UK entrepreneur visa (investing £50,000) ✅️ HOW TO APPLY (in 2018)

UK entrepreneur visa (investing £50,000) ✅️ HOW TO APPLY (in 2018)

– Hi, this video is about investor visas and entrepreneur visas and some of the key documents you need if you are applying under the £50,000 route. In this diagram I am going to show you some of the key points
that you don’t want to miss if you are applying under
the £50,000 route and considering applying for an investor or entrepreneur visa. These are based on some of the key lessons from my clients who I’ve assisted to make successful applications. So that at the end of this video you will know some of
the key documents for applying under the £50,000 route. Before we start, I’m Tom Bradford, and this channel is all about
helping you reach abroad. I’m a lawyer at the law firm Freeths, with my Reach Abroad service for the UK, I help entrepreneurs and
investors set up businesses and invest in the UK and
get the right visa to access the UK and achieve their
business and investment goals. This video is part of
my series on UK investor and entrepreneur visas. If you’re interested in
seeing these future videos, then please do subscribe and
click the notification bell to be notified when I release them. If you have a question, put
it in the comments below and I will answer it. If you want a free initial
telephone consultation with me then please drop me an email
or message me on Skype. My contact details are below. But we’re looking in this video
at the £50,000 route. I’ve done a separate video
here about the key requirement simulation to this so, if you
haven’t seen that video yet, check that out cause that goes
through the key requirements. But there is specific
evidence that you need to show for the £50,000 route. Now, as I said in my last
video on this subject there’s three potential
sources of the £50,000. This isn’t £50,000 that you’ve just raised from your own funds from perhaps selling a
property or from savings. The money has got to be
from a venture capital firm, a seed funding competition,
or a UK government department. That’s important and that’s the point that I was making in my last video. Now, in relation to
the documents you need, the document checklist if you like, this depends on where you’ve
secured the £50,000 from. So, if the money is from
a venture capital firm, you need the name and registration number that venture capital firm listed under with the Financial Conduct Authority. And you need a confirmation
of the funding agreement. If the £50,000 is from
a seed funding competition, then you need confirmation that the competition is listed by DTI. And you need the name that
it is listed under as well. It’s important to remember
that the requirements are different for each type of funding. Now lastly, if the £50,000 is from a UK government department,
you’ll need confirmation that that department is contributing the funds directly to your business in a letter from that government department with the supporting evidence
that the funds were transferred and you have them in your possession. For a full list of the evidence you need to apply under this route
please drop me an email. As I say, the evidence
you need depends on which of the three routes you’ve applied under or where the £50,000 has come from. Whether it’s come from a
seed funding competition, from venture capital, or
from a government department. I would be pleased to
discuss this with you. So, drop me a message if
you’d like a consultation or if you want to put a
question in the comments below, I will respond to it. This video is part of my
Reach Abroad UK series, talking about different ways of accessing the UK for business and investment. So, if you’d like to subscribe, please do and click the notification bell to be notified of my
updates when I release them. Thanks for your time, and
see you in the next video.


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    Wasif Khan

    Sir I want to know this that if someone has a inherent property and sales it to invest in the U.K. and apply for the investors visa for U.K. what are the essential document will he be provide and where he have to approach within his country whether he approach to British Embassy or is there other business firms that deals with U.K. investments? Kindly give the guidance about it. Thank you

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    careljohn Venter

    Hi Tom, what is the difference between the £50k and £200k entrepreneur visas? As I understand, the £50k optioncan not be my own funds, correct?

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    amrinder singh bachhal

    Hey tom, i want to know that i can invest my own money for 50k investor visa if not then how can I assess a grant from a uk gov. Company for my funding?

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    Fahim Hasan Choudhury

    Hi tom.can you elaborate types of entrepreneurship for this visa?
    I mean i do understand what’s entrepreneurship but just wanted to know more.what if i come to the uk to open clothing line.?

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    Wasi Butt

    Hi Tom,is this true that the amount £ 200k increasing upto £ 400k?
    Kindly reply soon as im very interested to know this.

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    Omar Aboelata

    Dear Sir, Thank yo so much for your generosity. I'm applying for my child who will reach 18 years old after 12 days (20 February 2019). I have a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa. What will be his situation If I submit the request after he reach 18 years old.

    I've read a lot of replies regarding age limits. However, I am asking if there is a grace period or something like this because people in the TLS – UK Visa Application Centre said their is +6 months after reaching 18 years old.

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