Top Software for Civil Engineering – latest 2019

Have you ever wondered how much time and manpower
it might have taken to manually draft and design the world’s highest building Burj
Khalifa? Software these days has decreased tons of
hours and hundreds of man power put into design and analysis of structures. Here in this video we are going to explore
the latest software which are being used in the current construction industry To start with, any construction project requires
basic drafting of the plans at its initial stages.
AutoCAD is the software which is fulfilling the drafting needs all over the world. It
is being used in wide range of industries. Here is a quick tip for you. If you are a
student, you can use the latest version of autocad for free with education license. I
have provided the link in the description. Go check that out. STAAD Pro by Bentley Systems, ETABS And SAP2000 by CSI, Tekla Structures by Tekla are the software which are recommended by
many civil engineering professionals for Structural Analysis and design. For Construction management and planning,
software like Primavera and MS Project Are very much useful. Primavera is an ERP software and offers best
of its class solutions for planning, scheduling and managing huge projects. And when it comes to 3D modelling, animation
and rendering 3DS Max and Maya both developed by Autodesk Can be used. One other software used for 3D
modelling, interior design and landscape architecture is Google Sketchup. MX road is another software developed by bentley
systems which is enabling 3D modelling and analysis of Roads. Vissim
For efficient planning of urban transport infrastructure, Vissim software developed
by PTV group is being used. Geoslope’s Geostudio is
used for analysing slope stability, ground water seepage, stress deformations and all
other Geotechnical related modelling and calculations Other software which are used in Geotechnical
engineering are Plaxis which is recently acquired bentley
systems and Geo5 Which is used for Excavation design, Shallow
and deep foundation design. Collaboration between different functions
related to architecture, Engineering and construction industry is achieved by combining all these
data with the help of Building Information Modelling and thus carrying out planning,
design, construction, operations and maintenance. Autodesk Revit and Tekla BIM are the tools which are used for
Building Information modelling. Autodesk Civil 3D Autodesk Quantity Take-off are used for infrastructure
design and estimation. Arc GIS is very much useful in Surveying. For mathematical calculations, programming
languages like MATLAB and
Python are helpful and other software like Mathcad can be used. MS Excel is a versatile software used for
almost all applications and sub disciplines of Civil Engineering and construction. So,
make sure that your system has got MS Office installed in it before installing any other
software. This is Aravind and thanks for watching. Please
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