What If The South Had Won The American Civil War?

Hey guys and welcome back to That Was
History; A place chocked full of history goodness and fun facts! I’m Cliff Langston, and today we’re going
to take a look at a new segment we like to call, “History Rewrite.” In summary,
History Rewrite is where we take a topic from history and analyze how it could
have been different. Perhaps it’ll be that a battle ended differently. Maybe
it’ll be that a famous leader was not assassinated. You’ll just have to stay tuned
in the future to find out. Just like with our “History Deja Vu” segment, we want you
to engage with us! Don’t be afraid to leave comments on
your opinions of how the topic could have been different because when we are
speculating about a topics alternate ending, we will never be 100 percent correct. In
reality it didn’t happen that way so we will never be able to confirm ideas. it’s just fun to think about! So start
brainstorming because today’s question for “History Rewrite” is: What the South won the American Civil War? What would be different if the South, also
known as the Confederates, had defeated the Union forces from the North and officially won the American Civil War?
This question has a countless number of possibilities, so before I jump into my
thoughts, please note that my assumptions will probably differ from yours, but that doesn’t mean that I’m
completely right or completely wrong. It’s all fun speculation and assumption. Now that my disclaimer is out of the way,
let’s begin. I think that the most obvious change would be that the region
we now know as the United States of America would have been split into at least two
different sections. Obviously the American States in the North and the
Confederate States in the South. It would most likely operate in a similar
fashion as the current day Sudan and South Sudan situation. In case you’re not
familiar with the Sudan reference, these two countries rely heavily on one
another to make their oil industry work
efficiently. South Sudan holds the oil reserves, but Sudan has the pipeline that runs that oil up to the port in
Sudan to be shipped out to various buyers. Sounds like an OK plan, but as you can
imagine each country has used their sections of the overall process as a blackmailing agent in the past. They
threaten to cut the other country off if they have a
disagreement. Unfortunately, not cooperating harms both countries and I think this scenario would be
similar in North America. The North & South would constantly bicker, and trying to maintain enough piece
to trading and produce goods for one another would not be possible. It’d be a
lot harder than that of a unified country. Something else to think about is that
there would be nothing that would prevent further splits from the North or
South. Texas is always ready to secede and others would potentially follow. Before you know it, North America could
have been a grid of small, individual countries. Try and picture how
everything would work if each state where an independent country and there
was no federal government Allowing the south to win and secede
might have prevented America from being a major player in the First and Second World War, and the
Soviet Union would have been the dominating force if the United States
could not compete during the Cold War era. Another note about the Civil War
situation is that Abraham Lincoln would probably have lived out the rest
of his days and never have been assassinated. Since the South won, John Wilkes Booth
would not have had a motive to kill the president. Interesting isn’t it? Lastly, before I
close, the possibility of slavery continuing well into the nineteen
hundreds is definitely there. Personally, I think that slavery
would eventually have died out due to modern technology that could do more work than slaves could.
I won’t say that slavery would have been outlawed everywhere North America, but it might
have just become irrelevant and died out over time. Unfortunately, this means that the fight
for equal rights might have been delayed even further down the timeline. I
certainly have more ideas and I could discuss with you all, but we might be here all day. I love talking
about the “what ifs” of history, and if you enjoy it be sure to leave us
a comment about today’s topic. Also, be sure to share us around on
Facebook and Twitter to get your friends in on the conversation as well. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you
next time!

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