What is Citizen OS

The way that the system currently functions is built on traditions and the way that things have always been. It’s an online collaborative decision-making tool, which basically means that if you have many people that want to discuss, propose arguments, decide, vote on things together – they no longer have to meet in the same physical space. Often that would be impossible because there’s too many of them or they are too geographically spread out. We have been using Citizen OS for a simple organizational task, that where we need our supervisory board members, who are around the world sometimes, and not always physically available, to review our internal policy documents. The only way for us to move forward as a civilization is to learn to really make use of that new quality of connectedness. Citizen OS enables that. You can bring a big number of people, you can decide on things, on petitions, on decisions, on documents. For a non-profit organization, for a civic movement, for a village municipality. Up to the level of a national government or even the citizens of a planet. There’s no upper limit other than, yeah, the planet. We are a part of the democracy festivals network, so that means that in our festival, the Opinion Festival, we hope to develop our opinion culture in Estonia. Citizen OS could help us on a new level, to achieve better quality discussions in Opinion Festival. It’s a flavour of things to come. Or it shows us what technology enables in the information society, where you can actually get the participation of big, big numbers of people to jointly come together and change things.

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