VCE Legal Studies – Civil case scenario – Introduction

– Hi, my name’s Chris O’Neill and I’m one of the judges of
the County Court of Victoria. I’m the judge in charge of the Common Law Division of the Court. The case you’re about to hear involves allegations of negligence. Now, let’s hear from the
parties involved in the case. – Hi, we’re the plaintiff’s team. We present the plaintiff’s
case to the court. I’m the barrister and
this is my solicitor. – The plaintiff approaches me and they instruct me to go to court. I brief the barrister and they
present the plaintiff’s case. – Hi, we’re the defendant’s team. We’re here representing the defendant in response to the plaintiff’s case. – I am the judge’s associate. I’m a lawyer who helps the
judge organise the trial. I locate relevant points
of law in the documents, assist with research and general paperwork and liaise with the parties and the public on the judge’s behalf. – I’m the tipstaff. I assist the jury with practical matters, announce when the judge enters the court, take the oaths of the witnesses,
and help to facilitate the display of court
documents in the room. – I’m the judge. In cases without a jury,
I listen to all parties and I make findings on points
of law and points of fact. In cases involving a jury, I help guide the jury
about the points of law. I work with the legal teams to ensure the trial is run properly and is fair. – In a civil case, if there is
a jury, there are six of us, we decide if the defendant is at fault and what damages or
compensation will be awarded to the plaintiff, if needed. – You will find people performing all of these roles in jury trials in the Common Law Division
of the County Court and we welcome members of the public to come in and listen to cases. They’ll also be room for you. (gentle piano music)

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