TSP’s Society Ka जासूस

TSP’s Society Ka जासूस

This story is about a small intelligence
agency based in Amrutara society. Whose aim is not to kill Osama, But, to investigate in bachelors
house the party is going on? where are the girls going? and who is staying in a livin
relationship with the girls? this is the limit of the agency. Come lets take a look at a similar
case from Amrutara society, where from the middle of the case if a
detective goes missing, what happens then? Hello. I’m your loving Phoolwati,
heading to ‘Mannat’. It’s a family of 5.
Even little Abram lives there. I’ll love it there ’cause of him. And yes! I gave y’all all the information about the
‘helmet guy’ and that ‘dupatta’ girl. That was my last mission. We have lost the most
important spy of our society So will the mission of the ‘helmet guy’
and the ‘dupatta’ girl get aborted? It’s not possible for the mission
to be aborted and for us to do it is… ..I’ll try not letting that happen. Which is why we had organised
a secret spy hunt. Through which we met a few potential
candidates. Out of which we’ll test the best 3
during this mission. Vivek Kukreja Master of online information gathering He’s the boyfriend
of Shweta from flat 708 Shweta is out of his league but he has all the information
about the bitches she hates. That’s how he got her. He’s quite interested in Crime Thillers,
Sherlock Holmes and Chacha Chowdhary. His dream of joining RAW was never
fulfilled and was left raw. He’s currently watching ‘Jack Ryan’ a
series about an analyst turned field agent. That inspired him to
participate in our Spy Hunt Sonu Doodhwala A milkman. People like him are unknown even though
they live amongst us. Silent observer And master of disguise. Be it a after party or a house
warming party in a bachelor’s house, Sonu doodhwala is the guy to go to. Infact, many a times he has extorted
alcohol in exchange for milk What a guy! Shantibai- she’s a sweet-talking maid. She wins people’s confidence just
2 minutes into a conversation. That’s how you get all the information
first-hand. Verified. She’s doesn’t crib about taking leaves
like other maids. She just takes it. These people will complete our mission. And one out of these three will become the spy of our society! This incident has been
happening since August 2018 That’s last month. When an unknown guy comes to drop an unknown girl
from our society every night at 8:30 PM then starts his bike and vanishes
into the dark… According to Phoolwati’s information,
we know that she’s a famous YouTube star. The name of her YouTube channel is ‘Secret Dupattewali’ No one knows where that girl
lives in our society ’cause the guards in our society… are busy crushing tobacco. Aren’t there CCTV
cameras though? You’ve to pay maintenance
for it, did you? Who’s that guy who safely drops
this girl of our society every day? And who is that girl? Find out which
wing and which flat she’s from. You guys also have to find out
what relationship they have Based on your performance in this task,
one of you will become the spy of our society. All the best! Your time starts… ..now! What do you keep watching
all the time, Sir? I’m learning a few tricks
and skills from Jack Ryan. He’s an analyst that was sent on the
field to catch terrorists. I’m watching what skill I need to use
to catch these people. We never know how it’ll help us. This reminds me, we need to get
information about the ‘helmet guy’ Vijay Mehta- A team leader in Bluespace
Technologies according to Phoolwati’s reports. His shift is 9-5 but he punches in at 8 so he doesn’t have to share
his cigarette. He’s left. He leaves work and goes to
the Ghanshyam tea stall. He meets that girl there. He also shares his cigarette
with a heavy heart. They leave after they each have
a mouth-freshener. Why can’t these people buy
their own cigarettes? Who smokes with a covered face? I feel there’s some connection between
this case and Phoolwati’s resignation. Yeah? Even I feel Priyanka Chopra
shouldn’t marry Nick Jonas ’cause she deserves better, bro. Seriously… Do you have any proof? Yeah I saw them on Instagram.
Not impressed. Kukreja, do you have any proof? Not yet, sir.
But we’ll get it soon. I have a plan. When these guys meet at that tea stall,
Shantibai will randomly bump into that girl. So that I can catch hold
of Vijay at the tapri Vijay!
Do you want to eat peeled eggs? Who peels eggs, man? Where are you going?
Come here! Come back! Stop! Watch out, the floor is wet. Aunty. please? Aww… *Baby cries* Two peeled eggs, please Who is that girl? Why do you drop here every day? Tell us! Dad, that girl is me. You? When you heat oil to fry others,
your own potatoes turn into french fries. Mr. Secretary… – Why Aisha?
– Dad, I was just going to work. Safely! Our offices are on the same route. I ride the bike when we leave
and he does on the way back. But all this society wants is some
gossip… information. Can’t a guy and girl just be friends? Monish behl has said no but then, your call Phoolwati was fired by him only I dont want to live this society where
people keep gossiping about other people. He was a flirt who lived-in
with his own girlfriend. He also wanted to fool around
with this ‘Secret Dupattewali’ That’s why he’d come to drop her
at our society every night. Isn’t he the same guy who would drop
that ‘Secret Dupattewali’?? I’ve heard that he’s in a live-in
relationship with another girl. Bloody pervert! And as for the spies… We have 3 spies in our society
instead of just 1!


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