What Can Disqualify Me From U.S. Citizenship?

What Can Disqualify Me From U.S. Citizenship?

(upbeat pop music) – We have one asking what can disqualify me
from the US Citizenship? Okay, so, well of course, so
if you’re a Green Card holder, you can’t become a
citizen until you’ve been a Green Card holder for
three to five years, depending on your situation. So you never go directly into citizenship, but if you’re here already and you’re a permanent resident or that’s your plan for
the future or whatever, and you want to become a citizen, what can disqualify you is there of course any felony conviction, it generally doesn’t happen
but you know it could. It’s in the list of things
you can be denied for, so if you’ve committed some kind of felony and you apply for citizenship, they can deny your citizenship, for that matter you can be
deported if you hold a Green Card in many cases and it has happened, where somebody’s Green Card is
revoked and they’re deported. So, felony convictions,
although you know it appears they would have to be pretty serious before anything like that happens. Any kind of fraud of course
in obtaining your Green Card, which of course you have to have if you’re applying for citizenship or in obtaining the citizenship itself. So if you frauded the
government in any way, even if it’s years ago, we’ve seen cases, there was a recent one I don’t know a year, probably
been over a year ago, where somebody had been a citizen for I think it was over 20 years, but back in in their original application they had lied about, there’s
a whole lot of questions about a lot of things that the
government’s concerned about including your involvement
in wars and human trafficking and torture, killing,
being a Nazi, whatever. So any of those things
could get you denied, but also lying about them. So they ask, there’s all
kind of odd questions, I mean they seem a little odd, like have you ever
engaged in prostitution? If you say no and it turns out you have or they find out, not only
can you be denied citizenship, it can be taken away from you even if you’ve lived a life here, which again has happened, now it’s rare. But, these are things that can
cause you to get in trouble. You know your criminal associations, you know if you’re a known
member of some bad group, the mafia whatever, things like that. I mean they’re looking at your character, and character is hard
to definitively define. If you’ve got good character,
you’re a good person, you haven’t been involved in
these kind of serious crimes you really don’t have to worry about it. It’s, most people who
apply for citizenship you’ve already been
through a vetting process to get the Green Card. You are probably going to be approved if you pass the little civics test, and you speak some English. You’re probably going to be just fine. Now, if, you’re not going to be surprised
is what I would to say. Anything that would deny
you, you know about. That is, you’ve been involved
in something horrific or you’ve lied to get to
where you’re at right now. You got involved in a
fake marriage to get here and get your citizenship,
something like that. So, you would know about it. You’re not going to be surprised. If you’re denied, you’re not going to say wow, I didn’t know that. You’re gonna say dang, they found out. So, I wouldn’t over worry about
it most people are approved, unless again you’ve got something very bad or you’ve lied to gain citizenship or gain Green Card or even gain
the visa that got you here. If you lied anywhere to the
immigration people along the way and they discover it, yes,
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