U.S.A The next civil war ‘IF’ the U.S will collapse?

U.S.A The next civil war ‘IF’ the U.S will collapse?

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small creators from YouTube. In this video we take a look at the United
States a country that is becoming increasingly divided. We ask if this division could end with a new
civil war! Has the countdown to war begun? At the stroke of midnight Friday 19 January
2018, the federal government shut down. Negotiations crumbled as Senate Democrats
blocked a four-week stopgap extension, this causing the fourth government shutdown in
twenty five years. Critical government functions did continue,
with uniformed service members, health inspectors and law enforcement officer’s continuing
to work without pay. Both parties were quick to blame the other. Democrats laid blame on the Republicans, who
control both chambers of Congress and the White House and have struggled with building
an internal consensus. Republicans declared that Democrats were responsible
after they declined to provide the votes needed to overcome an immigration policy filibuster. This infighting and growing vocal opposition
to the President is beginning to manifest some darker resentment. There is a chasm forming in the US, can this
be solved? Will we see an escalation and violence? It’s easy to think that a second civil war
may occur in a similar way to the first: two institutionalized factions wielding armies
against one another along strategic fronts. Generals choosing a side,
Troops from all sides fighting to claim victory this once again seeing brother fighting brother. The outcome a winner-take-all restructuring
of the United States and its power base. However in this day and age it’s not how
wars are fought. We would most likely see networks forming,
tasking small strike force units, a guerrilla based war, no monolithic forces clashing in
huge face to face battles. A Homeland conflict would be asymmetrical,
as groups split along racial, religious, and economic lines. These groups would more than likely use high-value
terror attacks against soft and hard targets. This combined with light skirmishes along
the overlapping edges of their networks. These factions may form, disband and reform
using their networks to organize and carry out attacks. Much alike a resistance movement in an occupied
country. The new civil war would have a more digital
element than other civil wars. The cyber age opening up a new front with
propaganda and media manipulation be critical to all sides. Network analysis used to map and track these
groups across their digital territories and to identify their backers, funders, and agitators. These backers may also be in the form of foreign
adversaries. The US has been struggling internationally
with many bad policy choices causing a souring of many international relationships. These nations may take the opportunity to
fund and support different sides of the conflict. Also recent immigration changes have divided
families and provide a group from which recruitment would be easy, these deportees choosing to
fight for a country where they can once again be with their loved ones. If a civil war doe’s break out one thing
is for sure it will be a long drawn out affair. The impact of the war would be felt worldwide,
economically, politically and socially. Some countries could use the time to assert
their dominance over global politics, this could then have the knock on effect of causing
more instability globally. If a civil wars occurs in the US it could
well be the first domino of a wider conflict. Love or the hate the US it undeniable that
its presence helps to keep the status quo. If it was to descend into war the rest of
the world may just follow. For now, America is held in line with a strong
rule of law and a fairly strong economy this means most people still have something to
lose by choosing violence. But as the government continues to deconstruct
rule of law and economic opportunity, the shutdown being the most recent sign of its
dysfunction the likelihood of a second U.S. civil war grows. Do you think The USA is heading toward civil
war? What global impact do you think it would have? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
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    Bert Leo

    his name was seth rich.
    fact, kgb built oss, oss built cia.
    fact, venona cables prove soviet infiltration of the state department in 1947.
    fact, frank church’s congressional inquiry into operation mockingbird in 1979, proved that the sovet infiltrated state department and cia, were paying tv and radio news journalists, as well as newspapers, music artists and tv and hollywood actors, directors, and writers, to disseminate propaganda(left wing propaganda) to the american public.
    fact, former kgb agent and communist defector, yuri bezmenov, stated on the record that the ussr targeted us universities education department, in order to target our k12 schools(then known as grammar schools and high schools respectively).
    analysis, most of what every american knows as the truth, is a deception.
    supporting facts, gloria steinam has admitted to receiving funding from the cia so that she could continue her speaking tours and engage in activism (radicalization) full time.
    bolsheviks butchered resisters of communism alive, were objectively(yes, verifiably, objectively) more destructive than even nazis in terms of human casualties and economic suffering, yet we vilify nazis(rightly so) MORE than we vilify communists(inaccurately). a che guerrara t-shirt, or obama praise lenin, or trudeau praising castro, ought to be met with more(or at the very least equal) outrage and disgust than would the idolizing of hitler or goering, if we value truth and ethical consistency that is. this is a fairly obvious demonstration of the effects or propaganda.

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    LoneRecruit 221

    Ugh humans….WAR DOES NOT SOLVE EVERYTHING IT JUST BRINGS MORE MISERY!! Yet the only way well be together as ridiculous as it sounds is if some extraterrestials attacked wed band together to fight the enemy lol like some movie…

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    Tube Specific

    If the US does end having civil war II, then the entire world goes to WW3 for the currencies, debt based economics, and the privately owned central banking system that is the Federal Reserve Bank will become insolvent from reckless debt to finance nonstop wars for profit to cater to the greater Israel Zionist lobby. Most currencies are also derivatives of the petro US dollar which set the US dollar as the ultimate fiat currency as the world reserve currency in the American age which is most unfortunately coming to a tumultuous close in our time to live. By taking down the petro dollar Zionist globalist global economy we know today, it opens the stage up for the central banker cartel to move the UN to becoming the One World government of communism, slavery, technocratic autocracy, and everything else so evil and horrifying that has happened many times in the past, but only on regional scale where as this time, it spans the entire world so no where safe to immigrate to where they used to all try to get to America the world over seeking sancuary from war, genocide, and everything most scary. Now every country is facing the exact same predicament and same problems which why most countries today are enduring the identity political polarized mess, disunity, and inflicted inequalities from nutty irrational policies like unlimited lobbying of a massive greed.

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    JoNatHan K

    I believe it Started on September 11th 2001. If Uncle Tom's Cabin started the 1st Civil War .
    I think a Movie or YouTube video ,or Video games may Fire up the 2nd Civil War too actually more War like state. It is 55°F now ,but it can get to 200°F . A peacesfull Protest can become Deadly .
    We are 35% in and USA Citizens are all ready Killing each other . Some Day the Military will Atack it Self ,and the President of USA will need to get involved. The biggest self harm was on September 11th 2001.

    You wate people are going to take things up in thair own hands .
    Self Defense against some one with a Automatic Gun can get Political too the point that we are useing Weapons on are Football players . From I have a Dream… to 4 Scores and 7 Years ago ….

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    Roc Boxx

    This song calls on blacks to reunite and stand against white supremacy…its on Spice 1's UNITED UNDERGROUND OF AMERICA album 2019:

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    Veda metatron

    There will be no civil war you fools ! By the end of 2019 through mid 2020 everyone wii be part of the new national ID world system and everyone will comply borders will be merged 5g will be up and operational “ the hood “ will be compliant . The next ethnic cleansing will be not of color or race but a genetic one ….

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