UCLan Research Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change

Hello, I’m Lynn Froggett, Professor of Psychosocial Studies in the School of Social Work, Care and Community This Institute is part of the Universty of Central Lancashire’s response to a changing research landscape where 21st century problems are increasingly demanding research that crosses disciplines. Our work is bringing together established researchers and research centres from the Social and Physical Sciences, Health Sciences and the Arts and Humanities. It’s local, national and global in outlook, with strands of work on families and communities, urban and rural vitalisation, and sustainability – for example in food and energy. By pooling talent and combining our influence and networks we are maximising research capacity. The Institute has three other Directors: Professor Nicky Stanley Professor Ulrike Zeshan and Doctor John Whitton. It has eleven chief investigators from diverse disciplines, and 25 other researchers from ten different schools at the University. We know that to undertake work across all these different specialisations we need to build a vibrant research culture where intellectual cross-fertilisation between disciplines takes place and where Ph.D students and early and mid-career researchers have a voice and a forum for their creative ideas. We intend that the Institute will respond imaginatively to the issues of the present, while building a research workforce for the future. Hi I’m Ulrike Zeshan, Professor of Sign Language Linguistics. At this transdisciplinary institute, we are also held together by a common vision regarding research ethics and research methodologies. Across all the diverse groups, we are all committed to a focus on research that arises from and is embedded in communities of place and interest. Many of us have a strong preference for participatory research, where community members become engaged in the processes of designing the project, collecting the data, and disseminating the outputs. Across the Institute we also share interests interests in developing innovative methodologies for co-creation, such as Serious Games, visual and mobile methods and multi-stakeholder workshops. This common ethos lies at the heart of our identity as an Institute.

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