Two weeks to Christmas, rice jumps to N24k per bag | Legit TV

Q: What’s your name Sir? A: My name is Alhaji Wasiu Bilau Oyebanji. Q: What position do you hold in Mile 12 market? A: I am the chairman of Ifesowapo yam market association of Nigeria. That is for the Yoruba yam sellers in Mile 12 market. I’m their leader here. Q: What’s the yam market like now? A: The excess rain caused a little setback for yam farmers and the market for yam. The tubers of yam that ought to have been sold as far back as August are just being sold. This did not make the market move as expected. The rain destroyed so many things at the farm. Q: Is yam expensive at the moment? A: Yes it is. That’s majorly as a result of the means of transportation. The cost of transportation is too high. The government should do everything possible to help us concerning transportation. This will help the big trucks conveying tubers of yam as the roads are bad.

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