What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You

What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You

– It’s something that I
don’t usually talk about because I’m afraid that I’m
making people uncomfortable. It’s something that affects me in almost every aspect of life. (gentle pleasant music) (whooshing) (hinges creak) – There’s something about having
dark skin on a woman’s body that shapes the way she
moves through the world. There’s something about having
darker skin on a male body that shapes the way in which
he moves through the world. It has real life stakes. – From what I’ve seen growing up, dark skin equates to being poor, – dirty, – rat shit, – they tend to be the bad
guys in Tyler Perry movies, – straight from the border, – that doesn’t even make any sense. I’m not deemed as beautiful,
therefore I am not beautiful, and those two are not
really mutually exclusive. – Could it be that something
as early as colonization or slavery is primarily responsible for our beauty standards today? We’re talking about who works in the field and who works in the house. We’re also talking about rape,
the rape of slaves to produce people who were known as
mulattoes, or mixed race. These standards of beauty travel. Eurocentric standards of beauty travel. – In the Dominican
society and our culture, they have a phrase that’s like,
(speaks in foreign language) advancing the Dominican population and making sure we’re going
into how they say the better. If you’re lighter,
you’re bettering the race and you’re bettering the island, versus if you’re just being you. – I would get called the blackness. One joke that really
stuck with me was like, oh, Edgar’s so black that
when he leaves a car, the check engine light turns on. That was a reference to my
skin being as dark as oil. I felt ugly being of a darker skin tone, so I tried to gel my hair, or I started listening
to skater punk music. So I tried, culturally, to lighten myself, if that makes sense. – I went on a trip to Korea with my mom. Some woman walked up to
my mom, and she asked, “Why is your daughter so dark?” In Korea, you have to be pale, and I almost felt like a foreigner and not so much Korean anymore. – When we turn off the lights, they say, “Oh, Selorm, where did you go?” Or, “Oh, you’re really pretty
for a dark-skinned girl.” Are you saying that my
race and just the fact that I am black, is that
not attractive in general? – I remember one time that I wanted to be an angel in a parade. At that time, they were like
kind of racist, you know. They didn’t like black
people to be angels, and my mommy got kind of freak out. She was going like, “Please don’t, “you cannot be an angel because
they gonna laugh at you.” I said, “But mommy, I am an angel.” And finally, I was an angel. And I was the only black
angel walking in the street. And my mommy was so proud
about it, and I was proud too. – My mom started buying me a
cream called Fair & Lovely. I was in third grade when I started using (laughs) bleaching creams. And the whole general idea was, if I’m lighter, I’ll have a better life. I’ll find somebody that’s
gonna love me. (laughs) There’d still be light and dark patches on my body and my face. (sighs) It was painful, it would hurt, and I started breaking out in bad rashes, and no one said anything. I had to stop it myself. – How do we fix this? We think critically about colorism. We think about where it began, and where it begins and ends with us. – I think change starts with
providing more diversity. You know, providing more examples of people that look like you. – If you look at telenovelas,
they usually cast the dark-skinned person as the villain, and if you never met a Latino before, you’re gonna somewhat think that. – So in Japanese media,
I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a darker-skinned female. I think it would be nice to see a change. – It needs to start
within our own culture, where we can’t have Will Smith filling in every slot for black people. Giving dark-skinned people roles that are not only supporting
roles but leading roles. – I mean a legit, badass,
007 Latino James Bond, that’d be pretty dope, I’m just sayin’. – If I could give a
message to someone like me, – who’s kind of looking at
himself and feeling insecure, – just know, baby, you beautiful. – Believe in yourself. – Just be you. – You are perfect just the way you are. That’s something that
no one has ever told me. – And your skin color is a gift. It’s never been a blemish or a problem. – When you grow up and
you look in the mirror, and you’re proud of who you
are, it will make sense, and all the other voices will go away. And all that’s gonna be left is you. (gentle pleasant music) (whooshing) (hinges creak)


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    Well I hate my white side, loved my black side but bc I’m light skin and seeing this video now I hate all my sides…. light skins can never be equals

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    Sharon Kipper

    Dark skinned people should never fell negative about ur beauty ur beautiful inside and out white people sit out in the sun to get ur beautiful skin color white people have so much negative things to say about black people but guess what they do everything that they can to be like us it's called jealousy they want to be like MIKE!!!!🤔

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    I feel sad that darkskinned people's condition is considered a marketing product again. BuzzFeed, you really want everyone to hate each other, don't you?

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    Sean M

    White people you are more beautiful, amazing, strong, important, worthy, all-around good people than all the others, even the Asians. Don’t let these conniving Globalists and non-whites take everything from you, start putting your people first again Whites, return to your roots. Also Asians you are more like Whites than you are any other race. Stop hanging out with and sinking yourselves down to the level of the common fodder that you have nothing at all to do with and who are not your people. Start putting your people first again Asians, return to your roots.

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    Larry White

    So sad, such mentally ill people. Black is power, the universe is black, and have you ever seen a judge in a white robe? Though you you can't blame them because those pale demons really fucked up people's mind.

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    Shandon Sims

    It's a shame while Europeans made darker people feel inferior, they've been secretly studying the melanin of darker people for over a century. Also selling melanin by the gram which is valued at $428 a gram today. It's pathetic how some lighter people particularly Europeans make darker skinned people hate themselves in order to be attracted to them.

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    blue neptunes

    i would respect black people more if they weren’t so rude and noisy and disrespectful. i understand that’s not always the case but where i live, that’s how 90% of the colored people here act and it makes me afraid to interact with them. i don’t hate them or anything, i just don’t want to be involved with that, being threatened to get beat up all the time or something

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    V E

    My dad's side of family use to bully cause I was a dark for being Mexican/Hispanic. My grandma, Aunt, Uncle's use make jokes constantly and I was treated horribly growing up when we stayed with them. It started when I was 5yo, just felt like I was never good enough.

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    Beverley Hohn Chang


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    Dayanara Salazar

    It’s weird how it’s the people in those cultures making their own feel that way. I know that it came from white people originally and has been passed down from generation to generation. My daughters father is always going on about how “dark” our daughter has gotten almost to the point of being obsessed with it. I’m like dude she just has a tan 🤷🏻‍♀️ she’s half black and half Mexican she’s gonna get tan in the sun 🙄

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    caesar savage

    The most beautiful people on earth are the dark skinned, white people always want to picture dark skin people bad just to possess superiority that ain't made for them

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    caesar savage

    In this age we hv come on earth people still debate and discuss about skin colour, this world needs to be destroyed by the creator, then recreate it again with better people in it

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