .
    I think we should meet up.
    I would like to take guidance from you.

    My WhatsApp Number – 7038991900

    Regarding your video –
    1) Work with your Audio Gear
    Maybe a lapel mic can help , also if you already have a mic Just use a pop filter or " chai Channi "
    To filter out the air noise .
    2) Work on your communication skills to make videos more effective.
    3) Remember to take pauses .
    4) Read – How to win friends and influence people.

    Must Watch Channel –
    Mulligan Brothers
    Project Elon

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    I enjoyed the graphics sooo much!!!! This is an amazing creative video!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful review of books in such an innovative and interesting way!!!

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