Under $100 Dress Watch | Citizen Corso AO9000-06B

What’s going on guys it’s Hai and in this
video I have for you a new watch that I’ve only recently picked up but I’ve
actually been eyeing for some time. This is the Citizen Corso AO9000-06B. I first saw this watch a few months back but decided not to
pull the trigger on it because I wasn’t in the market for such a watch but this
piece recently went on sale for $81.99 and at
that price I just had to pick it up. That being said the price of this watch is
constantly changing if you’re interested in this timepiece check out the link in
the description for the most up-to-date pricing. Upon first impressions this is a
very typical and straightforward watch. This piece features a 42 millimeter
stainless steel case and a silver tone dial. To contrast the dial are black Arabic
numerals and blue hands. Sitting at the three and nine o’clock positions are two
sub dials which indicate the day and date. This particular watch comes on a
black alligator print leather strap but if this colorway doesn’t suit you there
is a rose gold version with a black dial and brown leather strap. This watch
features the Citizen 8635 movement. I’m not going to lie to you I have no frame
of reference for this movement. This is actually the first Citizen watch that
I’ve ever purchased. That being said Citizen is an absolute powerhouse and is
known for making quality quartz movements even in a low-end watch like
this. I have no doubts that this watch will last for years to come. One thing
that I do you appreciate about this particular movement is the inclusion of
Citizen’s eco-drive. To keep it simple this is essentially Citizen’s proprietary
light powered watch technology. This just means that the watch is able to generate
power by converting light into energy whether it’s natural or artificial light.
Citizen’s eco drive advertising is “A watch that never needs a battery”. That’s
not completely true because there is a battery in this watch and the battery
will eventually die even with the eco drive but we are talking years and years.
With this watch there are a few things that can possibly be considered as
negatives. First Citizen only advertises that this watch is water-resistant. They
don’t even bother to put a meter rating. This likely means that you should not
get this watch near water. Sure the occasional splash from washing your
hands will be fine but this should not be something that you swim with. I don’t
consider this to be an outright negative because this watch is in no way
advertised for any real physical activity. Just looking at it, it is
obvious that this is meant to be a dress watch. A watch that’s slim minimal and
looks good with a dress shirt and suit. Wanting to dive with it would be asking
more than its purpose. The second possible negative would be the use of a
mineral crystal. For watches the standard for the crystal is of course sapphire.
Sapphire is among the hardest materials and is extremely scratch resistant,
second only to diamond. This just means that a mineral crystal is not as good. I
find that this is a valid concern but one that is hard to make considering the
price of the watch. Strictly speaking for myself because this is a relatively
cheap watch it will likely take some abuse. This is a watch that I’m more
inclined to wearing on days where I’m doing physical activities. Activities
that may damage a watch and scratch the crystal. This is simply because of the
price. If I were to damage a watch I would rather damage a watch that cost me
$82 rather than one that cost hundreds or even thousands of
dollars. Even though I don’t want to damage the watch I think subconsciously
I’ll be a bit more careless with it. Because of this I would’ve definitely
preferred a sapphire crystal but again I can’t really complain considering how
relatively cheap this watch is. With a quartz watch it can be somewhat
difficult to say that a particular timepiece is of good value and that it’s
actually worth it because you can get a quartz watch for literal pennies so the
value of a quartz watch is really in the eye of the beholder and in my personal
opinion this watch is absolutely worth the price that I paid for it. It’s simple
it’s elegant and it looks like it’s worth more than it actually does so if you are
looking for a nice classy watch under $100 I definitely think that you should
really consider this particular Citizen watch. If you enjoyed this video make
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for more content. Thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you guys in the
next one.

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