US Citizenship Guide | N-400 Application for Naturalization steps, Fees & Processing Timeline

US Citizenship Guide | N-400 Application for Naturalization steps, Fees & Processing Timeline

hello and welcome back to our another
episode on US Immigration how-to video see description section down below for
other videos in the same series as an immigrant this is the final phase of
your journey we’ll cover step by step on how to apply
for a US citizenship wait time and more let’s get started
you might ask what are the benefits in this very uncertain time for new
immigrants in the United States once you become a US citizen
there is no fear of deportation you can vote in US elections file green cards
for your family members such as parents brothers sisters and much more let’s see
who is eligible you have to be 18 years old to apply and had a green card for
five years and not left the country for six months or longer trip let’s look at
the second one you are 18 years or older and married to a u.s. citizen for the
past three years not left the country for six months or longer
let’s head down to official u.s. immigration website click on apply to be a citizen
this next page explains the entire u.s. naturalization steps in detail let’s
scroll up on this page and click on form and – 400 application link here to go to
the application page you can apply online or mail your application let’s
scroll up and click on sign in file online button if this is your first time
click on create a new account on the right and go through e-mail verification
process create five security questions choose your account type and hit submit
next phase there are four options on the page choose file a form online in this
case choose application for naturalization N-400 this page
verifies if you are actually eligible click here to the response per your
status it’s checking if I had green card for at
least five years next if your citizenship is going to be based on the
marriage finally it will tell you if you are eligible to apply for citizenship or
not let’s go to application page it has fees
required documents tracking your case and all the rest of the information to
get your citizens review this space and hit next more information here
it talks about all your entry is auto saved and estimated time one hour and 45
minutes you don’t have to complete all at once you can sign back in later and
continue it took me a few days to sign back in and enter all the missing
information it says here if you do not touch your form for 30 days it will be
deleted let’s start the application shows why you are eligible hit next choose
the appropriate response let’s start the form legal name if you had used any other
names and you have an option to change your name here your contact mailing
address date and country of birth next your citizenship when you became a green card holder name, A number your nine-digit social security number
USCIS online account number if you have any next gender ethnicity height weight
height and hair color next your current address and how long you’ve been there
you have to provide at least five years of addresses otherwise it will give you
error next last five years of either school
and/or work history see I added two but there were gaps so I’m getting this
warning message next asking whether you were in US Army next Selective Service
for military draft if it applies to you next about your trip outside the country
within the last five years that lasted longer than 24 hours I had so many trips
so this took me a while I had to go through all my flight information next if you have any impairment you can
ask to be excluded from English and civic test requirements more about
disability needing wheelchair and so on next about your family your marital
status current spouse name date of marriage and date of birth more about your spouse
information you and your spouse’s previous marriages if any about your
children if that applies next about your parents Next section
is about your moral character and it checks whether you broke any laws this
is a long section and always be truthful see description section for a link to
see all questions here you have to provide evidence it
says to upload copies of your document here scan front and back of your
permanent resident card it can be picture or adobe PDF format your
marriage certificate if it applies last three years of IRS tax transcripts you can get your tax transcript from IRS
website online didn’t work for me so I went to a local IRS office if you are
eligible based on marriage to a U.S. citizen provide copy of your spouse
citizenship evidence about your own marriage what documents are accepted are listed here evidence of current spouse’s prior
marriages and so on if that applies you can upload additional evidence to
support your case your child’s birth certificate adoption and so on after
you have uploaded all your documents hit next like it says here go through each
section and ensure you have provided all responses before submitting once I hit
review my application here the immigration website will auto review
this application for any errors system went through everything I provided there
are no alerts and warnings which is great
hit next download a draft case snapshot for future reference when you open that
document it is 23 pages for me there are lists of evidence I upload it to their
website you have to agree to these terms next acknowledge your form by typing your
full legal name pay your USCIS application fee I just submitted N-400 US
citizenship form you can come back to this page to check your case try hit
refresh here’s my status shows my receipt number application type date and
status let’s print a copy I’m pretty much done here is N-400
timeline Biometric fingerprinting appointment was set after 30 days Civic
test was set after five month and in six month oath to become a new citizen so
the entire process took six months after N-400 form was submitted
don’t forget to watch our next episode to find out what happens during
biometrics appointment citizenship interview and naturalization ceremony leave your comments down below thank you
so much for watching and good luck in your journey


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    Zarghuna Khan

    I have my green card sine 4 years and 8 months can I apply now??
    And where I’m gonna find N-400 form correct??

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    Sir i had immigrant interview in December 2018 in Mumbai American embassy everything was going well but in the last he gave me 221 g latter and ask more evidence so I had been collecting all tha evidence like bills,,ticket,, two years WhatsApp chat,, call logs,, some photographs of our marrige n her two visits,, latter of explaining about each other from both sides,, marrige certificates by court and hindu priest, cards’ sir they asked for weddings invitation card and guests of list and their contact numbers but sir we had marrige in simple Hindu way in temple and in the court which is I also mention in the latter” sir what more I should do ? And sir i have seen many video of 221G Administrative processing they say they take 2 month to reply but people in the comments are like they are facing long long time in it’ sir do you know someone who faced this processing ??

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