What is Targeted Citizens & PROFILING EVERYONE around the WORLD? September 18, 2019

hey kids okay let’s take a look at my
eye here before we get started right there I see I’ve got a still got a big
scar tissue around here but we’re discussing targeted citizens so what is
a targeted citizen well if you are trying to describe search engine
optimization and what is a targeted citizen that would be everybody that
would be everybody so I mean well that depends if you think of yourself as a
citizen or not a citizen so it would be the same principle as do you think of
yourself as a veteran a citizen of the United States of America a veteran’s
family or do you think of yourself as not a family of an American veteran so
just by virtue of living here in the United States and I you know I think of
myself as a targeted veteran American family citizen that’s a good that’s a
good choice of words and so yes so when it comes to it’s it’s
that thinking is the glass half empty or half full so that’s why I always will
say you know and and it’s so funny when you see some of these other people who
kind of poke fun at people like us because of the fact that we view things
quite differently from the tunnel vision from the Cardinal it was like that thing
billboard I saw the carpal tunnel syndrome as I was sitting there and I’m
thinking that’s a fun word carpool carpool tunnel syndrome you know all the
cars were all piled up there by the electronic billboard but targeted
citizen and what are we exactly you know so if we’re describing it would be mass
marketing Oh cut mass marketing is similar to the Affordable Health Care so
if you guys remember under the Patient Protection Affordable Health Care Act
all those years they were sending literature pretty much to everybody so
if you went to apply for it you got literature even if you even if you
didn’t accept it they still sent you a thing that said to fill out the
paperwork they said the website was gonna fail which it did and so it was it
was a literal sort of you know a lot of people think of things literally and I
know personally myself I did because that’s just how we were kind of raised
and so until you have that further education to see or think of things
critically through or you know be able to put yourself you know like me I went
in the direction of well how else would I learn about artificial intelligence
other than putting myself in the shoes of artificial intelligence which is
targeting targeting words targeting people targeting citizens that’s what
we’re talking about is targeting citizens so so how is it that you view
yourself and that’s the same thing with a lot of these popular words you know
like you know like the color schemes and things like that colors do you feel it
view yourself as you know as in a narrow niche or in a big niche do you view
yourself as small or as big you know and I’m talking about the thinking you know
not in appearances or anything like that because my understanding is that
artificial intelligence doesn’t give a rat’s ass about how anybody looks and so
if only we had a society like that wouldn’t that be wonderful if only we
had a society that just didn’t care and you know what there’s one thing that I
remember from one of the soldiers it was one of the last things that before I
left Fort Riley Kansas and he said he said or he said I don’t care how people
look he said that about himself he looks at me says I don’t care how people look
so you know and I just thought some of the things that they did and they said
was kind of you know some of the comments and
remarks that they were doing was really really odd when it came to the dialogue
it it it went outside of of something where I you know that I was brought up
in it was something like it was almost like a softer side of the military
because of the fact that a lot of a lot of them would get really mad you know
some of them didn’t get me out and he’d be like what we like the old army way
like to be able to do this this and this you know so so that that could be like a
targeted targeted military sentiment you know targeted citizen sentiment of
you know like well because the thing is it’s like well yelling at people is not
very useful but then the softer side maybe has a different rule for people in
life you know it maybe it has a different role because when you look at
the old army it discriminates a lot and it surfaces anti diversity you well you
can see it so when you go to maybe that’s why some people don’t want to
join I don’t know but when you when you go to enlist they’re gonna do a profile
on everybody all of us are profiled right now by the way targeted citizens
nobody is targeted because of the fact when all of us have facebook profiles
and all of us have YouTube profiles and we all have social security numbers that
means all of us are profiled I think that some people have things a little
bit mixed up and and so targeted citizens is basically everybody targeted
citizens did you know targeted citizens is
everybody yes and so this is a good word targeted because targeted is popular
citizen is popular word and so I’m just sitting here looking and so when I was
learning about YouTube I’m just sitting here watching it cook because someone
had told me they said if you want to learn how something works watch it watch
how it works and if well that same same theory can be
applied to humanity so I’m watching the words being said and some of the things
being done on YouTube early on and actually even Google had only been
around just a few years that what maybe four years before I actually went on to
went to college and so and so I’m just thinking you know I wasn’t thinking
about I was at the beginning of something new back then and when I was
even when I was going to college I wasn’t thinking about that
but then YouTube came around and it’s like I just want to know how it works I
just want to know how it works I kept saying that I just want to know how it
works and so then I went on to crochet did really well for a while and then I
started thinking a little differently and I thought well wait a minute
crochet is kind of like a code and and so so crochet was targeted it was a
niche but it was small and so the error and and somebody had said this in one of
the help forums they said a lot of people had it right they just they just
didn’t they just didn’t go far enough they said a lot of people had it right
but they just didn’t go far enough then I’m see and I was thinking well
what does that mean because somebody was perfect they were promoting the niches
and so the niche is where you do just one thing and so that’s related to
things that are really popular like when you look like would be targeted citizen
the word citizen is popular the word targeted is popular and so when we look
on the WHO YouTube homepage we see the word home how is popular that’s where I
get some of these words from I can even look inside of when I look inside and
inspect the elements inside of my browser on YouTube there’s words inside
of there that’s popular too but we have we have something else I hope that you
guys are gonna be able to see this I’m gonna turn my thing around and I’m gonna
show you I hope you can see this so when we put in a word like I put in the
letter I the top 10 right now the top ten words came up is
indeed moonlight iPhone 11 Indian Penang panini it chapter 2 trailer indian
ransom imagine dragons iPhone 11 pearl max I don’t care ed sheeran its funa and
Inside Edition and so I hope that showed up and so that is so the word targeted
citizen which that was a word that came up today in my comments and so that’s
where I get a lot of the words from because I started noticing something
common was all these people writing these words and it’s like well this
doesn’t make any sense even on the crochet videos and then when I realized
what was going on it was like oh crap you know there’s there’s something I’m
not quite comprehending but yet then it’s like well what are they trying to
relate to it was like they were trying to relay something to me you know
they’re trying to relay I don’t know I don’t know what it was but so well the
thing is when you think of targeted citizen who is that you can take a
picture of a what would you call Oh an abstract person there’s no it’s it’s
just a person’s head and their shoulders you know how kind of like when you look
at a YouTube profile or a Facebook profile and there’s there’s no face it’s
just like a flat image that’s basically what that amounts to and and so targeted
citizen turkey targeted profile actually would be good too when I think about it
you know it’s harga today oh and so that’s that’s trying to extract
something that’s trying to extract something when when something is is
targeted they’re trying to extract something from a person and so
you know possibly you know I mean it’s I I don’t see it as anything sinister and
actually after some thought I was thinking well wouldn’t some of this
extract abuses in our society so okay this is what I’m kind of thinking so you
have random random soldier goes to basic training and so he goes to basic
training and they’re all in there just talking about things and and some of
them I would have to say you know it’s like well you know when you get around a
bunch of strangers and you’re sharing your stories some of them might be
really willing to share some of the abuses that are happening back at home
and and so I use that I use that you know not literally in their home but
just ran you know randomly the abuse is happening in their community maybe
that’s a better word and which could be in their home and so so when I used so
it so it creates a it sanitizes you know so right here like by me doing this
targeted citizen is like a sanitized word for public humanity it’s a
different word choosing something different from maybe another type of a
word and so targeted citizens and so when random soldier goes to basic
training he starts talking and then there’s another soldier in there who cut
maybe he has a different mission she I want to use the word she the kids she
because we all know that I think they said the military only has anywhere from
10 to 16 I think they said 16 percent women in there and and so I so you can
the military can spotlight itself too and it’s like well why in the world are
so few women in government jobs why in 2019 are there so few women and
government jobs aside from someone saying well mobile on well do we have
this perpetual a hazing is that what that that’s about
because it’s like we wouldn’t you don’t think of everybody’s work as being a job
or everybody’s role as being a job then that’s how you create anti diversity
sentiment towards women and so it’s like there’s a price tag on certain roles and
jobs you know where you have men marginalizing women saying well that
ain’t work that doesn’t count as work when it does work you know it is work I
mean you can clean the house all day and have this spic and span clean house and
all the dust gone if that’s what you want to have or have everything
perfectly in place however there’s other things that that can be done too you
know and I I broke a sweat many of times vacuuming the floor throughout my whole
life not just be an old menopausal I’ve always broken a sweat while I’m
vacuuming and mopping so oh my gosh especially in some of the places I live
in in some of the housing that I lived that didn’t have fans you know we had to
buy our own fan and so then it might be one of those things it’s like it I feel
a little cold and then next thing you know it’s I’m getting heated up you know
just from you know even in the mild temperature low humidity areas I would
break a sweat but targeted citizen so targeted citizen you know sometimes when
I think of eliminating gender does eliminating gender actually eliminate
gender bias them oh maybe that’s another video does eliminating gender actually
eliminate gender bias I would have to say no because in 2019 we still have
gender bias so maybe I’m gonna leave it at that right now for where we are with
targeted citizen videos so and this was on my electronic harassment documentary
video from July 30th of 2019 and so and so I was thinking do you know whoa
yeah I was describing how artificial intelligence works through humanity
though that was the purpose of this video but the thing is is I can I can
describe it the same way or a different way every time I describe video describe
how it works and people are going to understand it differently because that’s
just how we’re wired you know so and and that would be targeted cinesín that that
would problem that would be you know some some genders will understand it
like I understand it in some won’t so there you go
targeted gender would be another one to targeted gender targeted kids targeted
seniors but targeted citizen I mean technically they include everybody
targeted citizens includes everybody and so therefore to say that specific people
are profiled is not true and I want to stress that because some people have
said oh well we’re being targeted for this and we’re being targeted for that
that’s just not true you know I mean in hindsight when ain’t
when I think about it and when I think about we’ve all had post office boxes
we’ve all had utility bills and so this is all things that go that people will
draw from us and then are there any laws that say that they can’t take our
utility bills and stole our addresses to to the phone publishing company because
of the fact that when you know somehow they end up in the phone book that’s
probably from the phone companies the phone companies we know the phone
companies are putting them in there somebody’s selling our personal
information to the phone companies and I know even Google had initially had all
our addresses up there and a lot of us were complaining about it in hindsight
I’m kind of wish that I kind of wished that we could have a redo on that you
know because I think of it quite a bit differently the comparison is the yellow
pages the the white page is actually not the yellow pages so we have both yellow
pages and white pages together at the same time
at one time in some some cities would have a huge huge thick phonebook and
others would have a thinner phonebook but they still had everybody’s phone
number in there but then they made you pay to have be anonymous they made you
pay to have it unlisted so that’s kind of similar to that’s kind of similar to
the website and IP tracking or so when you set up a website because a lot of
people were talking about hiding hiding their properties and so when I set up my
website when I set up my website on blogger then it created this you can see
whose IP whose IP it belonged to and I thought well then I’m gonna be getting a
bunch of junk mail and spam from everybody because then they’re then you
got to list your address in public so then you pay a little bit of extra money
so it’d be like I’m listed so so what I’m describing here is like when you pay
extra money to have your phone number of listed in the phone book otherwise then
other people get the phone book and then they use that but there’s basically what
they’re doing is selling lists that’s even what the stores are doing they
asked for everybody’s phone number nowadays and and and tell me like okay
why is it okay for the stores to take our phone numbers and tell them and so
they asked for everybody’s phone number at the register we don’t have to give it
to them but they asked for everybody’s phone number at the register and so they
want everybody’s personal information so are these stores that we can’t even that
are that are banning everybody and related to this corporate media monster
monopoly you know that would be like targeted citizen as well you know the
stores targeting the citizen because they want
to collect our data and sell it so maybe that’s probably where they’re making the
monster of the money from is from our personal information and selling it and
I even have questioned the medical the medical peak companies too because of
the fact that they talk about HIPAA laws that you can’t talk about anything
over the phone or anywhere about a specific person however when they call
you and they leave a message on wireless then that Wireless goes public and so
that means that anybody within ear range of the call who has an interceptor of
some sort a public why a public Wi-Fi interceptor like for example like law
enforcement the police and they can hear everything from that phone call so they
can hear your medications they can hear when you’re calling them in and so I and
I even questioned a store that was calling and leaving the actual
prescriptions they stopped doing it you know so they were they were mentioning
the prescriptions name and then leaving them on the voicemail and I thought well
so you’re using that for your own artificial intelligence so that shows
how much the pharmacies don’t care about the people so they’re using the names of
the drugs for the purposes of artificial intelligence SEO the the search engine
optimization organization operation whatever you want to call it they’re
using that to boost their own self with with bulk calling bulk Robo calling they
don’t even use a real person anymore bulk
Robo calling and so then they use that and and that to boost their own
properties and their stores and companies and that’s why they’ll repeat
their name they repeat their name over and over again and and so so the store
so the stores have decided that they’re no longer going to advertise anymore and
they just want to use artificial intelligence to boost their properties
and I call it properties because they are property summer digital properties
and some are brick-and-mortar properties and and so they’re boosting their own
properties in search engine optimization for the purposes so they don’t have to
advertise because they’re just assuming that we’re repeating the word so when
some people say that words matter and then in that sense
that’s why when I learned about some of this and I it’s like okay so if I can’t
if you’re gonna take away my living why would I want to and you’re not gonna
actually help me in any way whatsoever so I’m why do I want to repeat your
store-brand I’m just not I’ll use the word store or grocery group
I’m surprised somebody just hasn’t come up with a store and just called it store
or just called it grocery grocery store that’s the name of the store grocery
store there probably is one somewhere that would be funny the grocery store
but yes so targeted citizens is targeted citizens as everybody and targeted
profiles are profiling profiling has been around a long time eat you know
there’s all kinds of places that we can find profiling even schools will
profiles so anyway I think that’s it for right now I don’t have much more to say
about targeted citizens and I have I’ve done what what is this twenty three
minutes I’ve talked about targeted citizens of whatever’s popped into my
head about the word I’ve repeated it out it would be sort of cool if you know
just behind the scenes if Google had this thing where we know how many times
we repeat certain phrases because that that’s that’s basic premise of the
algorithm which is humanity and repetition and repeating and saying the
same thing over and over again to the point of remembering it that’s
advertising is repeating the same thing over and over again where it gets into
our society and then our society just repeats it and has no idea what what the
meaning of you know what we’re repeating or what it is because there’s absolutely
no details within it and sadly that’s coming out of our politics that’s the
premise of our at 6:00 right now – and that’s not
helpful to the majority everybody in this country that’s not helpful –
targeted targeted citizens in this country when some are doing well and the
majority are not doing well and so anyway that’s it for right now for what
I have to say about targeted citizens

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