Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas

Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas

Cancelling birthright citizenship would be
legally difficult. Donald Trump has said he’s interested in it. He’s interested in exploring
canceling birthright citizenship. But for now, if you are born in the physical United
States, you are a citizen unless Donald Trump gets that changed. It’s not happening in the
immediate, but the Trump administration has maybe found a sort of preemptive proxy to
test eliminating birthright citizenship. And the Trump administration has changed the policy
for children born to some military service members and other government employees and
diplomats physically outside of the borders of the United States. Historically, if you
were born in an overseas military base or if your parents are diplomats and you’re born
in a foreign hospital, I have friends who are in this situation right now. While your
parents or parent is on diplomatic duty, you are automatically an American citizen. It’s
just, it’s an automatic thing that takes place. The Trump administration is changing this
now. They’re not eliminating it. They are changing the process. Starting October 29th
the process is going to change to one where the parents must apply for citizenship before
their kid turns 18. Interestingly, I went through this process to become a citizen.
When my parents became citizens. I then had the possibility of becoming a citizen up until
age 18 merely by going through a simple administrative procedure. So for people who don’t know, uh,
I and my parents were all born in Argentina in 1989 my family came to the United States
from Argentina as permanent residents. I was five years old at the time and then I think
it must have been the mid to late nineties my parents became citizens of the u s they
had been here, I believe it was seven years at the time as permanent residents. They went
through the process. They had the entire thing. It was then up to me whether I wanted to become
a citizen. Now I had two options. If I waited until age 18 and did not become a citizen,
I would have to go through the entire process. From the beginning. I would have to apply.
I would have to have the interview and the entire thing, but until age 18 my parents
could simply go to the post office and request a passport for me and I would automatically
become a citizen of the United States and that’s what we did. The new Trump policy is
that if your parents are US citizens, but you happen to be born abroad in a number of
these situations, not all of them. You need to be naturalized as the phrase is as the
word is. Just like I had to be naturalized as someone who immigrated to the United States
from another country. This is ridiculous and it’s especially ridiculous
because it serves no real purpose other than a bureaucratic obstacle. There is no advantage
to this. There was no benefit to this. The explanation that the u s cis is giving, this
is the u s citizenship and immigration services. They’re saying that this is to align federal
immigration law with State Department procedures. This is a completely incredible explanation.
By incredible, I mean it is, it is not believable. It is not credible. This is merely a continuation
of the trends that we’ve been seeing with Donald Trump. Trump’s not good to the military.
This is a continuation of that. Trump attacks, gold star gold star families. This is a continuation
of that. Trump attacked prisoner of war, John McCain for being a prisoner of war, saying
he prefers his war heroes not be captured or whatever the case may be, and now he wants
to strip military and diplomatic babies of automatic citizenship. That’s it. That’s the storyline. That’s the
explanation and if these people, if people reacted to these things correctly, the military
would turn on Trump and not vote for him in 2020 the farmers would already have turned
on Trump and would not be voting for him in 20 as we’ve been covering and in the background,
you only need to look at who’s running the u s cis. It’s Ken Cuccinelli. Ken Cuccinelli
is an extremist idealog Republican who has previously said he would like to ban oral
sex. He’s a horrible person. He’s the acting director of USC. Of course, there is no permanent
director as is the trend, the status quo under Donald Trump, but Ken Cuccinelli is the acting
director and the reality of this is that this is a test to see, can Trump take a baby step
closer to repealing birthright citizenship altogether? Can he get this through and make
birthright citizenship in total? The next thing that he wants to repeal, we
should not be confused about the real objectives here. They are terrible. They are the lowest
of the low. And the question is, will Donald Trump be given another four years with which
to try to do more of this stuff? Let me know what you think about this. Let me know what
you think about, uh, the prospects of Trump re-election. Uh, as of now on Twitter at d
pacman. The show is also on Twitter at David Pakman show. Follow us both and make sure
that you are watching the live stuff, dreams that I’m doing on twitch or and Pacman, the David Pakman [email protected]


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    Your Boy


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    Adymn Sani

    I know what I am about to write is extreme, but people and families and supporters of this administration should be deported as horrible examples of Americans. I am just horrified of the ideas coming from these people. Just a rant, but these people should in the very least be re-educated- not imprisoned like some may think but really educated in proper civil government, a government not ruled by religious and extreme conservative ideologue. We do need a balance of non laissez fair capitalism and conservatism with social democracy and proper democracy. I am getting very tired of the "right's" crap…. Hell, countries' go to war over this stuff…American's have died protecting against crap like this…

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    Don Taylor

    The headline reads "Trump Changing Citizenship Laws" but this sounds more like a rule change or procedural change. Laws by definition are made and repealed by Congress not the executive. Trump clearly would love to be able to make laws or discard them with a flick or a tweet but if there's now a way for him to do that we've got an emergency.

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    Adymn Sani

    Stalin made a statement once about Russian citizens not caring how they were treated if [Stalin] boiled them slowly enough for them to not feel the pain too fast…I think he used the example of plucking a chicken of it's feathers but showed that the chicken wouldn't run away when he put it down…

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    He seems to be gearing up for a "nationalistic" civil war or he's intentionally weakening the state for whatever reasons.

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    I'm so angry I can't see straight. My mother was born to Americans stationed overseas in Spain, my grandfather being in the US Air Force at the time. There was NEVER any question of whether or not she was a citizen. This prolapsed anus of a president needs to go and his whole cabinet of anti-American thugs with him.

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    Nothanks Nopenoname

    Wait…..this is bull shit. If your parents are Americans, and your born outside the states, you should still be seen as a citizen of the US. I do agree that those coming here should have to be citizens, before their kid is of a certain age. Or the kid is not seen as a a citizen till they get the right papers.

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    Turey Taino

    All these bad ideas do not come from Trump. He is not smart to even come up with even bad ideas. They come from Miller.

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    I don't have a problem with it, lib loons don't understand the rule of law, and you Pakman are human fucking garbage. TRUMP 2020!

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    Kyleigh Hemmingson

    I was born on an American military base in Germany as my dad was in the army and my mom, also an American, went to live with him overseas. This is idiotic. You expect people to serve in your wars and represent your country but if they have a child then f them? Wow.

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    Propagandasaurus Rex

    I’ve been talking to quite a few US expats and most of them would rather have another nationality, particularly since the IRS is haunting US citizens abroad. So maybe denying automatic citizenship is not that bad after all.

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    Glenys Thomson

    Well Trump better include his children as he wants to also deport children born to people not born in the U.S. Hey he's had a few wives not born in the U.S. including the first lady.

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    Donald Dumpster is a real dirt bag. Bone spurs??? Thinks my younger son should lose his American citizen. I spent 25 years in the army and my younger son was born over seas just because my family were over seas with me. It is time Donald dumpster needs to get on the next aircraft headed for Moscow. Those that voted for Donald Bone Spur owe all Americans an apology.

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    margaret johnson

    this is beyond disgusting. this can't stand. one person shouldn't be able to change the law over who is or isn't a citizen. damn!

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    Mine Allmine

    Fake news you brain rotted walnuts! The rule for modern "jurnOlisming is to wait at least 24 hours after you hear or read something on twatter or MSM.. BEFORE you report on it! Trump is NOT denying citizenship to our Service members children! Pay more attention, read more then ONE single source and WAIT 24 HOURS before spewing lies!

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    The babies have to be born on Military bases overseas…Read the whole story. This is a way for the USA to save money.

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    Remember the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran? Yeah, members of the US military, diplomatic corps, state department and even many defense contractors willingly go upon overseas assignments knowing (and accepting) that their lives may be placed in jeopardy. Its called patriotism. Why make things more difficult for them ? Heck, they are subject to US Federal taxes and IRS filing requirements so shouldn't they receive full US Federal support?

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    Brian Caldwell

    Perhaps we should see Trump's birth certificate along with his tax returns. I'm beginning to think he is not an American citizen, hence his phobia about Obama. Perhaps he was born in the Bronz Zoo and he somehow got out.

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    You sound like an idiot. The children of American military families living abroad do not “naturalize”. Our kids have birth right citizenship. We apply for them a birth certificate (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) just like families stateside. The new rule clarifies of the military member & spouse are not US citizens they need to use form N-600K not N-600.

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    Cedric Walker


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    Sable Burden

    Shut uo dav your white. Trump's gastopo ice will kick in your front door and drag you away.btw trump hates brown and black people. So guess where they are the most military.

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    David c

    Also, is it beyond reason to suggest that our small hander in chief could possibly refuse to leave office, or declare some nebulous emergency to avoid elections? I'd like to hear some opinions on this matter.

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    Hans Gustav Solberg

    What happens if the child is born in a country that doesn't have birthright citizenship (witch are most, I believe), and they don't go through the naturalization process before they are 18? Do they become stateless then? I'm pretty sure that under international law, you can't make anyone stateless.

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    I'm guessing that he was thinking about John McCain when he came up with this crazy idea. Probably I'm being too harsh on Trump here.

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    Most countries don't have birthright citizenship, and for those that do, they usually exclude the children of foreign diplomats. If children of US diplomats born abroad are not automatically given US citizenship, that could leave many of them stateless, which would be illegal.

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    USAF Veteran and A Proud Liberal Patriotic Democrat

    Try this on for size, if it was retroactive, for any United States military members children born abroad since 1845, US Mexican war

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    Luis Flores - Making it

    Poor Bern, is going have to waste so much time putting back these laws to what they were before instead of making new stuff to help the country. 😡

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    Gary Mota

    Trump is a national fucking embarrassment and so are his uneducated trashy hillbilly supporters hooked on meth

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    According to The Hill's report this isn't going to effect people born to American parent's only those non-americans adopted by Americans. Sure, stand up to this because it might be an incremental threat to citizenship in the future, but don't make this out to be them taking citizenship from people like John McCain.

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    Legretta Grants

    How would that even work if an ambassador's spouse gives birth at the embassy? Embassies are part of the nation they're representing, right?

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    Come fight in our army and guarantee citizenship for your family… But only so far as we need you, after that you are on your own.
    Yet another Trump con job. I guess all those soldiers we lured into our armed forces with such promises were just suckers, because what are they going to and/or what can they do to respond if they are currently serving? The options are suck it up and keep fighting under a broken promise, or face military court. How patriotic of Trump, good thing he laxed those recruitment standards I suppose, now we can draw from the neo nazi citizen pool to do our killing overseas. And they are already citizens so this won't effect them… Cool.

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    Andrew Love

    So this guy is a foreign subversive like all anchor babies are. To be a citizen you must be born of a citizen. Like everywhere else on planet earth. 14th amendment was written for african Americans only. criminals that break into our hoyse ie uninvited need to be deported.

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    Maggie D

    David I found that to be a fascinating history! I think I will go and read up on DACA because now I am curious how people end up in an undocumented status.

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    Maggie D

    That is a dangerous slope. Let's say they can revoke birthright citizenships. What stops them from trying to deport people born and raised in the US for generations? What ever happened to the discussions regarding him "allegedly" sponsoring pregnant Russian women to give birth on US soil so their children are citizens and then the child can use chain migration?

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    Mad-king-of-fools Pariah-of-the-universe

    SCOTUS should know of The Citizenship Clause is the first sentence of Section 1 in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, but GOP controlled court ??

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    MoneyBag Merch

    Fron what i know so fat im with the left on this one at all, alot of my friends and in some cases family are anchor babies and they are some of the the nicest smartest most american People i know, some lefr some conservaative but all love this country and want to see it grow. We have to make sure people dont come to this country ilegally in the first olace and if the goverment is so incompetent they do get in illegally and have a baby that kid is an american no if ands or buts

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    Edward Miessner

    He can't deny automatic citizenship to babies born abroad to natural born citizens or to naturalized citizens who have completed their residency requirements. That would take an act of Congress.

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    Freedom First

    Trump's entire presidency is just a dog and pony show to get racists to vote for an imbecil……….that is it. These people in the government and the military chose to serve directly for our country, this has no purpose but to rile his inteligence handicapped republicunts. This covers a couple of hundred people a year, it's inconsequential.

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    Miles Christi

    The 13th amendment was made for freed slaves to be recognized as Citizens. The Democrats have Twisted it to allow illegal Invaders children to be considered citizens and get endless welfare and other benefits they do not deserve.

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    S. E. Hebert

    Zero chance of 45 changing birthright citizenship : Text. Section 1, Clause 1, of the Fourteenth Amendment, reads: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

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