Top Construction companies in the world – best companies for civil engineers

Top Construction companies in the world –  best companies for civil engineers

[Music] based in Sweden the multinational operates in the residential commercial and infrastructure sectors focusing on infrastructure projects the German company operates in the US through its turn our subsidiary Octus employs around 50,000 people and celebrated its one hundred 40th anniversary in 2015 [Music] [Music] Bechtel is the largest us contractor and has worked on such high-profile projects as the Hoover Dam trans-alaska pipeline system and big big central artery project [Music] [Music] the Spanish contractor was formed in 1997 through the merger of two other construction companies it has grown through several high-profile acquisitions including that of hot teeth [Music] the one hundred seventeen year old French giant reports the largest revenues of any privately owned construction company in the world a position it has achieved through shrewd acquisitions and effective delivery of high-profile large-scale infrastructure projects [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]


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    Update: WE ARE EXPANDING OUR CHANNEL !! Now we will upload videos for all engineering majors (Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc) so please take a note of that. Also, we will change a channel name as well from civil engineering channel to engineering channel. please keep on watching and supporting our channel.

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    ACBPL Infrastructure

    ACBPL is one of the leading builder & developer in Hyderabad, expertise in developing modern industrial constructions, along with commercial complexes and residential apartments.
    We expert in providing full assistance to our clients in terms of buying selling properties, and solve their queries related to property business.
    For more visit info :,
    Mail Id : [email protected],

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    NGLC Realtech

    Best Construction Company in Delhi :

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