We Now Know Why People Don’t Want To Work With Meghan Markle

We Now Know Why People Don’t Want To Work With Meghan Markle

Although the British press seems to have it
in for Meghan Markle, it’s tough to deny that her series of staff exits isn’t a good look. And sure, many of the reports are riddled
with rumors from anonymous sources, but could there be some truth to the claims that she’s
difficult to work with? Attention to detail Markle is reportedly obsessive about every
little detail, going above and beyond to ensure her staffers strive for perfection. For example, when Markle tied the knot in
May 2018, she supposedly requested air fresheners for St. George’s Chapel. A source told the Daily Mail, “Apparently Meghan didn’t like the smell of
the chapel, which, as you would expect, is a little musty. It’s not unpleasant at all, though. It just smells how you would expect an old
building to smell. And that’s something the Royal Family are
particularly used to.” Despite this, the Duchess of Sussex was supposedly
insistent on spraying the chapel before anyone arrived, an insider revealed, adding, “Royal household staff stepped in and told
her office politely, but firmly, that this was the Queen’s Chapel and it simply wasn’t
appropriate.” Other sources denied there was a problem with
her request, but either way, it seems like the Duchess of Sussex isn’t one to let anything
slip by her, which may be tough for her employees to deal with. Middleton over Markle Some staffers are reportedly put off by Markle’s
American attitude, with one source telling People, “[Employees] might not be used to the ‘say-it-as-you-see-it’
American mentality.” It also doesn’t help that the Duchess of Sussex
supposedly doesn’t like hearing the word “no,” a common phrase in the Queen’s palace. An insider claimed, “The palace is a magical place, and it is
also a place where all you hear is ‘no, no, no.’ The most difficult job in the royal family
is to work with Meghan’s ambitions and make them realizable. She will get frustrated if she is told, ‘You
can’t do this or can’t do that.'” Markle’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, is
supposedly a lot easier to work for, according to sources who spoke to the Daily Mail. The duchesses’ opposite communication styles
have earned them different nicknames in the press; Middleton has been called the “Duchess
of Dazzle” while Markle’s called “Duchess Difficult.” Ouch. Holding on to Hollywood? The Duchess of Sussex puts on a good show
of fully immersing herself in royal life, but does she have one foot out of the door? A source alleged to The Sun in September 2019
that Markle is still working with her Hollywood agents, turning to them for input regarding
a children’s book she’s supposedly writing. This is a big no-no for the royals, and it’s
off-putting to palace staffers who aren’t used to their employers seeking outside counsel
for their projects. An insider told The Sun, “As a full-time member of the Royal Family,
it would be the expectation for that type of work to be exclusively handled by Palace
staff who balance individual desire over what’s right for the wider institution. It is clear she is wanting to keep surrounding
herself with her Hollywood people.” While Buckingham Palace refuted the allegations
in The Sun’s report, it’s not surprising that some employees would feel slighted by this
rumor; it doesn’t look good loyalty-wise. Harry doesn’t help Prince Harry might be the Duchess of Sussex’s
biggest enabler, as he reportedly turns a blind eye to her unbecoming behavior. “That actually sounds really romantic.” A source told Express, “Harry won’t take any criticism of Meghan
and he is so sensitive that he often sees criticism or negativity when there isn’t any.” The Duke of Sussex’s supposed inability to
hear anything bad about his wife has reportedly caused a rift with his brother, Prince William,
and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. But what hasn’t been as widely discussed is
the impact it might have on staffers who might want to work for Markle; it wouldn’t be easy
to work for a person who can do no wrong. Dropping like flies Some might argue that the rumors surrounding
Markle’s behavior are unfounded, but it’s hard to argue with the timeline of employee
exits. The Duchess of Sussex lost three assistants
within the span of a few months. One of the aides left the job after one year,
and while the departure may seem a bit suspicious, a source told NBC News there was no drama
involved, saying, “Amy will be leaving but has agreed to stay
on to help following the birth of the baby. She and Meghan are very close and it’s all
very amicable. She has been with her since she moved from
Canada and she will remain as a personal adviser to her in the long term.” Not to mention, baby Archie, who was born
in May 2019, reportedly had three nannies within six weeks, according to The Sun. That would roughly translate to losing an
employee every other week, no? Whatever’s going on with Markle as an employer,
hopefully she finds her stride, and it would likely make her life easier in the long run. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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    loveforanimals33 Shourbaji

    Dude the show suits like came on late at night when ppl are asleep. That’s how insignificant that show was. she’s not some brook shields or Sandra bullock. She’s such a wannabe and fake. she was married for two years before she dumped him , and had a live in boyfriend when she met harry who she also kicked to the curb ???? No that’s not shady or anything.

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    Wairimu Mutiti

    People should stop being ignorant and hateful. You do kot gain anyrhong for hating or spiting anyone. Everyone's life us lined up to some success or failure or just in existance. And no one can change anyone's life by being mean.

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    Nadine Smith

    Okay so the old CASTLE has rat's big deal people has children every second this baby will live the high life there's a Virus out there and people has to waste time on those people.? YOU REPORTERS NEEDS A LIFE

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    T W

    The cheap copy version of Camilla 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 this woman needs attention and money so bad. Harry is so dumb to be with her. Cheasea never wants to be with him forever because she knows he's an airhead

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    Hawaii Plans

    It's so obvious the problem isn't the Queen or the royal family. it's Merkel… Merkel came in thinking she was gonna be the Queen ….Harry just married trailer trash and he has his head so much up her Crotch he he cat see he just sacrificed his title for a better woman.

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    9 LizaDay

    It’s bad enough having to watch one *American’s buffoonery play out on the world stage … but two?

    That’s a disaster!

    * = For the less aware members of the peanut gallery, I am referring to Donald Trump, aka President Donnie Dingleberry.

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    Such a jaded review. Can’t stomach this kind of Megan M. bashing review anymore!!! Enough is enough….. ✋ Stop it people!

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    Rosie LEE

    I knew she wanted to take down the queen. …I know by the way she was acting ….
    Meghan needs to dumpy up ..
    She get …what's coming to her
    The queen is no fool ….

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    Mary Ukpong

    All of you speaking nonsense would have wished you or your daughter is the one married to Harry. Jealous hypocrites.

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    Everybody who criticizes her shitty behavior – in this case, the press – gets the woke label "racist". Imagine how much Meghan browbeats him about the monarchy. Colonialism! White people!

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    Amanda Spencer

    Comments on here are dep!orable. This waste of space doesn't know you and doesn't care. I just want this S show of a farce to end. And I emphatically do not wish ANY country to have to pay for them. If it is true that they can make billions, then they can afford to pay for themselves. It is up to sycophants and fawners if they wish to purchase from them, give them any money or wait to see them for a split second to cheer. I do not agree to any of my tax money going to pay coinage to security expenses. Everyone gets the life they deserve (eventually), I therefore don't need to envy them or have pity. I don't like the look of their future.

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    JAMES the man

    The United States don't want her because of her statement that she will not live in America with the president in the white house. To her America is saying go F yourself and stay out!!!!!

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    Eileen tarrant

    Her doe eyed look is so fake nobody keeps that just fallen in love look all the time , is she trying to emulate Diana again for Harry 😏😏🙄

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    @2:38 – The Palace staff is steeped in traditions dating back to the 1600's. I very much doubt that their advice on anything other than court etiquette would have any value in the real world.

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