UK citizenship decision is heartbreaking, says Shamima Begum

– What do you think? I don’t know what to say. I’m not that shocked
but I am a bit shocked. – So the Home Secretary has
deprived you of your British citizenship? Yeah. But I’ve heard that other people
are being sent back to Britain so I don’t know why my case
is any different to other people or is it just because I was
on the news four years ago? It’s kind of heartbreaking to read. I thought it would … My family made it sound like
it would be a lot easier for me to come back
to the UK when I was speaking to them in Baghuz
but it’s kind of … It’s kind of hard to swallow. Yeah, it’s a bit upsetting
and frustrating. I feel like it’s a bit
unjust on me and my son. But yeah. – But you’ve done this
to your son. – I mean, this is the consequence
of your actions. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say. – What would your message
to the Home Secretary be? To maybe review my case again
and have a bit more sympathy for me
and understanding and, you know, maybe
give me a reason why they see me as a threat
to the UK. My husband is from Holland.
He has family in Holland. Maybe I can ask for
citizenship in Holland. If he gets sent back to prison
in Holland, I can wait for him while he’s in prison but there’s
no other option than that. – And your message for
your family. You know, I want to apologise a lot
for what I put them through. But right now I really need their
help to get me back because I really, I can’t stay here.
I can’t raise my son in this camp. – You’ve destroyed their lives. Yeah. – You know, I traveled with some
of them to Istanbul – to retrace your footsteps and they’re
devastated and they’re heartbroken. Yeah. – And that’s a result of your actions. Yeah. – I mean, how do you feel
about that? I saw the … You know, I saw the,
you know, the … On the internet, the news and stuff
and I saw them asking for me to come back but … – Why did you ignore them? Because I thought I was doing
the right thing by being part of Islamic State
and that they were wrong for wanting to stay in the UK
and not wanting to come with me.

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