TVJ Midday News: $32m To Repair School Destroyed by Fire – December 20 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spots Mediacom at
least one member of the private sector is this afternoon raising concerns about
the volatility in the exchange rate following the recent appreciation of the
Jamaican dollar president of the Jamaica manufacturers and exporters Association
Richard Pandora says it’s impacting businesses details in this report on
Wednesday the US currency was selling for one hundred and thirty four dollars
and seventy six cents however at the end of trading on Thursday it was at one
hundred and thirty one dollars and 53 cents this has spiked renewed concerns
from the Jamaica manufacturers and exporters association JME a president of
the JM e a Richard pan Joey says while currency appreciation will benefit the
productive sector businesses are trying to keep up with the volatility in the
exchange rate he described at the movement as extreme
I believe that we don’t have all the code of an export-led economy
devaluation sometime hurts us I mean without your marks made we ought to so
right now at evaluation works well for us it allows us to you know lower price
or Walmart in many ways because we’re earning Jamaican dollars made everyone’s
fourteen a lot of a lot of our imports are based in US currency so you know it
it’s a welcome move I wish I understood more what caused it and I’d like to get
some more information on that what a volatility just where was to be what’s
the consistent the same way way we hit against the volatility and dollars
devaluing they similar ought to be concerned about
the high levels of volatility right you’re funny I mean we just want to be
able to understand better because the kind of movement the extent of this
movement makes bird makes planning very difficult he adds that the movement of
the currency makes planning very difficult for businesses therefore mr.
Pandu says he will try to get details from the Bank of Jamaica on the cause of
Thursday’s currency movement when I reach out to the various vehicle of the
bounce the oj cetera it means just from to educate ourselves and to understand
what’s happening because it’s the absence of information leads sometimes
uninformed speculation and I’d like not to speculate in what to be speaking from
our info opposition Prince more TVJ news vendors in the corporate area are
calling for infrastructure changes as part of any plan to enhance law and
order the call comes even as the government outlines plans to crack down
on illegal activities in town centers starting with halfway tree in st. Andrew
Mendez says some issues need to be addressed first we cannot sell we can’t
put up no chaplain if they’re in fall everything is this a year with up and
honestly right no another lever good Christmas with Manasseh in the cleanup
you know Yalo stan is a more subtle police them but his ear during the deer
in a denied them know always Eleanor so easy a long time arena are batty found
gunmen are abandoned something right summoners and I said in the clean opener
but the LED and no aware acid or McCann does go on the floor and the pastor from
Sandy Bay Hannover who was charged where the seven counts of rape was remanded
when he went to court yesterday the pastas name has not been released and
the police say they realized something was wrong after they spotted the church
leader beating a teen after investigating the police say they picked
up evidence of a sexual misconduct the community is at odds over the decision
to arrest him some say he was a good man and others have condemned his alleged
action it will cost the education ministry thirty two million dollars to
repair the beach ham Hill primary and infant school in Saint Mary which was
gutted by fire on Wednesday based on preliminary reports ninety percent of
the school was damaged by far Minister with responsibility for
education Casa muda says a team has assessed damage and determined what
needs to get done mister Samudra says the ministry has taken prompt action to
ensure that facilities will be of in January local government minister
Desmond McKenzie says come 2020 the government will be looking to improve
garbage collection across the island speaking at the ministries quarterly
press briefing he said citizens also have a
responsibility there is a certain level of indiscipline in the country that even
if you provide a garbage truck for each community you’re gonna be seeing results
because if persons are not prepared to look at themselves and to say how I
dispose of my garbage you know we’re going have a problem is that the ministry has made much
progress in some areas which are outstanding then we have to continue to
push our people to have a great appreciation and understanding of our
local government is all about our markets next year we are going on a
comprehensive programme to look at markets because that is a critical
component of local government opposition leader dr. peter phillips is calling on
stakeholders to assess global events when assessing policy decisions in
common countries he was speaking at a SI committee meeting for Latin America and
the Caribbean all of us would be very much seized of the very strong sense of
the dislocation which is currently taking place in the global political
order which imposes upon all of us an obligation to build the links of
cooperation and mutual effort in a way that distinguishes this fear from the
recent past dr. Philips also indicated that where necessary governments may
have to change positively which could have the effect of protecting and
extending the social and economic gains that have been received by the people of
our region over the past decades and it’s time for a break but stay with us
we have more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news a good education should not be a privilege it should be a right that’s
the belief of a chief executive officer of Grace Kennedy Don webby speaking at a
recent Grace Kennedy household awards ceremony
mr. webby said education is the real solution to Jamaica’s crime problem we
speak a lot about our economy we speak a lot about the challenges of crime but
one thing I believe in Lenny and my dear friends that the true solution to
Jamaica’s challenges is to have a more educated population III also and I said
it at a previous function that I don’t believe education in Jamaica should be a
privilege I believe it should be our right to hop aboard education mr. Webber
said sometimes young people who cannot afford an education turn to a life of
crime and that is why I dress Kennedy we are targeting for casting to send a
thousand children to school by 2022 we’re now selling 600 and the truth is those children are from
the inner city without a proper meal without grace Canada Payoneer education
they would not have the opportunity to go to school this year’s first prize
winners in the competition received half a million dollars each plus two hundred
thousand dollars as a grant towards their education or the education of a
child st. Peter st. Peter Claver primary and infant school in worth on par
Kingston are among three schools adopted by the sachiko foundation members of the
foundation visited the infant school to donate gifts to the students as part of
a Christmas treat so what we’re going through is just to give back to them to
show them that we do love them we’re not just about life insurance and health
insurance what we want to do is to reach out to these different communities and
so let the children know that we love them and you know christmas is a time of
festivities and love and hearing and especially for these kids it’s for
gift-giving so what we want to be here to do is to help them enjoy Christmas
and just still to get them going for the season the principal of the school
welcome to the initiative describing it as an early Christmas gift
so the Christmas gift that we got from such a core foundation is really
appreciated by the staff teachers and parents under the students because today
is a very special day for them because they are here now representatives from
such a core foundation to give the children and teachers and a treat the
children are outside bouncing around they’re waiting patiently for their
treat the other schools benefiting from the program are Peters Vail early
childhood institution in Whitehouse Westmoreland and prime time early
childhood institution in May Penn Clarendon the schools were selected
based on a recommendation from the early childhood Commission in regional news
the key through our administration will make a proclamation on Monday to
decriminalize more amounts of marijuana in Trinidad
the Trinidadian Prime Minister made the announcement during yesterday’s post
cabinet press briefing in that country once decriminalized some of the benefits
will include a person being able to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana they
would also be able to grow for marijuana plants at their home and in sports the
reigning national sports woman of the year alia our concern will be considered
one of Jamaica’s best ever athletes that’s according to president of the
aquatic sports association of jamaica martin lin and he says it’s despite what
happens at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 Grenada Brown has that report Swimming Championships alia atkinson’s
legacies to make us best ever swimmers already secured but while she once again
excelled on the circuit in 2019 it is 2020 that atkins will truly be
tested as he chases an elusive Olympic medal she still holds records at the
National Aquatic Centre for four events so I believe that that she has
definitely been recognized and she continues to do so I mean yes you know
you might find that some of our athletes in in perhaps the only comparison with
track and field would be more recognized and I only only think because perhaps we
don’t have the media coverage that that chakhan field has in certain events but
definitely Ali arkinson will reign supreme in in in Jamaica for years and
years to come sha president martin lin feels he has
seen enough to be optimistic about our chances in tokyo despite her best
performance at the olympic games coming back in London in 2012 she’s training
well she continues to train well and she’s no selecting which which events
that that she participates in so that’s definitely making her more streamline
for for Tokyo as she is going to Tokyo she’s already qualified to go to Tokyo
Atkinson is one of nine women nominated for the 2019 rgr Gleaner group Sports
Foundation Sports Woman of the Year award and the
only nominee outside of track and field the awards gala takes place on Friday
January 17 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston life coverage will be on TV
j TV j SN one spot meter calm and hits 92 FM and in sports sinan sports rather
last season’s beaten finalists and current league leaders Waterhouse ended
a two-game winless run after clipping Tivoli Gardens 1 nil in Thursday’s red
stripe Premier League at the Edward C agha Sports Complex Stephen Williams
scored the lone goal of the game in the 42nd minute timeles Technical Director
Glendon Admiral Bailey was ejected after a confrontation with match officials
with the win Waterhouse moved up to 37 points to be on to be three points clear
or the second place to Mount Pleasant Academy while Tivoli Gardens remain in
ninth on 21 points genius in the red stripe Premier League on Sunday with
five fixtures and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for
the prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams good
afternoon and have a great weekend

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