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It’s a novice wait for the auditionees at the twenty-year-old Harry it’s an all-too-familiar feeling Harry first auditioned last year with best friends Gemma and Gemma as girl band Eskimo Blonde They made it through to boot camp But at Simon’s home in Marbella their journey ended Harry we think you’re terrific but you were let down by the two girls You haven’t made it Soon after they got back Harry left Eskimo Blonde and they haven’t seen or spoken to each other since until now across the holding area our Eskimo blonde back with a new member Danielle and they’ve all just been caught the judge reads as They wait to audition. It seems that even on for a year the shock of seeing each other has opened up old wounds I’m here on my own. They’ve got a new member, you know It’s difficult for all of us And he’s still friends oh I still want to be friends a note, but I know how how much we all wanted it and I know that they feel so disappointed and so sad but it was really weird cars and it was a hard decision to make First in to face the judges is Harry Hi Harry, how are you? Remember Harry from last year, was it last year? yes last year. She was in a group In in my category called Eskimo something, Eskimo blonde, and I thought she was good Wasn’t crazy about the others. So what are you gonna sing? Maria Carey, sweetheart, okay Boy, haven’t you noticed the gleam in my eyes Because of you I’m a little hypnotized But the romantic in me Leaves me at my door, but tonight I like us to explore I’ve got to tell you something with the right attitude and with the right amount of self belief You actually could be very good. I’d like to hear you sing country Right. Yes or no. I’m going to say yes. Thank you Yes. Thank you It’s a yes from me, but please don’t sing on I won’t know. I’m being read welcome A country singer that’s going to boot camp. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So once the game Harry has impressed the judges One of the most Next up our eskimo blonde, they’d be joining former bandmate Harry at boot camp These girls were were in my category last year. Oh, hi girl Well, welcome back happy to have the new one instead of the old one. You Sam wall. I could eat now good What are you gonna think fever forever? Spice Girls, okay, okay Thank you No Because it was an okay audition but nothing special there was no performance. It’s just three girls singing along but there’s no lead singer Yeah, you look like you were singing in a choir. The problem is girls. I’m gonna be honest with you you lost Something that was very good about the group which was Harry Without her you just what we see a thousand times. Can we like take that on board girls? There’s no spark. Most importantly. There’s no individuality here Louis. Yes on there, please Please let me give us a chance. I’m going to say Yes, thank you Church they want a son I’m gonna say no That’s all we want is a chance I can’t go I just shot your chance please turn Your face then stop A chance to it Please please listen to me Okay it would not be fair to you the standard this year is so high you will be let down your hearts will be broken my ways I once Milk, you sugar leave the teabag in for a while My heart wants to say yes, that’s what I have to say. Follow your heart Some percent more to give to young girls those come on We shall be better, please only come join to you I Can’t do it Oh my god Come on all right, which I’d It’s gonna be hard watching Hardy because she was a pacifier balancing and Obviously you probably thinking what if I’m really really got mixed emotions because I’m happy that I’m throw, but I’m so got it for the girls Hello, what’s your name? My name is mal Ford, mal Ford. How old are you? 74 Where are you from? Well originally from burden camp nice But now for the last 25 years the best place on earth, Blackpool Would be more important to you the dosh or the royal flower not to make the royal family to be truthful You know cuz I think that’s another Lovely people. I mean the Queen and especially I think she’s brilliant. Yeah, she is wonderful. You’ve met her Avenue Yeah number I comment how many times but yeah matter a lot. Yeah Well, should we just get on with it Thank You mal Good luck Good luck, Mel. Thank you very much. Very nice of you. Thank you Your check Wow Wow fuck What you want Where’d you all Here we are Black Pope Elvis against whites raped and went from northern station The Illuminations you say I remember The judges if you just chew them on that soft chewy board yes or no Yes, I changed my mind Thank you at all. Thank you again I Can’t believe I’m meeting Britney Spears, it’s like meeting God As soon as I heard that Britney was going to be a judge and I knew that I would get the opportunity to stand in front of mine saying it was speak My name is Pat Forde. I’m 20. I’m from Derry New Hampshire and I love everything about Britney Spears I don’t think many people Truly respect her on the level that I do And actually admire her and look up to her in the same way that I do you just feel a connection, right? Yeah, I think she might be my sister Do I look like her at all? I just need a blonde wig and I’m like honestly I thought about that But I figured it would be like too creepy. I would do anything just to get a glimpse of her in person I’m gonna be shaking nervous when I’m that close to Brittany. I can’t even imagine. I hope Brittany like some flowers If I want the five million dollars, I’d flip in a nice-ass house drive a nice ass car and have a nice ass girlfriend named Hey, Brittany Brittany Simon la Demi nice to see you all pleasure to meet you. What’s your name? Pat Forde bootiful ours for their firm is Britney Spears the one and only Brittany I love you. This is an honor just to even be standing in front of you my huge fan This is a dream come true to even be so close to you. Okay? What’s the song? What are you singing? I’m gonna be singing circus like Britney All right, good luck you ready Providence There’s only two types of people in the world Build ahead Everybody can make it All right, I Won’t even bother you Simon. What do you think? Ah, it was like you had an argument with Britney Spears got drunk and decided to scream the song of her That’s how it came over it wouldn’t happen I would never argue with Britney never ever Brittany, I love you It’s a no for me Patrick do me. Nope. It’s a no for me Britney That’s four no’s That’s all you got for me Brittney – no, I think you’re lucky just got a no Patrick That’s pornos, can I bring Brittany her flowers or is that a no 2 How’d you get to me I’ll get the bulk of time Thank You Simon I got appreciate it. No problem Thank you very much new date thing. All right, Brittany. I love you That’s in Co as planned that way could not have gone worse That was a disaster. Oh That defines the word uncomfortable, I don’t want our I don’t want time I just wish she gave me more than to know like maybe an explanation or like I appreciate the flowers But all she said was the work know It’s just like heartbreaking like she is my idol. No, I have no words and just disappointed the only word she said was no I Still love her She’s out of my life Since I have my line And I don’t know it down Do light up I? Don’t we do Beloved I it’s good night She’s aha These are my These are my jeans You think for yeah She was here And I took her for granted I was sorry Not the way that it’s D Geez I am I So ugly that learn the positions And I believe that he loves me And I got love is precious but Helene Duner Let’s get the good news from Randall Bearing in mind this is the last time Vince can enter cuz you’re 30 now right Vince. Yeah It’s a no-win auntie Sorry, Vince. It’s a no on my dime It’s a no for me, too Why can you toss me? So what happened? I just come here for defend You’ve got lots of fans we just on tonight. Please listen to me bloody music needs somebody just give some opportunity. No No the world you see. No, our worlds is not a place of opportunity You’re a very entertaining man because you do this Michael Jackson you’re horrible I’m really bored now and it studies become annoying. We’ve still got other people to see You need your time is up I’ve had enough of you now you were entertaining about five minutes ago and now you’ve stopped Because it would be a joke to everyone who deserves a god All right, thank you get out yeah, thank you I’m not gonna sing you idiot Get out of here get out of here. We’ll see you here again begging to get in next year Hello, what’s your name darling, my name is Jocelyn joseline joseline Hinton okay, I where you from the Steel City Pittsburgh black and yellow. Okay, cool. Okay How old are you I’m 34 I read the elvers You look good. Do you think you can win? Think I’m gonna win you are gonna win. I’m gonna win. Why are you gonna win? I have the X Factor which is 3424 did it get any better than this? Oh I just are you married or say hi to Work you know, you got to make the bacon a girl I get it. It’s none cuter than a man at work He got a job gotta have a job You go girl Okay, right. Okay. What are you gonna sing darling? I am what to seeing Katy Perry firework love Feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again And do you ever feel feel so paper thin like a house of cards one blow from caving in? Do you ever feel? I got it. I got it. You just gotta get not the line Hey Thank You Jocelyn look, I like you. You just can’t sing very well. What? It’s got nothing to do it’s got Joseline joseline joseline you call keep singing You’re not gonna go it’s not gonna happen machine Arliss And I wish it on consume Okay next year With a big little white, my name’s Mike Lewis 27 years old another new language I came last year One of my main inspirations Michael Jackson The reception I got was not what I expected that was hideous impersonation so much negativity in this room is unreal My experience last year taught me a valuable lesson and that lesson was just be myself. I was hiding behind a mask I was hiding behind a persona and in essence. I’ve now had a Bieber This is me announce Who I am I learned on my mistakes How do you think you’re gonna do from these new judgeships? Do you think they’ll see a different girl? Well, I’m sorry fresher than now I new one I’m a bit maybe whether that is moving, but she was there with me and my audition last year However, hopefully he appreciates the transition I’ve made from them to know What you see now is what you get new vocals new out you but best of all new positivity Way to be back here again, seriously, your name is Michael Lewis and Michael you were here last year. I was indeed. Yes Yes last year. You came of Michael Jackson. I was yes Know what my experience last year taught me a valuable lesson that lesson was just to be myself now So I am Who I am though. No gimmick. No mask go Samia. You’re Michael Lewis. Absolutely. Oh, thank you But What you see and what you are getting I’m a drama queen therefore that stuff I can never do reality That’s me Sometimes my little while of a story I feel Oh You take it Oh Let’s quit maybe next time use your I’m gonna say this way. There’s so much positivity in this room. I will thank you I love you. Thank you very much I’m not sure about the positivity. I can feel the energy they’ve given me the energy right now Carrie I’ve got a feeling that the audience weren’t clapping because they like to your talents I’m an artist. I’m a performer. I’m a performer It’s very surreal we’re just all a bit it’s a bit weird unique is the word I don’t like to use actually your name Ok, I’m not boring. I’m Mike. Um, let’s be honest me. OK just how much you think it’s best myself. Just just See where you want to do this see if you can keep your mouth shut for one minute Was there anything you liked about? Akeli no Let’s go Gary Mike. Listen over me When you get comfortable just yet Michael it’s gonna be enough for me Tulisa the life for me Michael We can phone us This is my stage I belong on this stage, okay, what part of that can you not understand? You How you guys turn on me straight away so to face unreal there’s me so to face Et me then you boo me so shallow and sentimental and judgmental Thank you very much nice to meet you He thinks is losing Oh like oh, oh Thank you. So he’ll think they were one minute They love you gonna hate you the noise just so I don’t need that. They have got no clue whatsoever

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