Welcome to the OHRC’s eLearning module on competing human rights

Hello, I’m Renu Mandhane.
Welcome to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s
Competing Human Rights eLearning training. More people are learning about their
rights and standing up for them, but sometimes those rights appear to
conflict with the rights of others. Competing rights issues are in the news,
and organizations are planning for and dealing with competing human rights
issues in the workplace, in schools, housing accommodation and in services. That’s why the Ontario Human Rights
Commission (or the OHRC) developed the Policy on Competing Human Rights. By the end of this training, you’ll
understand how to apply the key parts of this policy. Using interactive videos, short
documents and scenarios, you’ll learn about what competing rights are, and
what types of situations are actually not competing rights. We’ll use a
realistic scenario to go through the OHRC’s framework for
analyzing and addressing competing human rights
situations step-by-step. This is especially useful if you are
looking for information on resolving competing human rights issues, or
want to develop competing rights policies and procedures. You’ll also
learn the key legal principles that are essential for analyzing most
competing rights situations. Taking the full training will give you
a good understanding of the OHRC’s Policy on Competing Human Rights. But
if you’d like to focus on any part of the Policy, you can find the modules
that will help and only take those portions of the training. Or, you may just want to see some examples of competing rights
situations that are relevant to your work. If you wish to share the information
in this training with your colleagues with your colleagues and others,
we’ve made all of our materials We hope that this provides the training
you need about competing human rights. When you’re finished, please take the
short survey. Your feedback will help us improve our
eLearning resources. Thank you, and enjoy learning
about competing human rights!

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