Vocal Coach reacts to Evolution of Girl Groups (Citizen Queen)

Vocal Coach reacts to Evolution of Girl Groups (Citizen Queen)

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does happen. Girl Bands are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I grew up with
Destiny’s Child. I love it. So this is the evolution of Girl Bands. I hope they go
right back to the beginning. I want to see some Andrew sisters type thing, That’s cute Tune. Absolute tune. This isn’t live. It has been produced. I
was hoping to go right back to the Andrew Sisters but I had a look online
and actually what is considered the earliest Girl Band is actually forties,
it’s with the Shirelles and they were the ones considered to
start the genre, so although there were female vocal harmony groups, they weren’t
considered girl groups as such. Actually it wasn’t until 1961 that a girl group
had their first number one in America. That’s really late and that was also the
Shirelles with ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ which was written by Carole
King and is an awesome song. I love it. So they’ve tracked in a beatboxer which I
quite like because it gives it that real acapella feel. I don’t think it’s any of them
as far as I can see it’s none of them who are doing the beatboxing. I love that change of colour So high as well I love how we’re going through the eras
and you’re seeing the real change of style. So it was quite neat earlier on
there wasn’t nuances like creek and growl and things like that and as we
move on to the 70s and 80s and we’re going through that kind of disco era,
that’s when we start to get those big belt singers, rather than those tight
knit harmony groups. It’s like a punchier sound That last song was Alone by Heart. You
would have seen in the video. It wasn’t technically a girl group, in that it was
fronted by two female singers but the musicians were all male. I find that
a little bit sad though. That there’s not more female musicians, but there are. They
don’t have the spotlight that they deserve and still to this day working in
the music industry there isn’t quite as many female musicians as there are male
especially in the pop world, I would say. There has been a massive influx in
recent years so let’s hope that continues because it’s really really
great. That’s what I’d like to see soon. A girl band who also all played all the
instruments. Yes!!! So of course the Spice Girls were a real
start to the kind of girl power era. Where girl bands became so popular. Vocally, I’d
like to point out that I feel like this era, this later 90s sort of style is really
suiting these girls. Earlier on I felt like stylistically there were a few things
that didn’t a hundred-percent match up. In that they’ve got a really modern tone
and they’re using quick modern riffs and that come from that sort of 90s R&B
sound. However I did also like that they were putting their own stamp on it. Tune! Love it! Oo. Her tone is warm! I actually wanted to talk about her because
I wasn’t sure if her voice is modified in the lower notes. Obviously it has
been really well mixed but yeah, woah, she can sing low. They’ve got really good transitions in between songs Oh, thank god! I thought we were still at like 2000. Has it been…? It can’t have been that long!
How old’s have I grown?! It’s 2015 Little Mix and Little Mix are taking over the
world right now. They’re doing so well and I love them. I love all their
harmonies. I love how they have grown. I love their ethos. I also feel like these
girls in the video really got that nineties vibe. Really got that style and
understood it. I really enjoyed it because that was my era, and now
you’re gonna all know how old I am. Oh, I love it! I just still can’t believe that it’s
that girl singing those low notes. They’re very, very, very produced. There’s
a lot of effect on it so it’s really difficult to tell what she actually
sounds like. I’d love to hear more, and in general this is really produced. Which is
what a lot of girl band songs kind of sound like anyway so it’s kind of right
in what they’re doing. Great mixes at the top Oh, I love this little Mega Mix at the end Bery good arranging Well done! I love the girl band genre. I
think is really important right now as well because it just it’s great to see
girl bands, which often younger people support, girl bands who are strong and
powerful. Women that young women can look up to. What I really like about this is
that you’re not just seeing the evolution of girl bands. You’ve seen the
evolution of women and the way that they sing and the style that they’re singing
in really echoes women’s place in society. So the earlier stuff which is
really neat and within a certain parameter,
I mean think of Society at the time, and later on it gets more free, there’s more
nuances. You can just try loads of different things, and think what happened
to society as time went on. I guess music always echoes society, so it’s really
interesting to watch an evolution of music in anyway. Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed. If you did please do like and subscribe. I do videos every day
at 12 o’clock apart from a Sunday and I’ll see you the next one! Bye!


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    Maia Matilda

    There’s a live version of this medley online, WATCH IT! They sound the same – and yes Kaedi actually goes that low haha x

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    Dora Poon-Matsune

    You should check out Cimorelli’s Fall Back music video if you haven’t already! They’re a girl group and they all play the instruments 🙂

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    Kathy Astrom

    Kaedi, the bass, is my fave in this group. When I was their age, I could hit pretty low notes, and I am sure if I had some vocal training I could have come pretty close to her range. During the first rehearsal for the one high school musical I actually got cast in, the chorus I was was warming up with notes up and then back down. I had to drop out pretty early while the sopranos continued ever higher, but I ended up the last one standing on the way back down. Finally, the director stopped, turned and looked at me, and said, “How low do you GO?!” 27 years later, I don’t have the range anymore, sad to say.

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    Gitte Van de velde

    I just discovered this group and I love them! The diversity of the group itself (short, tall, skinny, big, light-skinned, dark-skinned, hourglassy shaped, more square shaped…It's all in there!) and also their vocals. 'Women can't go deep enough to have all the sounds for an a capella song' say that to Kaedi!

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    eggles egg

    There's a video of this girl group singing live and the bass singer is actually singing that low you need to check it out x love the vid btw

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    lmao a beat boxer tracked in i'm only 3 mins in i wanna find out if u learn that Cora is beat boxing XD

    and u never did s'good thing Cora herself is in the comments XD

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    Crescent Nya

    We need the no tears left to cry cover reaction!!! We need to see your reaction to watching cora now knowing she’s the beatboxer!

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    Elena Drake

    4:10 if you're looking for an all-women band that plays all the instruments (technically not all just…a lot of them) i would recommend katzenjammer! they play around in a ton of different genres, particularly folk.

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