Two Purposes: Accepting and Including People with Disabilities

Two Purposes: Accepting and Including People with Disabilities

For people with disabilities,
most doors serve two purposes. They let people in, and
they keep people out. So the question
we have to ask is: Do our doors let people
with disabilities in or keep them out? [MUSIC PLAYING] One in three–when people hear
it, they don’t believe it. That one in three households
has a person with a disability. At church you’ll
hear people say, “But we don’t have anyone with a
disability in our congregation, because if we did, we’d
know who they were.” “Because if we did, we’d
build a ramp for them.” Except right now, I
don’t need a ramp. I just need the teacher
to use a microphone. Right now I just need a friend. Someone to pray with. Someone to tell stories to. Someone to bond
with over our faith. But how can you bond
when you’re invisible, hiding in plain
sight–those without sight, the hard of hearing? Those with depression,
autism, anxiety? Those who have a
hard time fitting in? Those with fragile bodies,
who try hard but struggle? I just need you to
believe: believe in me, to believe this place would be
better with me by your side. Have you ever really
thought about the things that make you belong, truly
belong in a community? It’s hard to describe
exactly what they are, but you definitely know
when you don’t fit in. People talk all the time
about special needs. But these are not special needs;
they’re everybody’s needs. We just want to be
invited, noticed, loved. And that manifestation
of love doesn’t have to be anything big. Sometimes the simplest things
are the most meaningful. After all, faith
isn’t about programs. It is about relationships. And reaching out doesn’t
require the extraordinary–just a regular outpouring
of the ordinary. We can share. We can serve. We can contribute. We can help. We’re believers just like you. And just like you,
we can listen. We can comfort. We can offer all of our support. For people with disabilities,
most doors serve two purposes. But the doors here
should only have one. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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    Latter Day Arbiter

    I am a man of many disabilities, both physical and mental. I am grateful for these churches, as well as my own, to come together to discuss and give solution to the need for inclusion of those like myself. I am grateful

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    Brendan Right Now

    This is beautiful. Manifest love, bring love into every situation, reach out, poor out love, contribute, love, listen, comfort, offer support.

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    Saint Casper I Worship GOD

    See all these people in the video Jesus will heal them one by one and then we shall then praise Jesus Amen

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    Brendan Right Now

    Why do we so often forget to build bridges And then cause fights instead? forgetting to love. We need to remember love, which is one of the highest lawsπŸ’œ

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    Brian Clancy

    I just sprained my foot yesterday at a dance tryout; first time ever having to be on crutches. For those of you who haven't been on them, it is not easy! I was a little discouraged when all of a sudden this video popped into my feed. In a way, I feel disabled by having a limited ability to walk, so seeing this was really tender for me. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!! IT WAS SPIRITUAL MANNA FROM HEAVEN!!

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    Dusty Grant

    I have real bad anxiety and depression so it's hard for me to go to Church on Sundays!!!!!!! My testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and The Book of Mormon is Still Strong but i feel left out sometimes because of my mental illness!!!!!!!! It's not the Church it's me and that's why i feel unwelcome sometimes!!!!!!! It's hard to cope with mental illness and anxiety!!!!!! Sometimes i wish members would visit me and chat with me about how i feel!!!!!!!! I πŸ’˜ the Lord Jesus Christ but i feel unacceptated at Church!!! Thanks for the message!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!

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    God Is good

    God is love πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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    Kisser Ravn SΓΈrensen

    All of us have something that makes different. We are all Gods children he loves us and want us to love each other and love the differences, too. What a boring world it would be if we were all alike. Lets embrace everyone and become Christ like in that way.

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    Karl Pearson

    When all is done, I think we'll realize that all Christians, and people of all faiths, will come to know we have a lot more in common than we have not in common. We all want to be loved, and we all want someone to love. We all want to be included, and sometimes, we all want to be alone with our thoughts. We all want good neighbors, and we all want to be good neighbors.

    I've seen exceptions to these throughout my ~65 years, but those people are miserable, and try to make everyone around them miserable, too. That seems to be the lot of those who reject the good news. They can't just leave it alone. They feel compelled to do their part to destroy it. Who do you think they are listening to? Hint: it's not God.

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    Keith Webb

    I have an roommate that is apart of the same Church. I am his payee and POA too. He has his disabilities big time. I am deaf in one ear with nerve deafness.I live with hyper sensitivity to sound, wind tunnel affect and various noises.

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    brian hixson

    I have schitzoeffective disorder ( with bipolar tendencies )and sever anxiety mixed with some depression . Some days are harder than other, some HOURS are harder than others, some weeks are harder than others. Some are eaiser as well,

    I love this video and felt the love and spirit so strongly. I still cant stop crying. I NEEDED THIS it was an answer to a prayer I said today. To me it is a miracle and that just like a children prayer when they ask
    " heavenly father are you really there? " and do you hear and answer every childs ( and adults) prayer.
    Yes this is hard to share because like in the video, some ppl just dont know THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! Just cuz u cant see it dosent bran it's not there.

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    Michael Kenning

    Inclusion was the Savior's message and it is a message shared by those from many faiths. I appreciate the fact that several churches were represented in this video because inclusion isn't just an issue for Latter-day Saints.

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    Lance Thomas Richards

    If you're reading this…
    Congratulations, you're alive.
    If that's not something to smile about,
    then I don't know what is.

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    I DO need a ramp. One that is ADA compliant so that I can get to the church doors. I would also love to be able to open the doors if I am in my wheelchair. Fix the gap between the cement and the front doors so the wheelchair doesn't get stuck. Have a place where I can sit without blocking the aisles. Put a microphone jack in the classroom so the teacher can use a microphone. Have a place where my child with SPD/ASD can go away from the organ vibrations and still take the sacrament. So yes, the ramp and doors keep me out. We have a need to welcome people with all abilities and talents. Changing people's attitudes is hard. Fixing the physical barriers is much easier. PLEASE fix the buildings too!

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    AmyE Horton

    I took Tank, my service dog, to church with me for the first time Sunday. I took him to church and people asked me questions that I didn't have to answer. For example one person asked if she could pet him. Obviously not because he's on the job. I had another ask me what he was for, because I'm not visibly disabled. Not a terribly nice thing to ask. All and all it was an okay experience. I'm nervous to go to my new ward.

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    Constancia Stewart

    Once you get passed those who stereotype β€œyou” you can fit in any where.. you gotta appreciate this video and just keep knocking on doors the lord will always welcome you .Sometimes chains are meant to hold you in place while protecting your inner peace..

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    Kieron White

    The church of latter-day saints is the loneliest place on the earth for me, i suffer with drepression and anxiety, so many times I have sat alone in my car after church and cried, its so painful to go to church and to be ignored, nobody talks to me, nobody does minestering nobody cares, nobody understands what it is like to have this, Make an effort to reach out to the loner, the quiet one, the sad one in the corner, What would Jesus do???

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    Daniel Moore

    I believe I were meant to have autism and severe epilepsy.
    My autism's made me able to help families new to the condition, making them aware why their children overreact and behave differently.
    My epilepsy's made me able to prove to those around me, a disability doesn't make having a life impossible.

    The truth is, everyone's disabled. If someone can't do algebra, doesn't that make them disabled from algebra? The Lord gave everyone weaknesses (disabilities) and I testify the promise to strengthen the weak who humble themselves will always be fulfilled.

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    Jack Kelly

    Great statement. Brave statement. Are ya the first to says treat people with disabilities with common courtesy? What next brave statement are you going to make? I have one, driving on the wrong side of the road is bad.

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    random man

    all are welcome and all are welcome in to the loving embrace of the Lord Jesus.

    i was at a steak conference once were there was a girl who appeared to have mental disabilities, at one point in the meeting she walked up and down the cultural hall talking to herself very loudly, sometimes shouting, im guessing it was some sort of tourettes thing, it was interesting that i find profound love and acceptence of her and i really enjoyed the situation, im guessing that was coming from charity and grace of the Savior

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    I dont have disabilities, decent people just choose to ignore me. I feel like I am threatening to their egos and they avoid me for it.

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