Trade Deal, Beto, Opportunist – Your AMAC Weekly News

Trade Deal, Beto, Opportunist – Your AMAC Weekly News

Hi I’m Ben Ferguson and welcome to Your
AMAC Weekly News. First up this week, the trade war with China is a major topic of
discussion for the majority of Americans. Even though many are worried about what
this is going to do to our economy, President Trump has said you don’t need
to worry. In fact, he said China is hurting far more than we are and he says
a deal is coming soon. I’ll break all this down for you in just a moment.
Next, Beto O’Rourke received a question about the importance of life 24 hours
before an actual birth. The way he answered the question is going to shock you and
we have that moment for you we’ll play it in just a minute. And finally,
President Trump has a new contender for the 2020 Republican nomination for the
White House. Now this candidate has a lot of baggage behind him including a wide
range of extremely racist comments on his own radio show and on Twitter. All of
that in just a moment. Quick reminder though make sure that you share this
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your membership today. Your AMAC Weekly News starts right now. For years the American people and
politicians have been calling out China for what they’ve been doing with trade
in this country. Well, for far too long everybody’s been talking about how
something needs to be done, yet now you actually have a president that’s wanting
to do exactly that: Not allowing China to take advantage of the global economy and
America’s economy. So the President is actually doing more than just talking
and now liberals are jumping on him saying he is somehow destroying America.
The President defended his handling of the trade war with China at a press
conference on the sidelines of the G7 Summit. Donald Trump was very clear that
he trusts China’s sincere in making a new trade deal, just listen to this from
a press conference that aired on C-SPAN. I think they want to make a deal very
badly. I think that was elevated last night, very late in the night, I see an
alert or you would call it breaking news and it was that the Vice Chairman — we’re
not talking about somebody from China at a low level — the Vice Chairman of China
came out that he wants to see a deal made. Now the facts are we’re seeing
China experience a serious hit with the tariffs which is why they’re trying to
hit back against America. According to President Trump in the same press
conference, China has already lost three million jobs and he believes the country
will soon break. Now the President stepping up against China in a way that
no other president in history has really done before when it comes to this issue
of trade and the Trump administration has made it very clear they’re not going
to back down on this issue. Now if we as Americans want to make sure that China
cannot take advantage of our country anymore, then clearly we need to stand up
against them. The President is right to act right now not just talk like many
presidents have before but actually follow through and it’s clear he’s
willing to actually change the way business is done and in the long run
this is going to be extremely beneficial for all Americans, especially American
workers. There’s one thing that we’ve
consistently seen in the Democratic field for the White House: candidates
continuing to move further and further to the left, trying to outdo one another.
Yet one candidate this week decided to take it a step further in a way that he
answered a question that was so personal it even shocked me. I’m talking about
Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. He was asked by a man at a
rally whether or not he as an individual should have been aborted. Even more
shocking than that, the man asked if he even had value the day prior to his
actual birth. Well listen to what O’Rourke had to say in response to this in a
video that aired on ABC News. And someone asked you specifically — specifically
about third trimester abortions and you said that’s the
decision left up left up to the mother. So my question is this: I was born
September 8, 1989 and I want to know if you think on September 7, 1989 my
life had no value? Of course I don’t think that and of
course I’m glad that you’re here. But you you reference my answer in Ohio and
it remains the same. This is a decision that neither you, nor I, nor the United
States government should be making that’s a decision for the woman to make.
We want her to have — — the best possible access to care and
to a medical provider. And I’ll tell you the consequence of this, this attack on
woman’s right to choose. And — — I listened to you and I heard your
question, I’m answering it. And the attack on Roe vs Wade which we thought
was the settled law of the land. Now not only did Beto not answer the question, he
carried on to talk about how wrong it is to stop women from killing their unborn
children. Beto also contradicted himself in his own answer. He said that the
United States government shouldn’t have the power to make the life-or-death
decision of the unborn child because that, supposedly, belongs only and
exclusively to the mother. Now regardless of what liberals and the
media are trying to sell us, the US government is actually in place to
protect the life and the liberty of all US citizens, that includes the unborn.
Just like all other liberals his ideology is not only extreme it’s
severely flawed and absent of any moral fibers because he wants the money I
guess from groups like Planned Parenthood. Now Beto isn’t the only one
making ridiculous comments on the campaign trail. This week, Senator
Elizabeth Warren released a new campaign video then you’ll have to see to believe
for yourself, just watch part of this new campaign ad actually attacking American
businesses. There are a lot of giant companies who like to call themselves
American. But face it, they have no loyalty or allegiance to America. Levi’s blue
jeans? Only 2% of their factories are here in America. The maker of
the famous number 2 pencil? They make most of those pencils in China and
Mexico. And General Electric? They recently shipped jobs from Wisconsin
across the border to Canada. The truth is that these American companies have only
one real loyalty and that’s to their shareholders, a third of whom are foreign
investors. If they can close up an American Factory and ship jobs overseas
to save a nickel, that is exactly what they’ll do,
hollowing out American cities along the way. We’ll create a
new federal agency, the Department of Economic Development to
replace the Commerce Department and a handful of other federal agencies. We’ll
pull them all together and this new agency will have a single mission, to defend
and create American jobs. Now one of President Trump’s primary focal points
is to bring more American jobs and bring back companies to America. With liberal
policies like Elizabeth Warren’s, we’ll see fewer jobs, we’ll see fewer companies
in America, and, most importantly I guess to her, greater government control of the
entire business sector. Now rather than encouraging economic stability, Warren
wants to create another agency so the government has even more power than they
do right now. It’s policies and ideologies like those of both O’Rourke and Warren
that will clearly tear this country down. This is why it’s so important for
patriotic Americans like yourself to stand up and make your voice heard. now AMAC is here to make sure that that happens every day on these types of
issues on Capitol Hill. So just when you think the presidential
race isn’t crazy enough, another person enters the ring, this time the candidate
decided to enter under the Republican Party. I’m talking about former Illinois
Congressman, Joe Walsh, announced this week that he will be challenging Donald
Trump even though he used to be a staunch supporter of the President. In
fact, Walsh went so far as to actually apologize for supposedly helping to
create Trump. Listen to this from an interview with Walsh on ABC. I helped to
create Trump and George that’s not an easy thing to say. And it’s difficult
but I think, I think that helped create Trump and I feel responsible. Not only
does Walsh apparently feel the need to apologize for the President but he is
also facing his own problems. Actual backlash from many, many racist comments
that he’s made over the years. First, take a look at some of the things
that he’s tweeted. Back in 2014 Walsh was pulled off the air during his own radio
show for using racial slurs, he also promoted the birther movement against
former President Barack Obama and said that Obama was only elected because he
was black. Now after being pulled off the air, Walsh tweeted, quote, “Just got kicked
off the air until further notice. Tried to have honest discussion about racist
terms and management censured my language.” Now if you fast forward a few
years, Walsh responded to a tweet by Angela Rye on Twitter that criticized him.
He wrote, “You’re way wrong on your main point Angela. We lowered the bar for
Obama. He was held to a lower standard ’cause he was black.” Now he also tweeted out
about Kamala Harris in August of 2017, let me read you this tweet that of
course he later deleted. Quote, “Senator Kamala Harris said something really
dumb. Meh. If you’re black and a woman you can say dumb things. Lowered bar.” Now
Walsh is now attempting to backtrack on all of this by literally saying during
an interview on MSNBC that he said racist things but he’s not a racist, take
a listen to this. And I wouldn’t call myself a racist but
I would say John I’ve said racist things on Twitter, there’s no doubt about it.
Now let’s be very clear about what’s going on here, Walsh is nothing more than
an opportunist who realized that there was a huge opportunity for fame and yes
a lot of money if you’re a former GOP congressmen coming out against Donald
Trump. He knew the media would love on him and he knew that he would have a
platform to then attack Donald Trump because he’s being used, but he’s using
the media as well at the same time and all this is exactly what’s happening
before our very eyes. He’s everywhere and the left is loving all over him like a
new baby kitten. Now the sad part is he’s gonna make millions of dollars attacking
President Trump, he’s going to end up getting a book deal, a lot of speaking
engagements, and after Trump beats him in the primary, he’ll probably end up even
getting a TV deal to continue to be a Republican that’s attacking Donald Trump.
Look, the bottom line is there is really big money for anyone who is, quote, “a
conservative” that’s willing to sell out to attack Donald Trump and there are
networks waiting to hire anyone who has GOP credentials who want to sell out for
a quick payday. I say all this to warn you that Walsh might not be the last
opportunist to try to cash in on the anti-Trump money that is readily
available. I’ll leave it at that. That’s it for this edition of Your AMAC
Weekly News, be sure to share this video with your friends on social media.
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see you back next week for our next episode.


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