What nationality would JAPANESE PICK? Ask Japanese what country they would to be from

Same as her, I would choose Russia. I want to be like Cathy. Just like you. Oh, thank you! America. Why? Hey guys it’s Cathy Cat, and today
I’m gonna go and ask the girls and guys in Japan What kind of country’s person
they would like to become if they could change. What country they belong to, for a day. What country, or what person, or what nationality,
will they choose. Let’s go and ask Japanese! If you wake up tomorrow and could be someone else, which nationality would you like to be? Russian. Why? Because I can be a beauty. When I hear Russian, they all seem to be beautiful So I think if I can become a Russian I will be beautiful. So you wake up tomorrow Russian, what kind of Russian would you be? Beautiful, young lady? White and porcelain-like, skin tone. Skinny, blonde, and blue eyes? -Yes, yes.
-Someone like that. I want to be a Spanish. Why? I was learning Spanish as my second language, I like their food and the way they talk. I think I admire Spain. I want to try spanish dishes. Same as her, I want to be a Russian. Very white skin, tall, and slim, is the image that I have Korean. Okay, why? I think their makeup and fashion is very cute. The Koreans. If you became a Korean tomorrow,
what will you do? I will do makeup and dress up like a pretty Korean girl,
and hang out. German. They are so handsome. Why? I think they are very handsome,
and I wish I can be that handsome. What kind of German do you want to be?
Sporty guy? or some others? Sports is good, but I want to be model. What kind of appearance would you like? Blue eyes and white skin. I want to be an English. I think they have really good style. Do you have any preferences in appearance?
Like the hair colour and hair length. Very long hair, and blonde is better. Russian. I would like to have white skin, bright blond hair, and blue eyes. Wow, clearly decided. I want to be a beauty. So if you woke up and became a Russain, German, or English, what will you do then? I will take a lot of selfie. I want to go and meet my friends and show off. Saying like “Look don’t you think I am handsome?” I want to walk in the street and catch everyone’s eyes. like “Look at my shiny hair.” Like “oh~” English. Why English? They have long nose and are very beautiful. I want the hair colour to be blonde. Like Cathy, I want to be like Cathy. Thank you! Canada. Why? I think the city’s landscape is so beautiful,
If I can move there I would love to. Then what do you want to look like? Really white bright skin, and have light coloured eyes. Light brown, I think it will be very lovely. If you became one, what will you do then? Wear shorts! I will wear little shorts! And hang out with it. Why short pants? Because foreigners have good styles! I will wear shorts pants and simply fashion and go out. I want to just remain Japanese. Why? Just, love! I think I don’t know much about other cultures,
and it takes a long time to get along with them. I think I can’t change any more. So you think even you changed your appearance,
your heart will remain as a Japanese. I think I will remain my Japanese heart and culture,
will be surly using chopsticks, and eat rice. I think? I also would like to remain as Japanese. Yeah, the culture’s just so different. If you wake up and you can become someone else, from which country would you like to be? America. Why? It’s more international, and more free. When I was in America,
I see they don’t have that kind of culture, which tries to destroy someone who stands out in the crowed, as matter of fact, when you express yourself, people will praise you I really like that culture. So I have admiration towards America. If possible, what kind of appearance would you like? I want to be blonde like you. Foreign blonds always catch people’s attention. So I would like to be a natural blond and have blue eyes. And then what would you do? I want to have a morning coffee with style. I guess I would look into the mirror all day Like “Wow, awesome.” So these are all the questions!
Thank you very much! So, what foreigner do you want to be? Many people say for example America and such, interesting if you suddenly woke up. I don’t want to be a particular culture,
I think I’d like to live one day in every culture’s life. And I ??????? definitely would like to wake up one day and just be a guy, for a day. That’ll be fun. So that’s relevant to the question, probably not. So how about you, which foriegner would you like to be, What country’s person do you want to wake up. But maybe Sweden. I would like to wake up Swedish
and really tall and blonde. And just wondering around the town,
anyway, see you guys! Bye!

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