Travelling with two passports – Jure Sanguinis Italian Citizenship

So you’ve got a second passport, now time to
start using it hey hey what’s up I’m Raphael Di Furia
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really does help the channel so the email from Frank the subject of the
email is “how to use my new Italian passport” “hi love your videos” hey Frank
thank you means a lot “just got my dual citizenship and passport” hey congratulations man! “I understand that you have to know” “when to show the US one and the Italian
one at the airports” yes this is true “time to let me know” I just so happen
to right now. “I’m anxious about it for fear” “of ending up in “G-mo” by doing the wrong things” “Thanks” well Frank thank you so much and
to be frank with you know you’re not gonna end up in “G-mo” you’ll be fine
even if you come in in the wrong order it’s not that big of a deal this video
is not only for people like Frank and I who are holders of these two things if
you are traveling with a different set of passports basically anytime I mention
a US passport think about the passport that you first
had in the country that you’re from or when I say Italian passport think of the
country you have recently gained your citizenship to or the country that you
are going to and then whenever I’m talking about the u.s. just insert
Country A and then whenever I’m talking about Italy insert Country B I will be
talking about some information though that is specific to the EU so if you do
have citizenship to a country that is in a different part of the world then some
of this information may not be the most applicable but could be good to know and
just so everybody knows I’m sure most of you probably already know I’m not a
lawyer I’m not a legal adviser I’m just only speaking about my own personal
experiences here and the information that I’ve been told during my process of
going through the whole Jure Sanguinis thing what I was told was
as an American you are coming from a country with a passport that you don’t
technically need a visa to get more than just a 90 day tourist visa when you
enter so you technically can enter Italy as an American citizen with an American
passport but after doing a little bit of research on my own it seems as though if
you have the Italian passport just way better to use that one when you’re
traveling however there is a particular order if you are using both passports
that you do need to use them in there is one complication that potentially can
technically come up which may not be an issue but could be an issue I would
highly recommend entering Europe on your Italian passport assuming that you have
it so let’s assume that you’re coming from the US are Canada or maybe I know
there’s a lot of people that are doing this process from Argentina so hola when
you’re buying the ticket also it is better to use your Italian passport if
you’re just coming here for a trip and you’re going to be getting a return
flight anyway a roundtrip ticket it doesn’t really matter too much which
passport you buy the ticket with but if you are planning to come here for a
while or if you’re planning to actually move here use the Italian passport
because with the American passport you technically need a return ticket but
with the Italian you can get a one-way ticket sometimes one-way tickets are
less sometimes they’re much more you just have to shop around and compare
prices of course when you are purchasing the ticket you go into your Italian
passport you get the passport number and you give that to the airline then when
you’re going to check in at the airport you give them your Italian passport
because you’re going to Italy as an Italian citizen and you don’t want to
have to go through any extra “red tape” so you’ve given them your passport now it’s
time to go through airport security TSA or whatever it is in the country where
you currently are let’s assume that you’re an American in the u.s. at this
point it’s not a bad idea to have both of your passports ready to go but I
would show personally the TSA officer your state ID or your American passport
but once you’ve cleared local airport security you’ll need to make your way to
wherever your flight is and that will probably mean that you need to go
through passport control and because you are in the US and you
leaving as an American citizen assuming you are and that’s where you’re leaving
from but then when you’re at the American passport control you then again
show your American documentation because you are an American leaving your home
country if you show them your Italian passport you may get into a situation
where they may question you on how long you’ve been in the u.s. how you entered
the US and a whole interrogation that could become very annoying so when
you’re talking to American officials use your American passport or if you’re
Canadian and you’re talking to Canadian officials use your Canadian passport
once you’ve cleared the first passport control leaving the country you are
going from you can pretty much put your American passport away or Canadian or
Argentinian whatever so now at this point it really depends on the airport
that you’re leaving from and how the airport is set up because depending on
the country you may have a pre boarding passport check or not but when you’re
getting onto your flight you then show them your Italian passport with your
ticket because you are an Italian flying to Italy at this point you’re on the
plane everything’s good put your passports into a very safe
place I personally recommend a money belt and I’ll try to put a link to one
that I’ve used below or one that’s similar because they’re all pretty much
the same but if you want to help support the channel please use the link below so
now let’s assume you’ve arrived in Italy Italian passport time so now let’s
assume you’ve landed here in the motherland Italy so this is the same in
any EU country but using the example of Italy again you’ve arrived here you’ll
have two lines you’ll have the Italians and all other EU citizens and then
you’ll have the section for everybody else from what I’ve seen traveling
around Europe in general, “the everybody else line” tends to be a little bit
longer and slower and because you are now they proud owner
of an Italian passport and proud Italian citizen enter through the EU line it
will be much faster and then you pass through passport control pick up your
baggage that’s it done but let’s say you’ve landed in a
different European Union country like when I came here I landed in Greece so
because I was landing in the EU I wanted to show them my European passport not my
American passport because I knew it would be much simpler to enter into the
European Union as an Italian than an American although in my personal
experience having traveled to Europe as an American citizen it’s quite simple
and really it seems to be that I’m when Americans are passing through they have
a much faster time getting through than many other countries then I got onto my
flight in Athens and when I arrived in Italy because I was already inside of
the EU there was not a second passport control but if you’re flying from one a
EU country to another EU country you shouldn’t have to pass through any
kind of passport control so that means basically the first country you’ve
landed and that’s already it like you don’t have to worry about it again and
you won’t really have to look at your identification but again keep your
passports safe but let’s say you’re doing the unspeakable and leaving the
country so you basically reverse the process
assuming that you’ve already purchased your roundtrip ticket with your Italian
passport you do check in with your Italian passport however if you have
purchased a one-way ticket use your American passport or Canadian or
Argentinian or whatever then when you leave through Italian immigration use
your Italian passport then say you’re flying directly to the US once you
arrive in the US then you show them your American passport that’s it but let’s
say you’re connecting through a country like the Netherlands going through
Amsterdam you may actually need to go through passport check again and if they
are US agents you’ll need to show them your American passport and they should
be telling you if it’s an American check or a Dutch check I have had the
experience once flying through the Netherlands where they did have US
border agents checking passports in Amsterdam but then once
getting back to America you probably almost surely need to get through
immigration again and that’s when you will show your American passport because
as an American citizen you are not allowed to enter on a foreign passport
because you would then be considered a foreigner and some citizens of some
countries either need a Visa Waiver or a visa I’m not sure what the status is for
Italians but by using the right passport at the right time will help you avoid
ending up in “G-mo” but anyway Frank hope that helps you if you have any more
questions feel free to let me know and to anybody else as always this is an
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