Week in Review – Star Citizen – 3.1.3, Epoch Society & Aeon Club T-Shirts & 3.5

hello again everyone and welcome to
another episode of week in review from citizen citadel we’ve got ten news items
for you this week including three point one point two three point one point
three exclusive in-game t-shirts and the road map update including three point
five so with that said let’s jump right in starting at number ten we’ve got three
point one point two three point one point two is finally pushed to the live
servers this week after five revisions in the PTU its primary focus was fixing
bugs and crashes and improving player persistence overall players now have
the option to recover their session on a client crash by pressing a button in the
menu this will respawn you in your ship with your cargo in or as close to the
place that you crashed CIG also recognized the increased number
of players doing missions as a way of making aUEC and allowed the server to
generate more missions at a time overall this is a very useful patch even if we
did go all of our credits reset at number nine
we’ve got three point one point three three point one point three also made
its way to the live servers this week on Saturday morning its primary focus was
fixing many of the server side crashes that were still plaguing three point one
the three point one point two patch allowed recovery from client-side
crashes but did nothing for crashes on the server side as such CIG went away
and fixed as many of the server side crashes as they could find a couple of
smaller fixes also found their way in with AI pilots no longer getting stuck
in idle and staying that way no matter what you did to them and the Revel and York Hangar once again allowing size 5 and above ships again another fantastic
patch and it’s great to see CIG really nailing this development at number eight
we have the 100 series so the 100 series is still on sale this week with warbond
packages available many have argued the LTI is useless but for those of you who
want to pick it up anyway now it’s a good time
the 100i makes a great LTI token to hang on to and upgrade in the future for
those new players bear in mind that it’s still in concept sale and won’t be
available this year we don’t know when it will be released but you’ll get a 300i to borrow in the meantime the 100i is a great starter ship from origin
and perfect for any beginner wanting to fly something with style at number seven
we have another letter from the chairman this weeks or another letter from chris
roberts showing his appreciation for over two million registered accounts to
show his appreciation all players in before two million will receive a
limited-edition in-game t-shirt for your character if you are in before 1 million
you’ll also receive another limited edition t-shirt with the 1 million logo
you should be able to see it in your account now but it’s not currently in
the game you’ll also receive the relevant badges on spectrum to show off
your support at number 6 we have the road map update starting with 3.2 most
of the progress consisted of breaking up tasks into smaller subtasks this week
this makes it easier for CIG to work on them and for us to understand what’s
going on the biggest improvements this week were item 2.0 at 6 percent the
Avenger rework and the mining mechanic are both coming along with an extra 3%
gained moving on to three point three the development of the rest stop went
from 18 percent to 65 this is huge progress and brings us in line with Loreville and Hurston the constellation Phoenix is also making some progress with an
extra 5% increase modular missions and racing has appeared on the three point
three road map this splits up missions into modules to make them faster to add
in the future simply having to drag and drop components together to build a
mission there’s also a new racing mode called scramble which involves racing to
destroy beacons this is big news for all of the racing fans out there
moving on 3.5 was added to the roadmap this week we won’t cover all of the
items but we will highlight a select few it’s still very early days on this
roadmap and things are likely to be moved around and changed the first big
feature is refineries this allows us to buy and sell ore and minerals you’ll be
able to fill up your ship mining and then fly to a refinery and sell it all
traders will then be able to go to the refinery and pick up the refined
minerals this adds a whole new level to gameplay and will be a really
interesting mechanic next up we have the Comm Array revision this disappeared last
week from the 3.3 roadmap but made its way onto 3.5 it’s adds elements to the
data runner gameplay so it’s not unreasonable that we saw it move to
three point five next up we have liquid and gas exploration this allows us to
search identify and extract liquid and gases from rocks this will be another
interesting mechanic to add to the game and will improve the gameplay experience
next up we have data running this will allow you to run data between two
locations and create data for example if you’re a miner and you find a vein of a
rare ore you can pinpoint the location and then sell that data finally we have
long-range scanning the clue is in the name
but it allows you to scan wider areas of space find points of interest and
quantum travel there to round off 3.5 CIG are working on the 890 jump and the
Banu defender for all of you Banu fans out there at number five we have
lore content this week we received another installment of the one good deed
series this is the story of Umar the repair technician getting a ship
hijacked and being held hostage Umar has to convince his captor to let him
help a ship in need before it’s too late it’s an excellent series and I’d
recommend it to any citizen I’ll put the links in the video description and I
strongly encourage that you go and check it out and number four we’ve got this
week’s around the verse ship components will start to affect the
overall performance of a ship for example older more worn parts might
overheat more or not perform as well as they once did
weapons will start to overheat and may occasionally miss fire and ship
components will start to experience wear and tear needing to be repaired or
replaced as they get older and start to break down all of these things will be
hugely beneficial in improving the economy and giving finite life cycles to
ships this week the CIG also gave us a glimpse into how mining might work at
the moment it looks as if we heat a rock using a laser to break it down and then
use a tractor beam to collect the ore CIG have told us however that this is
not the final iteration of the mining process and it is likely to change we
also got sneak peeks at Hurston Loreville and the rest stops all of these are
progressing well and are beginning to look quite fleshed out
we’re expecting to see them in three point three and this is a good
indication that we might see them on time we also got to look into the deeper
workings of the character customizer we learned that it’s built on top of a
tagging system making it more flexible and scalable to add components in the
future CIG also added fidget animations to
make the character feel a bit more human when stood around being customized many
issues were faced getting hair to fit under hats and helmets but these should
now be resolved the plan in the future is to have specialist body mod stores
that you need to travel to in order to change the different components of your
appearance moving on to number three we have this week’s reverse the verse this
week we had the audio team on reverse the verse answering all of your
questions about the audio In Star Citizen first off we discovered that the
maximum number of sounds that can be played in the verse is 256 CIG don’t
want too many because they want to carefully craft each sound experience
rather than overloading you with audio CIG is planning on stepping up the bass
in the future to make it feel like a more cinematic experience they need to
figure out how to do this properly without if muddying of the sound and
making it sound terrible next off citizens asked if you’d be able
to play your own music in the game the jukebox already exists and can play
music in your hangar but they will be looking to expand this into the full
game in the future then we learned that CIG make the most if not all of the
sound effects for the game in-house CIG confirmed that ship sounds will change
depending on the components that are installed for example bigger engines or
engines from a different manufacturer will likely have a different signature
sound they also confirmed that tools such as a flashbang will affect audio in
the world and the audio will be reactive to the situation that you’re in
this will increase immersion overall and it’s a really cool feature to have we
also found out that as wear and tear starts to happen the sound of objects
will start to change to reflect that so as a component gets older it may start
to make a rattling noise many citizens asked at what stage in the ship pipeline
does audio work take place the team confirmed that the audio work generally
starts in the white box stage but gets into full swing when the ship itself
becomes flyable this is due to many manufacturers having a unique sound
which they can work with in white box but they can’t link sounds to the ship
until it gets into flyable stage next off voice command for ships may be
considered in the future but there are no plans for CIG to implement it at the moment finally many players asked about the
inclusion of VoIP most of the audio tech is in place for
VoIP but it’s relying on other teams to build the back-end and structures to
support this that was all from RTV this week and if you want to know more
about the audio and how it works head to the RTV video linked in this
description and number two we’ve got the free fly event many new citizens got
involved in the free fly this week so much so that CIG decided to extend the
event by two days to allow everyone a chance to play we don’t have the
official numbers there were some very very full servers this weekend CIG
dropped three point one point two just in time for the free fly event but there
were still several server issues as they tried to cope with the load as a result
of the free fly CIG claims the cyclone will now be put on permanent sale in the
pledge store this is good news all around for everyone who wants to play
planetside and finally at number one we have the community overview this week
hosts the latest BritizenCon in the UK many devs and fans will be attending
and I’ll be sure to bring you all the news and updates in next week’s Week in
Review they’ve got a host of fantastic prizes to be won
including a six unit crate from JFR fabrication it’s certainly not want to
miss that’s all from me for this week please leave a comment letting me know
what you thought like if you liked it subscribe if you want to see more and
I’ll see you in next week’s Week in Review

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