For those of you that have been watching my
UK citizenship mini series and have been eagerly waiting the results, well, I did get my approval
letter and today is my British Citizenship Ceremony, which is super exciting. I’m going to become British today. It’s taken me six years and four days since
I entered the country to become a British citizen, although I did get my visa approved
in September, so if you take that into account, it’s taken me six years, one month and four
days to go through the whole process. But I’m super excited. To celebrate, I’m going to open my bottle
of champagne that I got given by one of my old work colleagues and you’ve got to have
a bit of bubbles to celebrate a momentous occasion like this, so let’s get opening. It looked like it was going to be way better
than this. Ready? All right. I don’t have champagne flutes unfortunately. I only generally drink red wine, so it’s going
in a wine glass. Cheers. I get asked a lot on my videos, how long my
decision took? So it took exactly 16 days. I have my biometric appointment on the 2nd
of September and I had the letter in my hand by the 18th of September. This is just my timeline. Do take into account that everyone’s timelines
are different and it can take up to six months for a decision. I just think I’m extremely lucky to get mine
so quickly. In the letter they explain how to go about
getting your British Citizenship Certificate and how to book a ceremony. So I’ll just quickly show you an example of
my letter so you know what to expect. This is the letter that I received from the
home office and it goes and tells me that I’ve been invited for upper citizenship ceremony
and that my application has been approved. So the steps that I need to complete to have
my ceremony and receive my certificate. And then goes into details of what you need
to do now. And then goes into details on what to do now. So I just go through this and then make sure
that you’ve completed everything. So call the authorities, make sure that all
your details are right and just read through the letter basically. And then it tells you that you must bring
the invitation letter to the ceremony and if not, your ceremony will be postponed and
they may request evidence of identification, which they did for mine. It’ll also run through a bunch of questions
which I will delve into after my ceremony. So you’ll see this face again probably in
some different clothing because I do have to rush to my ceremony now and I thought I
would have more time to film this. One thing to mention why I’m all dressed up
is that you do have to wear nice clothing to your citizenship ceremony. So I was going to say casual attire, but it’s
not casual a tie. It’s basically dress up smartly for the occasion. So I have chosen this white dress. When you call up to book your ceremony, you
will be asked whether you want to do it as an individual ceremony or as a group ceremony. So if you do want to do it as an individual
ceremony, that will be a cost involved in this, and I can’t remember exactly what I
was quoted, but I was either 160 or 180 pounds to have your own individual ceremony, or I
had to go on alloted time slot. So for my bar, it was every Tuesday at 10:00
AM. On the phone call, they also asked me how
many guests I would like to bring. I asked if I could bring two, so they were
added to my registration. Then on the phone I was asked do I tend to
take an oath or affirmation of allegiance? And I of course said that I wanted to take
an affirmation of allegiance. If you’re having your ceremony in Wales, they
will ask you whether you want to take your oath in English or Welsh. So that is something slightly different for
Wales. I was also asked if I was happy to shake hands
with the mayor. So if you’re not comfortable with this, do
let them know in advance. Once I booked the ceremony, I was advised
that I would receive an email one week before the ceremony just explaining what to expect. So I will show you a copy of my email now. This is the email that I received from the
council, is basically reiterating all the details that were in the letter and what I’ve
been explaining throughout the video. Just making sure that you give your email
a read over to make sure that you’ve not missed anything, but it also goes into what will
happen with the photography on the day. So my counsel only took cash or checks or
there was no card payment on the side. And then the types of photos that you could
get and you could also get passport photos on the day, and all the postage was included
for free. So you won’t get on that day, it will be sent
out to you. And then they included a map so that it was
easy to find the location. I’m just going to run you through what to
expect during your citizenship ceremony and what happened during mine. Unfortunately, the part that we did film isn’t
the best quality, so I can’t really just show you clips of that. So I’ll just talk you through what happened. Make sure that you do read the approval letter
and any additional emails that you get from the local authorities because it could change
for your [inaudible 00:06:46] and I want to make sure that you know what to expect, so
definitely read those communications carefully. My citizenship ceremony was held at Bromley
Civic Center. When I arrived at the venue, there were signs
around the building guiding me where to go for the ceremony. When I arrived to the room where the ceremony
was held, I was greeted by a lovely lady who tacked me in. On the day of the ceremony you do need to
bring your approval letter and you need to bring some ID with you. They will check that against that, and once
they are happy, they will give you a number and tell you where your sit is. Once all of the soon to be British citizens
ad their guests arrive, we were then welcomed and introduced by the host. We were given a few housekeeping rules and
what to expect during the day. Once that was covered, we welcomed Councilwoman
Kathy in. It’s generally either a Councilwoman or a
Deputy Mayor who will be shaking your hand and giving you your certificate on behalf
of the Queen and the government. Council woman, Kathy then gave a speech and
welcomed us as soon to be British citizens and just gave us a warm welcome into the community. From there, you either take your oath or affirmation
of allegiance. So the room was split into two. One side was taking their oath and one side
was taking their affirmation of allegiance. I decided to take an affirmation of allegiance
instead of an oath because I’m not very religious, but you can choose either one depending on
what suits you. From there, everybody in the room had to give
the pledge, so it wasn’t just the applicants, it was also the guests in the room. After that was complete, we then all went
up one by one to receive our certificate. Congratulations Katherine. You are a British Citizen. Look, we share the same name. Thank you so much. Once everyone received their certificate,
you will then be welcomed as British citizens, and you will sing a verse of the national
anthem. After all of that has finished, the ceremony
then closes and you’re welcomed to have tea and coffee in one of the rooms while you have
a look at the photos that were taken during the ceremony and decide whether you would
like to purchase them or not. You can also get passport photos on that day
if you wish. So that’s it. Literally the ceremony is about 30 to 45 minutes. It’s not that long. I think there was more time waiting for the
photography queue than it was during the ceremony. So hopefully that gives you an idea of what
to expect. And if you have any other questions, do you
let me know in the comments below. If you have a biometric residency permit like
I do, make sure after your citizenship ceremony, that you cut this up and send it back to the
home office. Failing to do so could end up in a thousand
pound fine. So I’ll leave the address and details below,
but it will also state this on your letter so make sure you read up about this. If you have been watching my mini series on
becoming a British citizen, there will be another video coming out on how to get your
British passport, so make sure you hit the bell in the corner below to get notified when
this comes out. And congratulations if you’ve also just become
a British citizen. It’s a really exciting time and I look forward
to seeing you in the next video. Have a great day everybody.


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    Wow you got got a decision in an incredibly short period of time! Im about to reach a month since my ukvcas appointment

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    Nahar subscribe me

    Congratulations. Also request for make another video on (citizens application on line) with more details. Thanks.

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    Karim Armani

    Congratulation! It was interesting listening to your experience. I am waiting fir my application to be approved it have been four and half months and no response yet, i done the application through a solicitor. By the way thank you for making this video it helps alot people including myself

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    trav travis

    Kat you are awesomely helpful, this is beyond any reasonable doubt. I have followed your videos. They are absolutely brilliant. Thank you and God bless you. Congratulations for your success.

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    trav travis

    I also have a question. I am eligible to apply for my citizenship after the 29 of December 2019 after the Home office refused my application three years ago on ground of Good character. Didn't get my Β£1300 back. They said I didn't notify the authorities up until 29 December 2009 so that's ten years of waiting. My question to you is is there any harm making my application now then make the appointment after the 29 December? Thanks you once again your videos are awesome I wish I was able to like them more than once.

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    Omer Zia

    Love you Queen bless congratulations πŸ₯³ ur so cute and I m so happy for you
    One more thing i really like the choice of your music in this video some really good vibes love you Kat πŸ₯ƒπŸ˜˜β™₯️β™₯️

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    Alka Bohara

    Congratulations, my citizenship has been approved now I have ceremony tomorrow. After ceremony and sending my permit back to home office, after how many days I can apply for my british passport ? Can I apply for my passport straight away ?

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    LetsPut ItoTest

    It was exciting to watch you and very informative.. Congrats πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ I will get mine when you get bored of Ur passport lol I got 4 more years to go..

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