US Marines in Australia become US citizens on Osprey

There are difficulties that you face
when you go out in the public but it’s a really good society that everyone
accepts you who you are. I grew up in a state of Gujarat in India it’s on the
northwest side. Grew up on my own basically my most of the family was in
America when I was growing up over there. My uncle wasn’t an Indian
commando it was an Indian commando and I wanted to always join the military. Came
to America learned English went through high school and then everyone in my
family is a doctor a lawyer. This has been everything somebody I want to do something different and I just like everyone keeps talking about the
Marines how it’s a different challenge and its the hardest one out of the all. I
started driving young in India there’s like no really laws when you can drive
when you can’t drive and then when I was joining the military I wanted to do
something close to combat and then the jobs available was motor t operator
and royal t mechanics so I picked motor t operator. I mean the American Dream that’s true what everyone talks about we can get in
America yes it is true it’s not nothing impossible as long as you put in for it
even in the Marine Corps like they knew I was like a citizen and then you just
accept it and it’s just a brotherhood you know that wasn’t the best part I
haven’t seen anywhere else. I grew up in China my mom she really persists me to
come to United States for education in China parents give you direction tell
you what to do and you just do it follow it but America you
have to plan for your own future and then knowing what’s the best for you and
your own. One of the dream as a child was actually go visit Japan because you know
I knew my they’re really popular for anime and then the Marine Corps made it
happen. I have a couple people ask me where you came from like who are you my automatic answer is from from China when
Chinese but after living in America for almost seven years now I just feel like
America is part of me I belong here but I can see it
because I born in China but now with that certificate I feel like I belong
here I am an American. I am American and we are United States Marine

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