TVJ Midday News: No Road No Vote | Teachers Working in Stressful Environment – November 27 2019

it’s Wednesday November 27 good
afternoon I’m Herman green with your midday news a special welcome if you’re
watching online at one spot an appeal is being made for the ministry of
education to provide more psychological support for teachers the Jamaica
Association of guidance counselors revealed that the Jamaica Teachers
Association only has one psychologist to serve all teachers the details in this
report speaking on TV Jay’s smile Jamaica on Wednesday president-elect of
the Jamaica Association of guidance counselors in education
Richard skya says teachers operates in a stressful environment and need an outlet
the comments come in light of the recent incident at Pembroke Hall high school
missus Caius says the organization has not yet reached out to the Minister of
Education we’re hoping that the ministry they’re
aware of what’s happening so we are making the appeal know that that type of
intervention is necessary we need more psychologists in the school to support
our teachers the guidance counselor’s alone are not able to do it we really
need additional support so this unfortunate incident where we are hoping
that we will see it as a learning moment and see the need for the help the
teachers are crying out for meanwhile interim president of the National Parent
Teacher Association of Jamaica and PTA J mr. Harris Dillon says the isolated
incident at Pembroke Hall High School represents what is happening in the
wider society mrs. Harris Dillon says the npt Ajay’s focused on working with
the various stakeholders to manage in stress related problems in the education
system she says the Association has had
dialogue with the GTA and will seek to engage the students association will be
finding trying to make some parenting workshops to deal with stress management
under management because stress has been affecting
many of our appearance for quite some time and yes
teachers are held at the highest standard ever possible for a
professional and they are the ones are responsible for grooming the future
generation to take over in the workplace so they are under a lot of pressure and
we understand de de children’s advocate Dan Gordon Harrison has called for
teachers to be given a resources to help them cope with the pressures of the
classroom the teacher involved in the incident at Pembroke Hall High School
has been sent on leave her case was on Monday referred to the personal
Committee of the Schools Board of Management
Shamala Pollan TVJ News no roads no votes
it’s the warning from residents and business operators in Alligator Point
Manchester who say the deplorable road conditions is costing them dearly they
staged a protest earlier this week voicing their grosses the sentiments
throat alligator pond district in Manchester the group demonstrated on
Monday mere hours after GOP leader Prime Minister Andrew Holness indicated that
the general elections may be called soon but several restaurant operators say
because of the condition of the roads they say for decades they have been
getting promises from their representatives about fixing the roadway
but to date nothing has happened they say they reached out for answers
earlier this month one de gand that’s last week Monday so we will leave it
coded plan that time but him said whatever I
thought so no more so we planned this money no fee block after road for what
going on in addition to the protest action they
are warning that they will make their voices heard through the ballots when
that time comes around mr. Stewart if you are listening are you going to
listen you better reach the president of the private sector organization of
Jamaica PS oj Keith Duncan has urged banks to make it easier for small
business operators to access loans he reasons it’s not difficult and pointed
to a practice where banks offer low-interest loans to its staff mr.
Duncan was speaking on Monday at a PS o J and Jamaica Bankers Association
workshop in Kingston the aim of the forum was to among other things identify
issues in the banking sector that may be hindering growth in Jamaica for the
businessman entrepreneurs are more willing to invest now however a Maine
hinderance is the limited access to capital therefore he feels it’s up to
the banks to help entrepreneurs take their business from small to medium and
at large scales why can’t we the banks only lend money to my employees at a
small business person to finance their car loans where you’re not letting me
the small business with pain this employee changes are coming for vendors in MAPE
and clarendon for the upcoming holiday period that’s the word from head of the
Clarendon Police Senior Superintendent Glenn Ford Miller
ssp Miller says the new changes will be announced soon and all vendors are
expected to comply we are gradually selecting some designated look
designated locations where the vendors can actually sell their wares and there
are two locations that have already been selected and this will actually be
published in short order so all vendors will be notified but no selling on the
street the street will not be takeover by the vendors and we’re also asking the
vendors for their cooperation and support in selling in these designated
eras that we actually allotted for them he says since the state of emergency the
parish has seen a 68 percent reduction in all crimes including murder the SSP
says this is because of the support police officers are getting from
citizens and the business community where does imploring on the citizens the
Continental give us arm the support and the cooperation because we by doing what
we are doing it was trying to make you safe and we want all residents of
Clarendon and person Traverse in true Clarendon to have a very Merry Christmas
and a peaceful year for the rest of 2019 meanwhile there’s a call for law abiding
citizens to help the police in their fight against crime it comes from the
Police Federation chairman Detective Sergeant Matt ray rule his appeal
follows the circulation of several videos in which police officers are seen
in physical altercation with members of the public assistance officers to carry
out their duties to the police officers are in need of some support it is time
for law-abiding Jamaicans to stand with law enforcement officers so that we can
have a safer Jamaica Thank You sergeant rule contains that officers have been
reluctant to use force for fear of prosecution and we take a break here on a midday
news but stay with us more when we return welcome back continuing the news four
persons were hospitalized following a motor vehicle crash in the vicinity of
the Royalton hotel in Trelawny on Monday it’s reported that the driver lost
control of a motor vehicle which careened from the road before flipping
over the area has been labeled a crash hot spot and again raises concerns about
how motorists use the roadway of the four persons a woman appeared to be the
most seriously hurt the injured persons were assisted by passers-by as well as a
crew from the Falmouth Fire Department they however had to improvise using a
piece of ply board to hoist the injured into the ambulance medical doctor by profession so I just
simply stopped to give some humanitarian four persons we’re into the private they
skidded off the road essentially for accidents of this nature
whenever it is wet it’s very and so I suppose that was one of the
electives that let me take today eridan after you seem to be very here
are very injured two other Stevens I will just send them up for the ambulance
from the hospital there’s a call for an end to violence against the nation’s
children on Friday teachers and students from Marin Bay High School in San Tomas
took to the streets to voice concerns about repeated cases of abuse being
meted out to children coordinator of the March Claudette Johnson says the aim is
to encourage more children to break the silence and speak up about issues
affecting them as what happened sometime is that it was in the classroom they see
things happening and they do nothing and we are aware that even in the parish in
their communities they are either a victim of violence or their friends or
their neighbor both through these things so we wanted them to actually start the
conversation to so that we can talk to them on the issues so we can help them
to help themselves within the school community or even to help their friends
within the community miss Johnson also wants to see more
schools coming on board to join the cause I saw a lady actually crying
saying that look at the children crying out who is joining them in this process
so I believe if we start the conversation something will happen and
I’m just hoping that as we ask the questions as they ask the questions of
their parents and all stakeholders continue the conversation then something
must gain and it’s time for preview of what’s coming up in this evenings health
report in the next edition of the health report we look at pancreatic cancer so
by the time it’s found and diagnosis usually spread throughout the person’s
body and it may not be surgically operable and so what you’re then doing
is maybe some simple chemotherapy may help or mostly what people need is what
we call palliative care so keeping them comfortable because a majority of people
will not live more than a year with – cancer that’s the health report this
evening in primetime news and now for today’s healthy living tip eat small
frequent meals throughout the day stay hydrated be observant of changes in
bowel habits and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables we go down to news from the region at
least 16 people have died so far this year in Trinidad and Tobago
as health authorities embarked on a major influenza vaccination drive the
twin island’s Health Ministry reported on Friday that the number of suspected
cases for the flu season had reached 2738 it also said the number of vaccines
administered to the public so far was a little more than 16,000 children and
people with chronic medical conditions should be among those getting the
vaccine meanwhile Jamaica’s Health Ministry on Monday urged persons to take
the necessary precautions to protect themselves as the country is in its flu
season the minister said flu cases in Jamaica
often begin to increase in October to November peak between December to March
and can last as late as May still in the region in Dominica
the police have banned motorcades as campaigning intensifies for the December
6th general election the Dominical Labour Party and the opposition United
Workers Party applied to have motorcades on Sunday but Police Commissioner Daniel
carbon is concerned about security and has prohibited the activities the
decision follows last week’s incident in which protesters removed police
barricades and gathered outside the residence of President Charles Seraphin
or other sovereign demanding electoral reform the police used tear gas to
disperse the crowd and we go now to news in sports twelve
wickets fell on the opening day of the one-off test between the West Indies and
Afghanistan with the Caribbean men 68 for two at stumps after dismissing the
host for 187 Javed Maddy top scored for the hosts with 39 with amir hamza 34 and
F’s Arzo z32 also getting starts off spinner Rakim Cornwall was the pick of
the winter windi’s bowlers with career best figures of seven 475 while captain
Jason holder ended with two for 22 now Jamaican John Campbell 30 and Samara
Brooks 19 will resume for the West Indies on day two with Craig graduate 11
and she hopes 7 the wickets so far and that’s the midday news I’m Herman green
please join us at 7 for the prime time news package on behalf of the new sports
and production teams good afternoon

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