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    Ocilia Canton

    What this means is American corp who owned properties in Cuba sugar cane ,Ten cent stores , like Woolwroth , and others American properties like homes . The Cubans who left their homes in the early 60s either are dead and yes brought the Deeds to them and gave them to their children many got lost in the course of time . My Aunt Neome Cabrera was a born American went to live in Cuba after Cubas Independence stay after Castro to stay close to her sisters ( family) loyalty. after her children left along time ago and a wedow , had a large Bongalo , the Cuban goverment took her home told her it was to big for her and gave it to someone with children , a farmer distroyed the house. But she keept the deed hidden and when still was possible gave it to her olds sons to hold . HAHAHA both passed away and nobody knows where it is ( lost for ever) and like her I meet many others with that same ending

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    Ty Lyons

    LMAO … that's funny because "citizens " should have already filed lawsuits in the UNITED STATES against it's reps for the roll played by it's representatives for the taking of property here in the states …. especially when the U.S. have taken way more of people's property than any other nation hands down …

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    Aman B

    Ancient history. Get over it. Can I go sue England for evicting my Irish and Scottish ancestors from their lands? Get the hell out of here.

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