US Citizenship Test Prep – Practice Exam – Practice Questions – Best iPhone App Review

US Citizenship Test Prep – Practice Exam – Practice Questions – Best iPhone App Review

Hi Guys looking at US Citizenship test prep and this is the portion of the test the focus is on your naturalization part of the test
which is a key component to gain you US Citizenship and this app allow you to prepare for that easy questions and stuff like that that you may be expected out on the test
and uh… it also want to note that on the test it wont be multiple buy prepare you what you may see on the test and on the main menu its very simple UI. you
have Settings About and Start and when you go with the application the first thing it ask you is that putt in your information that your selected State and
District this allow you to get more location based questions that are you’re
more accurate to your location. question let me ask you pertain to your
state to going to setting. You can select your State and district and again this allows us to know where you are asking more
questions and they’re all relate to where you are in the US also about the power has about
anything about the developer and the social networking sites so you can follow them at. and off course, backing easiest start
to test here by clicking the green button and then you can begin a new test resume
and pause tests you can be all questions with answers just kind review. you can see score, Staatistics and week question test based on your previous test you taken. fresh new test here i can select the categories this gonna ask me
categories you know something independence, history, 1800s
democracy, system. so i can click on history for example who did not fight with united states in world war II? and you can see couple of option here.
England for example and Next and Which of following is NOT American Indian Tribe in the United States? and its says NOT i can say none and Next and then you can also skip, let say you don’t know answer you can hit skip feature. and then Who was the president during World War II? and this case it was Calvin Coolidge actually calvin coolidge and you can see
i was wrong to consider the actual answer was woodrow wilson it next and again you can keep on going. and also has timer you see there in the top right side- how long it take to answer these
questions and you can see you again when the
martin Luther king junior junior do? fight for civil rights and equality you can see i can keep on going during
the cold war was the main concern in the united states a nuclear weapon
got that wrong so uh… i have several options, Korean war i’m still going here who is president during the great despression and word war II?
and that was Franklin Roosevelt. and i think it ask you total 10 questions let see here and Civil Right Movement or may be little bit more Which of the following is NOT fought by the United States in the 1900s? and Skip and check the score. you can see at the end you got average of 5 out of 10 you can save your score, change test
and Retry. which one you got you can see how many you got wrong how many you answered, how many you skipped so gives you detailed information on that and then again you can save the score to review that later if needed uh… and you get you can’t go back your
can try other things, you can review you can read all questions or statistics all that stuff you can check out if you had saved records to show so this is
the US Citizen test prep again focuses on that naturalization
portion of the test which is very very key in the US citizenship test so do check us out is free in the app store. Again US Citizenship Test Prep. Download Link in Description.


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    Royal' Adventure

    i found the app its called "Citizenship" with the picture of the american flag and its very great!, since when you dont know the questions you can skip it, when you end the questions its really does give you details of the result you have done and has an option where you can just do the weak questions of the one you missed when you were trying to get the right answer.  ITS AWESOME YOU GUYS GO CHECK IT OU!!-  FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE GOING TO TAKE THE TEST SOON!

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