US Citizenship Test : 5 Top reasons for Form N400 Denials, Immigration Lawyer in California

US Citizenship Test : 5 Top reasons for Form N400 Denials, Immigration Lawyer in California

So what are the five most common reasons why
citizenship form n400 gets denied at the interview watch and learn
Hello everybody this is Jacob Sapochnick an immigration attorney based in San Diego California
and in this video we’ll talk about the five common reasons why people fail the n400 citizenship
test and one of the reasons that the USCIS will deny your application reason number one
failing the civics test at the interview and the English exam people can study but they
do fail this exam it’s more common than you think and typically if you do fail at the
first time after 60 days you can go back and take in the second time and if you fail it
at that point there’s a high chances that your application will be denied completely
so it’s very important to take the time to study the test for the test there are certain
exceptions to taking the English test at the interview and we’ll put some information in
the notes of this video but typically if you don’t fall within those exceptions you have
to pass the Englishness and if you don’t you will fail the test you also have to to study
and pass at least six out of the ten questions service questions at the interview and if
you don’t get those six you will fail the test again and you’ll have to take it after
60 days and if you fail they will won’t they’ll make you refile the application and do it
over again so one reason English and civics test failure the second reason is criminal
background seven criminal offences in the US but also outside of the US can cause you
not to be eligible for citizenship certain crimes like murder and and something drug
drug trafficking will preclude you from getting your citizenship so it’s really important
to consult with a criminal attorney and an immigrant that understand the consequences
of criminal offenses that will bar you from getting your citizenship now there are certain
criminal offenses like DUI or some minor drug offenses that if occurred in the five years
prior to you applying for citizenship they’re also barring from getting your citizenship
at that moment so for example let’s say you had a DUI last year and you applied now and
you have probation well you’re not eligible to get your citizenship so the officer the
interview will say unfortunately you pass the test but because of that DUI that you
had last year you’re not eligible for citizenship at that moment you have to reapply and come
back in two years and three years after your probation so things like that please be careful
and make sure that you consulted an attorney if you had a criminal no matter how minor
it is before you apply the third reason why people fail than 4-hundred a citizenship test
is because they failed to demonstrate continues and physical presence in the United States
you have to show that you have at least 30 months of physical presence in the five years
before you apply or that you’ve been living in the u.s. that you didn’t take trips more
than six months every year and the five years before you apply so if you fail to show the
physical presence and the continuous presence test if you know in the five years before
applying for citizenship the officer will look at your trips that’s an application they’ll
count how many days you’ve been absent and if you don’t meet the rules they will deny
your application and you have to wait and before you apply again the fourth reason why
people fail the test and don’t pass the n400 citizenship test is or at the interview is
because they fail to show that they meet their financial obligations to the US government
one is paying taxes if you owe taxes if you fail to pay taxes if you have serious tax
issues you won’t be able to become a u.s. citizen if you own child support or any other
family obligations to the family court you will also not be eligible for citizenship
so make sure that you understand the requirements talk to an attorney read the rules before
you apply because if you don’t if you have those financial issues you’re not gonna be
eligible for citizenship the final reason why people fail their test is because of misrepresentation
of fraud that is determined at the time of the interview so for example the immigration
office has a lot of this question if they ask you questions about your addresses about
your relationship with the spouse of prior spouse or if you if you apply for citizenship
because your previously married or you’re now married to US citizen if you if they think
that you lied to them on the application or at the time of the interview they will deny
your application so it’s very important to be consistent on all the application forms
before you apply for citizenship make sure you know what what addresses you live before
which where do you where you work before you know where you traveled whatever you put on
that application if it’s not consistent when they verbally ask you those questions you
will be denied so these are the five main reasons that I see every time why people get
denied and we try to help them but there are some things there’s some instances we cannot
help we have to tell the these applicants that they have to wait and sometimes waiting
can cure many many many reasons and will allow you to apply for citizenship later on hopefully
you enjoyed this video and you learned about the top 5 reasons why people get denied citizenship
at the test and how to avoid them please subscribe to our Channel and we have plenty of other
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and how to prepare for the test thanks for watching I will see you in our next video


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    Ryan naymik

    I am helping a friend file, but twice out of four trips she had time out of the USA for more than 6 months. This was due to medical necessity in order to heal from surgeries. Can there be an exception in this case if there are medical documents to prove that there were surgeries?

  2. Post
    Joey Cordero

    In Feb 2020 I will be in my 5th year here in US, but there are few times i went out of US for a vacation. My first vacation was 5 months and 3 weeks in 2015-16, 2nd was for 1 month and 1 week in 2018. Im planning to have 1 more vacation probably for 1 month this coming May of this year. It will be a total 8 months all in all for all the trips. My question is, can I apply for my naturalization next year February 2020? I was not physically present in the US by a total of 8 months in 5 years, will I have to extend or pay the 8 months that I was out of US before I can apply for my naturalization or can I proceed in applying next February 2020?

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    nice man

    I have one question, I and my family when we registered refugee in Cairo in Egypt, whoever translating my parents during the UNHCR interview mistranslated and put me a a wrong year of birth and I was born in 1998 but they but me as 1997 at the time I come to united states of America I was minor and now I applied us citizenship, we try to inform them when we were new to USA but some people who live in the united states many years who also from same country as me told my parents it;s easier to correct when becoming us citizenship. and now I Have us naturalization interview in couple months. I do have my original birth certificate as evidence, I am little nervous because I am on my own. I have ask few people to advise me but they told just let them know during the interview and explain them but at the same time I don't want to fail. thank you very much and I was if you can give any answer that applies my situation

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    G Knight

    I have 7 years married to a citizen we have two children, we have apartments together, credit card and proof that we have been together, two years ago I was in an application called credit karma and I filled my taxes there, my mistake was that I made single and many mistakes, I don’t even knew what I was doing, I just did it out of curiosity, then I verified and I saw many mistakes, this year fill in as head of the household because the person who helped me fill it told me that if I contributed to the house I could fill it up, my problem is that I want to make an amendment and solve all this problem! My interview for citizenship is in two weeks, can this affect me? If I take the amendment that I am solving the problem, does it affect me? What I can do?

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    Mohammad Shafi

    What happen if an individual inadvertently registered to vote and voted in federal election. not knowing that you have made a false claim to us citizenship. some people they don't know think they are doing their civic duty. what are the consequence of these actions while applying for naturalization?

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    G Knight

    I applied for food stamp for my children because my husband was suspended from his work and we had economic problems, I took the benefits for about 4 or 5 months then it was resolved and I stopped taking them, in my N400 form in question 30 – I part 12: Have you committed misrepresentation to get public benefits I said yes, because for me to get food coupons I said that my husband's finances and mine were separated and I only present my income, I have my husbands suspension letter as proof, the day of my interview might this affect me? Is it possible that I can correct my answer if I clarify the situation?

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