Trump Claims That Impeachment Violates His Civil Rights

Trump Claims That Impeachment Violates His Civil Rights

Donald Trump has tried a lot of different
strategies to try to make this impeachment inquiry go away. And one of the strategies that was laid out
recently in his attorney, Pat Cipollini letter to Nancy Pelosi is that they’re actually trying
to argue that the entire inquiry in general violates Donald Trump’s civil rights. Like somehow impeaching a president is illegal
in the minds of Donald Trump’s attorney. And what they’re saying to expand on it a
little bit is that, Hey, you’re not allowing us to go in and see the evidence. You’re not allowing us to cross examine witnesses. You’re not allowing us to call our own witnesses. What kind of kangaroo court is this? To paraphrase Matt Gates? Well, it’s not a court guys. I would think you would know that. I mean if you went to law school, you’d know
that if you studied American history of American politics, you would also know that if you
had more than two brain cells functioning at once, you would also know that this is
not a court folks. And the Trump administration is trying to
distract you, trying to mislead you and trying to convince you of something that is not real. There are very few guidelines at all for the
US house of representatives to launch an impeachment inquiry. They do not have to bring the inquiry inquiry
up for a full vote to fully authorize impeachment. They can carry out these investigations as
part of this. They can bring it to a vote whenever the hell
they want and they’ve already got the numbers. I mean, they could go ahead and formalize
it today. There were Democrats have the majority, they’re
gonna vote for it and it’s going to go forward and that’s not going to change anything. So why bother at the moment? Right. But there is no trial in the house of representatives
and sure in both the Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings, the house did allow president and
his lawyers to look at some of the evidence, even to talk to some of the witnesses, but
they didn’t have to do that. They did that because they said, yeah, sure,
okay, we’ll let you whatever. Believe it or not, things weren’t as crazy
partisan at the time. Today they are. You have Republicans that are actively trying
to obstruct not just in the white house but also in the house of representatives. Why should we trust these nincompoops to allow
anything to go forward that they want? They’re trying to make this thing die immediately. Not legally argue that the president did nothing
wrong. They’re trying to misdirect us. If they were acting in good faith, trying
to actually be attorneys, that would be a different story, but that’s not what they’re
trying to do. If the white house wants to call witnesses,
cross examine witnesses, examine all the evidence, they will absolutely have that right when
it goes to trial in the Senate, that at that point that Senate does become, in essence
a courtroom as we have. The president will have access to everything. His lawyers will have access to everything. They can come up with their lines of questioning,
they can cross examine, they can call their own witnesses, they can do exactly what they
would be able to do in a true legal proceeding because that is what this is. But in the house of representatives when it
comes to impeachment folks, it’s basically the wild West. There are no laws. There’s really no governing other than can
we impeach him? Yes. The way you get there is completely up for
interpretation of whoever’s running the thing, and that is actually how the founders wrote
it in there because they didn’t want to hamstring Congress on this. If Congress wants to impeach, dammit, they
could impeach, but if you want to get the president out of office, you got to go through
and do it the right way. Give them a real trial, not violate his civil
rights and make sure everything’s on the up and up, and then you have the vote. The Senate at that point becomes the jury,
and that is where the president can have a say. That’s where his attorneys can have his say. But as we’ve seen from Donald Trump’s attorneys,
and quite literally every court case, they’ve argued, that’s probably not going to end very
well for the president.


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    Uniqueness Entertainment

    This is Trump is Administration full-blown incompetence. Is Dave we are done with all their bullshitted today we can all move on with our lives.

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    Will Morrison

    So MY right to have the actual WINNER of the race NOT getting elected ISN'T being violated? FUCK YOU, TWO SCOOPS! Eat shit and DIE.

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    Paula Peterson-Warnock

    Poor man baby. Time to pay the piper and he doesn’t like it. Never mind all the crimes he has done or people he has steamrolled over without remorse

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    Karen Shaub

    Trump claiming impeachment violates his civil rights is like
    Henry Lee Lucas making the same claim about his imprisonment.
    Tough tookies.

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    Ann Jordan

    America. America

    Does tramp know what civil rights are?
    The day tramp came down those escalator the world's
    Rights have been violated.

    Tramp is apparently confused, surely the Whitehouse councilors know what impeachment is, surely the Whitehouse councilors know what civil rights?

    Why is he still in the oval office? Tramp should just leave walk away no he wouldn't do that it would look to much like the right thing to do.

    Oh by the way, tramp gave Turkey the green light to move on Syria, to day notice tramps alternative
    . Send troops in
    Hit Turkey's financially
    Negotiate.peace. really tramp works for peace?
    Tramp is to dumb to negotiate anything look what he's done for American farmers.

    Don't for get tramp still wants a Nobel Peace prize
    What hinders tramp is that
    He is not Nobel, he's not peaceful, he's not good, tramp is heartless and without a soul.
    Tramp is not loyal, looked what he has done to Syria, Rudy, VP Pence the throw them under the bus,.keeping following and supporting him, you will have your turn under the.bus
    Tramp is a user and an abuser.

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    Global Atheist

    Trump does this all the time. He makes these outrageous claims that he knows have no real bearing on the case but he knows his supporters will back him up because they don't know that his claims are bull.

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    Karin Schuster

    now we know what trump does at night when he can't sleep…he's out there on the WH lawn (where the tennis court is being built) digging his grave.

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    Being President is not a right. It’s a job – and you don’t need to be found guilty of a crime to get fired from a job. If you believe you were fired without cause – take it up with the labor administration and sue for damages.

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    Alfred Degiorgio

    Who is fueling Trump’s megalomania? His latest surreal claim is that he has “unmatched wisdom”, words that he probably never used especially combined together; he must think that wisdom is just a tooth. Added to Trump’s two other bizarre claims that he’s a genius and has unlimited powers, the most likely suspect is Stephen Miller who first came out with the latter two absurdities. Trump is completely under Miller’s evil influence and control!

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    Trump should be extremely happy it is not a court. If it were, his entire staff would be in jail. However, the Democrats have offered, repeatedly, to let him come testify under oath on his own behalf.

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    Oriya Moon

    That attorney of his is violating ethics laws and can be barred on both state and federal levels. All of them should. And, now Gowdy is on Trump's legal team? Really? That dude is a hothead and has no clue. It's okay, let them all in his circle. It actually shows who is who and how they are connected. Fucktards of a feather flock together. Pay attention to the patterns. It is quite obvious.

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    Any one that believes the traitor in chiefs lawyers claims has no idea how the Constitution or Impeachment works. It's not a trial and does not follow the rules of a trial. But all you doubting trump fascist can read it just do a search and read for free.

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