UK Citizenship Application (HOW TO APPLY ONLINE) | UK Visa’s

UK Citizenship Application (HOW TO APPLY ONLINE) | UK Visa’s

Today, I will be filling out my online application
form for UK citizenship, and I thought I would take you along the journey with me so you
know what to expect. If you’re new to my channel. I’m Kat from Kat’s Gone Global and I do videos
of moving to the UK, London, and travel. This will be a little mini series so this
will cover my online application, the documents that I use to support my citizen application,
the UKVCAS biometric appointment process, which will apply for any visas, and also my
citizenship ceremony so you know what to expect. Don’t forget to hit that bell notification. if you still haven’t applied for your indefinite
leave to remain, make sure you check out the video popping up now, which will run through
my application process for this. Just a quick disclaimer, I’m not an immigration
lawyer or an immigration advisor. I make these visa videos so you can understand
what to expect and see someone going through it in real life. All of the information based in this application
is based on my circumstances and you will need to tailor it to your circumstances. Okay, so I have filled out a few little sections
of the form, but most of it, majority of it is like really simple like, fill out your
name and things. I haven’t gotten into any of the tough questions
yet. Let’s switch over to the application pool
and see what to expect. Okay, answer questions about this application. Completing the phone for someone else. I mean, this is pretty easy. Just select whatever you are doing. The next part of the application, which is
worth mentioning, is that you need you have previous addresses. So, last five years of history to enter in
here. I just use my old tenancy agreements and things
like that to reference dates and yeah, you just enter it in. As you can see, it’s pretty simple. It just says previous addresses and enter
that. Then, once you’ve done press save and then
keep doing that until you finish all your addresses. Now that I have entered in all my addresses,
it’s asking me for my gender and relationship type. I am a female and my relationship is unmarried
partner, and that’s pretty easy. A bit more interesting now, it’s asking me
if I am EEA national and then not, so I’ll put no. It says are you either in EEA national who
has been issued with a permanent resident document or a family of a member of any EEA
national who has been issued with a permanent residency card. This is if you are European. Then, it goes into asking about your nationality,
country, and date of birth, which pretty easy so I won’t explain any of this. Next, it asked me if I have an Australian
passport and I put yes, so now I just need to fill out my possible number so make sure
you have your passport with you when you’re completing the application. Okay, so the next part of the application
asks me whether I have are identity card and I do not, so save and continue. Do I have any other nationalities? Nope. I am Australian only, but soon to be British. Granted indefinite leave to remain? Yes I have. Enter the date that you are indefinite leave
to remain was granted, which was last year. Next thing is your national insurance number,
so make sure you have that at hand. The next question is the life in the UK test. As a part of my indefinite leave to remain,
I took my life in the UK test so I’ve got that all sorted, but not every application
to get to this stage requires you to have the life in the UK test. If you’re one of those people, you need to
sit this before submitting your application and I have done a video about it, which I
will put in the description below is to make sure you check that out. The next section’s all about whether you can
speak English. I don’t have a degree,
so I put no. Then it says English language test. Have you approved the English language test? Then it will send you to a document that you
can have a look at of all the approved test providers and tests that you can do. I am exempt. There is this document here it says “prove
your knowledge of English for citizenship and settling” and then you will say nationalities
that are exempt from this. As an Australian citizen here, I don’t need
to do an English test. If your country is on here, one less test
you have to do. Give details about your first parent. You need to give details about two of your
parents. It goes into information here. What if you don’t have details to both your
parents? Depending on your situation, just fill this
out and then save and continue. The next part of your application is your
referee. So it gives you a bit of details about your
referees. But, in my UK citizen document video, I will
explain a bit more about this. But, gives you some things like they can’t
be a relative, a solicitor. For example, if I was going through a divorce
and I used my divorce lawyer to be a referee, I couldn’t do that. Not that I’m married or going through a divorce. And then any other details, and you must’ve
known them for three years and they have to be comfortable giving you their details. It goes into their title, their given names,
their gender, their date of birth, their address, and whether they’ve lived at the same address
for more than three years. If they’ve not lived at the same address for
three years, then you have to put all the other addresses that they have lived at. Then it asks you for additional details for
your first referee. What’s their phone number, their email address,
their profession, and if they have a passport, so you need to put their passport details
in, and how do you know the referee? Next thing it asked me, do I have a biometric
metric permit? Yes I do. If you didn’t ,then just put something here. I previously did my application, I didn’t
have my BRP as a card, it was in my passport so it was in like my passport here. To say, no, I don’t have a BRP for my most
recent leave. Then I just put, no, I didn’t have one for
my previous stay, but now I do so I can say yes, but that’s kind of what you do if you
weren’t given a BRP card. And then, it asked me about my biometric … my
BRP details. Next, it asked me, have I had any previous
applications and I have. I have applied for my indefinite leave to
remain, and my UK ancestry. So, just fill in your details, which we’ll
say the name of the application, the date, when you applied, the reference number. Was this application made in the UK? And, were your fingerprints taken as a part
of this application? Okay, so the next questions go into asking
whether I have had previous partners. So, if I have been married in or in a civil
partnership. Do I have children with another partner? No. Am I currently employed? Yes. And then it goes into employment data, so
I just fill out all of this information here. Next it goes into the arrival in the UK. To me, this requirement, you must have lived
here for the qualifying period. I have lived here for five years, actually
more than that, I’ve lived here for six years and then I’ve not spent more than 270 days
or 455 days in a five year period, and in the last 12 months have not been out of the
country more than 90 days, which is correct. When did you first arrive in the UK and what
airport? Okay, trips outside of the UK. Press yes, if you have, and then you can see
details of the trips outside. I’ve just done one. The next one I will do is Romania. The reason why I visited was for work, and
then the dates, I went from the 20th of May to the 23rd of May, 2019. Then, just save and continue and then keep
repeating until you finished all of your trips. One of the things that my friend did wrong
when he was filling in his application is that he accidentally put like 2035 or whatever
or something and it showed that he had like over 4,000 days outside of the country. There is no verification so if I put 1990,
it still allows me to enter that date. Just make sure that you check that it’s the
right date and year in your application. Otherwise, it will show you that you’ve had
way too many days outside, but his application was still approved even though he did that. Hopefully that’s given you and idea of what
you need to prepare for your application. There’s quite a lot of information that you
need available to do it. If you have any questions, let me know in
the comments below and I’ll happily answer them. Make sure that you hit the notification bell
because I will be doing a video on the documents that you need and the biometric process. The little bell will notify you when those
videos come out, just so that you have some more information to support your application
process. Until next time, guys, make sure that you
click on one of the cards popping up to see more videos like this.


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    Now that you have seen how I applied for my UK Citizenship via Naturalisation, let me know any tips or questions you have!

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    Kat. I cruise a lot and don’t know the exact days I spent in each country. Can I just write South America cruise and list the countries all in one line?

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