Today, I’m going to run you through the documents
I provided for my UK citizenship application through naturalization. If you’re new to my channel, I’m Kat from
Kat’s Gone Global, and I do videos on moving to the UK, London and travel. This is the second video of my little mini-series
of UK citizenship through naturalization. If you missed my first video, that was about
the online application form, and it’ll be popping up in the card above. If not, there will be a link in the description
below. The next video will be about the biometric
permit and using UKVCAS and everything around that. So make sure that you hit the bell notification
to get notified when that video is available. Before we get started, just a quick disclaimer,
I’m not an immigration advisor or a lawyer. I do these videos so that you can understand
what to expect during the UK citizenship application, and this is tailored to my route and my visa,
so the way that I have naturalized. This will change a little bit depending on
how you are naturalizing, but for the most part, hopefully, it gives you a sense of what
to expect and the kind of documents that you need to produce. Let’s start with a question I get asked all
the time. Do you need to provide originals or can you
provide copies? So let’s jump over to what the UKVI says. So within the application forms, it says:
Providing your documents. You must provide your documents after submitting
your application. These can be originals or copies, but any
passport provided must be originals. So as you can see here, I said that a little
differently, but same point. And then in my third video I will go into
how to upload the copies of your documents to the UKVCAS website. So Sopra Steria and run you through that process. Within the application process, you will get
a checklist of documents that you need to provide for your UK citizenship and they will
tailor this to you. So let’s jump over to my screen and I’ll quickly
run through it. So as you can see here you’ve got the start
section, then you’ve got the application where you fill in all of the details and then the
documents. Here is my checklist of documentation that
I need to provide and I need to go through and checkbox all of these and ensure I have
the evidence. So we’ll go through them one by one because
I’ll explain the evidence associated with each one. So the first one is a passport issued by Australia
for Ms. Katherine Nairn. So I am going to provide my most recent passport
for this and it easily covers that requirement. The second item on the document checklist
is to prove your level of English. So let’s jump over to the screen again. So as you can see, it says the Australian
passport identity card of Ms. Katherine Nairn to prove the level of English language required. So approve your English language. So if you go to English language, you
will get the requirements that you need to approve. If you have previously done this, then you
just need to include the documents. But if you haven’t done this then this is
what you need to do. There are certain circumstances where you
can be exempt, like myself, and this will tell you what nationalities are exempted. So for example, Australia’s on here, Canada,
New Zealand and a few other countries. So this means that you will not have to provide
any documents to prove that you can speak English. So it would just be my passport here. The next item on the list is proof of freedom
from immigration time restrictions. And if we go back over to the screen it kind
of gives you a bit of an idea of what you need to provide, so your passport that you
are able to remain permanently in the UK, or other is a letter from the home office,
your BRP card or proof of exemption from immigration. So I’m just going to provide my passport and
my BRP card for this requirement. The next document that you need to provide
is your Life in the UK Test Pass Notification. I did this as part of my indefinite leave
to remain and I have done a video on it, so you can check it off on the card popping up
above or in the description below. And I’ll just quickly show you what it looks
like if you’ve not done it. As so as you can see, here’s my pass notification. Gives us a bit of detail saying that I’ve
passed and taken the test and the test center ID. So let’s go back to the document list and
I can take Life in the UK Test Pass Notification. The next set of documents is where the bulk
of your evidence will come from. So this is proof of living in the UK. So let’s quickly switch over to the screen
and I can run you through the information that they provide on this. So proof of living in the UK, here we go. If you are married or in a civil partnership
or a citizen, you must provide evidence that you’ve been here for the last three years. If you’re not married but in a civil partnership,
then you must provide five years worth of evidence. If you are an EEA national, you need to include
in letters from employers, education establishment or other government departments indicating
your presence in the UK for the relevant three or five year period. If you are a non-EEA national, you need to
include your passport to prove that you’ve lived in the UK for the relevant years again. If you do not have a passport or it was not
stamped when you entered the UK, then you need to provide letters from your employer
and government departments as proof. Bank statements and household bills are not
proof of living in the UK. So for mine, I am going to give them my passport. So here’s some stamps of my old passport showing
that I am in and out of the UK. The next thing that I’m going to provide is
this spreadsheet showing all the days that I have come in and out because it’s going
to be really hard to map from my passport. On top of my passport stamps and spreadsheet,
I decided to provide some additional information. So I am going to provide an employment letter,
so let me quickly show you. So as you can see, here’s my employment letter
and it kind of tells you information about me. So there you go, that’s nice and simple, and
then he just addressed it to me. And I have two of these. I have the one from my indefinite leave to
remain application and one recent one, so it’s up to date. The second piece of evidence, I will go into
a bit more detail. So HMRC can provide you a letter that will
cover your employment history. So all you need to do is call them and I’ll
leave the number in the description below, and they will send you this letter I’m about
to show you. And this is a really good way to prove that
you have lived in the UK for five years or however long you’re requesting a letter for. So it will go into your employment or tax,
the tax code, your start, your end dates, and all of this. So let’s quickly just show you. So as you can see, here’s the letter for the
HMRC and it goes into all of those things that I just mentioned. So it’ll break it down into financial tax
year and it’ll just state all of that. And then there you go, and it will just give
you any additional information. So this is a fantastic way to prove as a government
official document. Okay, so the next letter, which I am going
to provide, is another one from the home office, and this is my acceptance letter for my indefinite
leave to remain. So this will cover another requirement, which
we’ll go into in a minute. But as you can see, I have just uploaded this
and it’s again another official government document to say I’ve been living here. The last piece of evidence I’m going to provide
for this section is I am going to give them six P60s, so six R-P60s I’ve had since working
here, just as an additional source and that will be it for my proof of living in the UK. The second last requirement is that you need
two referees. These referees must be British, have known
you for three years, be over the age of 25, and one has to be on the list of professionals,
which I’ll go through in a minute. And I will label these links in the description
below so you know what to expect. So just quickly head over to my screen. So good character is the requirement that
you’re trying to meet here. And in the AN guide you can read a bit more
about it and any other information that you wish to know about naturalization. A list of referees. So as you can see on here, this is the list
of acceptable professions, professional persons. So here is the accountant, a solicitor, surveyor,
those kinds of things. So one of my friends is a solicitor, so I
got him to sign my documents and provide me his details. So as you can see here is the referees’ identity
documents. So they need to basically fill out your full
name and date of birth on the back of a passport photo. And then you go here, put the name of the
applicant, the requirements of the referees, it will go into here and then they must sign
the declaration, and put their full name and signature. Okay, so that is another document ticked off
the list. The last piece of evidence that you need to
provide is evidence of identity. So this will just be like your passport and
things like that. One thing to note is any evidence that you
use for your Life in the UK Test you do need to include in your application. So let’s quickly jump over to my screen. So here you can see all of the documents that
you can provide. And if you have legally changed your name,
then you need to provide a least one supporting document to prove this. And then as I just mentioned, the Life in
the UK Test, you need to put one of these in. I use my passports and my passports are already
a part of my application, so that will be included. And that is the very last piece of evidence
that you need to do, so save and continue. Now that you have seen my UK citizenship documentation
and what I plan on providing, have you found this helpful? And do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below. Give a like if you thought this was useful
and don’t forget to hit the bell notification to get notified when I post the next video
in this mini-series, which will be about the biometric process and UKVCAS documentation
and things like that. I will have two videos popping up now, one
about the online application and one about the Life in the UK Test, so if you haven’t
watched those, make sure you click on them now. Thank you for watching everybody.

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