We are the Embassy: American Citizen Services

We are the Embassy: American Citizen Services

At U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, our American Citizen Services Unit, we’re here to assist American residents and tourists with routine services
like renewing your passport or getting a notary. But we also help Americans in crisis whether
it’s victims of crime, those that are arrested, or when Americans die overseas. We also will go out to prisons and visit Americans
and make sure they’re being treated the same as other prisoners whether they’re
locals or other foreigners. We have about 100 appointments per day here
at the Embassy. Often we don’t see people face to face,
but we still assist them when they’re victims of crime or they need help in far away provinces. I’m Sarah Duffy. I’m the chief of the American Citizen Services Unit. We usually do a number of services for them when we
come out to visit them. Because they usually have a hard time making
it to Bangkok so we’re glad that we can give them an opportunity to have those done
here in the place where they live. It’s really important for us to leave Bangkok
every now and again to make sure we’re meeting people who are actually going to assist U.S.
citizens in the places where they live or visit. It’s important for us to know who they are
and what their facilities look like. To be able to have a personal relationship
with those officials is key to us protecting U.S. Citizens here in Thailand. Before you come to Thailand, we recommend
you register on the travel.state.gov website. It’s called STEP registration. That will allow us to know that you’re in
Thailand and where you’re located and if we send out any emergency messages, we will
be able to reach you. So this is probably my number one tip for
people traveling to Thailand.


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    Tom Peter Oconnor

    Should make an update on your site about changes on the Notary on the income letter for the people needing it for their retirement Visa!!!!!

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