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LIC, Indian Oil and Bajaj Dominar Our 12 civilians always on their toes the camp commander is planning to test them both mentally and physically next Sit down, so this leg of your training is inspired by By the NSG, Right?
Yes Sir The aim is to train you and to condition you to be able to react in hostile situations where you or somebody around you can be a victim. Right? Yes Sir
You are the first responders, which means that when
everybody around you freezes, you act Now the next part of your training is unarmed combat. Now, there is a key called controlled aggression, aggression hai attack karna hai attack ki mentality lekin gussa dimak me agar
ho na ho action me ni anna chahiye Unarmed combat is not meant just
for terrorist or criminal situations, there may be a requirement for the average citizens to use unarmed combat No. 1 Ashish batch no. 5, Sonu batch no.6 A new team division will make a
new game plan and new leaders Ok team leaders red team, No. 4 you are the team leader
yes sir Mujhe lagta ni tha ki mai captain
banunga but now I will prove myself. Blue team. no. 11, you’re the team leader I was waiting for the turn to
become captain, actually. So, I’m very happy and I’ll prove myself. Abhi sabse pehle mai apko seekhata hu pressure points, Girish sir told us about 8 pressure points,
starting with the temple Vital pressure points like the temple, lower jaw, ridge of the nose, lower chin, chin point, throat, the diaphragm, the knees and the shin are key targets in unarmed combats. Zone one and two. Dekhiye, aap seedhe khade ho, left leg in and block So basically what these zones are about, how you’re suppose to block So, somebody comes and hits you how are you suppose to use your hand to block that particular person who is trying to attack you Zone three idher se attack aya toh, clear hai sabhi ko ? As India’s citizen squad the expectation from these trainees is that they will be able to act as first
responders in a given situation and to be able to use them in any kind of situation to help either themselves or victims around them.

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