When Is the Right Time for Black People to Protest?: The Daily Show

When Is the Right Time for Black People to Protest?: The Daily Show

Donald Trump’s beef with the NFL has left a lot of people
with a lot of questions. But the question that has come
up for me, once again, is, when is the right time
for black people to protest? Everyone has a different answer. For me, it’s, uh,
right before lunch, because that’s when I’m hangry,
right? And after lunch, I get the itis.
I’m not effective. Uh, but if you want to know when
black people should protest, you’ve got to go right
to the source, Treasury Secretary
Steve Mnuchin. I think what the president
is saying is that the owner
should have a rule that players should have
to stand in respect for the national anthem. This isn’t about Democrats. It’s not about Republicans. It’s not about race. It’s not about free speech. They can do free speech
on their own time. Is it not about
their First Amendment rights? No, it’s not.
They-they have the right to have their First Amendment
off the field. -(laughter)
-It’s a… it’s-it’s a little weird
getting free speech advice from a guy
who doesn’t speak freely. My words are trapped
in a prison of teeth. Grr. But, okay, fine. I hear what Mnuchin is saying. He’s not against the players
protesting– he just doesn’t like it
when they do it on the field, you know,
when everyone’s watching. Yeah. Do it somewhere else. Can you imagine Mnuchin giving
that advice to Rosa Parks? He would just be like,
“Hey, Rosa, “why are you protesting
on the bus, huh? “People have places to be! “Take the bus to your house, “sit down on your couch
and protest from home. -Boom! Racism solved!
It’s solved.” -(laughter) And you know what?
And you know what? So, the Trump administration is
okay with protesting, right? They’re okay… as long as,
uh, it’s on your time, unless you’re ESPN commentator
Jemele Hill criticizing the president
on your private Twitter feed. Then, that’s a fireable offense,
too, right? Although I do understand
where Trump is coming from, because Twitter is
his workplace, -so it’s a different thing.
-(laughter) But I get it. I get it.
You do it not in public. Here’s another example.
Over the weekend, Stevie Wonder took a knee
on his own time -in his own show.
-(crowd cheering) And even then, even then, a former Republican congressman
tweeted, “Stevie Wonder takes a knee
for the Anthem during a concert. Another ungrateful
black multimillionaire.” (audience groans and gasps) Ungrateful to whom? I’m fascinated by that concept.
People always say that. Ungrateful to whom? This idea that black people
should be grateful is some sneaky-ass racism. Yeah, because
when a white billionaire spends a year screaming
that America is a disaster, he’s in touch with the country. But when a black man
kneels quietly, he should be grateful
for the successes America has allowed him to have? -WOMAN: Oh!
-MAN: Boo! How is that ungrateful?
I don’t understand. You know what would be
ungrateful? What would be ungrateful is if Stevie Wonder
got his sight back, and then started complaining
about colors. -That would be ungrateful.
-(laughter) -If he was like, “Hey, man.”
-(applause) If he was just like, “Hey, man, -what the (bleep) is up
with pink?” -(laughter) “That’s a garbage-ass color.” It’d be like,
“All right, Stevie. You’re being ungrateful, Stevie.
You’re being ungrateful.” (laughter) Yeah, it almost feels like
white people earn the money, but black people are given it. They play a game for a living,
they make millions of dollars. They’re ungrateful
millennial millionaires who won’t stand
for their own anthem. I wish some of these players who get on one knee
during “The National Anthem” would get on both knees
and thank God they live
in the United States of America. They’re not only free to earn
millions of dollars every year, but they’re also free
from the worry of being shot in the head
for taking a knee like they would be
if they were in North Korea. Okay, wait, wait. You think black Americans
are free from the worry of being shot
by agents of the state? That’s the whole thing -that they’re protesting
in the first place. -(laughter) -That’s exactly what they’re
protesting. -(cheers, applause) In fact, in fact, if black Americans went
to North Korea, they wouldn’t get shot
just for being black. Just ask
Ambassador Dennis Rodman. -It wouldn’t happen!
-(laughter) (applause) So… so again, when is
the right time to protest? Well, according
to Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it’s not
the when that’s a problem. It’s the how that black people
are getting wrong. I think if this is…
the debate is really, for them,
about police brutality, they should probably protest
the officers on the field that are protecting them,
instead of the American flag. Oh, I see. Oh, don’t protest the flag. Protest the police officers
that are on the field. So if you do that,
then no one will complain? -Is that…? -No, no.
That’s not what I’m saying. I was kind of pointing out
the hypocrisy… Oh, wait.
You were just being sarcastic. Well, that’s a great use
of The White House. -Nicely done. Nicely done.
-(laughter) Yeah, but, you see,
you still haven’t told us the right way
for black people to protest. Um, I mean, we know it’s wrong
to do it in the streets, it’s wrong
to do it in the tweets. You cannot do it on the field. -You cannot do it
if you’ve kneeled. -(laughter) And don’t do it if you’re rich,
you ungrateful son of a bitch, because there’s one thing
that’s a fact– you cannot protest
if you’re black.


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    Cynthia grace

    Trevor…you are a natural talent! I enjoy your show so much!!👏😄🙌🏿😙💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    White Phoenix of the Crown

    And they say North Korea, Gadaffi etc were dictators. I mean this is even the worse things dictators could do..

    The USA : a country of pure racism, terrorism etc.. and they say god bless America lmao

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    Jesus Espinoza

    Lets make it happen…lets stop sports,rap,and killing movies…lets stop entertaining these so called racial majority.

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    How did kneeling become a disrespectful thing? I understand the anthem should be observed a certain way. But how does being on a knee which has always been a respectful thing become so hateful? It's just an excuse tbh so black people don't protest. Hmph

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    There’s two side to the view of kneeling. I personally think you should stand for our national anthem because, it’s what we are taught as a child to stand and to show respect.

    I think kneeing while everybody is standing is a disrespect to me.

    Exspecially if that person is famous, has money. He she could have used a different type of showings. He could have say something ominous the media, exspecially if he’s alway on media. Media is powerful. But kneeling while other is standing is disrespectful, I don’t give a shit. That’s how most of us are raised.

    Show some respect for America and for our soldiers.

    Go use your power from fame and work, and use it in front of news caster, YouTuber or whatever to tell the whole how I feel. But you ain’t got to kneel.

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    Joby Ayala

    3:41 that's not at all the point he was making?!? He literally says in plain English "free from the fear of being shot in the head for kneeling on one knee(i.e. protesting) like they would in North Korea." Yet when he chops out 50% of the total statement you have all these DUMBFUCKS applauding. Like seriously do all daily show fans have down syndrome or something???

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    Kenneth Oseghale

    Why are Republicans such imbeciles especially the ones on Fox news… Its really disappointing and disgusting…

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    David Lindsay

    Imagine if your waiter kept on and on about global warming and got annoying while you were eating. Thats same thing.

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    Solemn Solace

    Why should black people stand for the anthem it was written by a racist and the 3rd stanza celebrate slavery.

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    Reo Ality

    Black people seem to think they had anything to do with inventions in this world they seem to think they're part of it which is so hilarious. Black people seem to think they have a voice in this world and they don't !!! If your welfare check was wrong then talk to the lady at the counter other than that we don't care to hear from you.

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    I Self Law Am Master! Arm leg leg arm head!

    As long as football is still being played in America it's a beacon of racism. In my eyes! It's a gladiator sport and the player contracts are evident of my claims! I'll never let my child play and risk brain damage and his integrity of being a proud man. It's like black children playing for OLE MISS UNIVERSITY WTF REALLY NO INTEGRITY!

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    Chavez Gilmore

    If all the protesters did it at home. In front of their television, I bet a billion Amber gygers would pop out of nowhere. Js

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    That’s the point. They’re kneeling for blk men not to be shot while unarmed in U.S never mind North Korea!

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    Aaron Turner

    Thanks you Treavor Noah for that beautiful poem at the end cause I needed a poem to present in class and I couldn't think of anything plus since I'm black it will make sense if I read it.👍

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    That's like protesting at your job.
    is someone's paying you to do a job you're not going to protest in the middle of the job. A small example would be. you're working at Starbucks instead of making people drinks your protest well you're not really doing your job so you can be fired cuz its a private business

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    Vega Vapp

    The National Anthem is the worst fucking song ever… I stopped standing/saluting in the 90's when I was in school learning about our government's fucked up history.

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    Lillie Holmes

    Any Time, Any Place, is the Right Time to Protest, when was the right time for SLAVERY TO END,,,,, oh yes. Never Ended that why the killing of Black continue to this day,, we will be in 2020 in 4 months, THE SAME B/S

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    Velvet Rose

    IF, kneeling on a football field means you're disrespecting the flag………does kneeling in church mean you're disrespecting Jesus?

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    Anonymous Anonymous

    To: JayZ. When (you) JayZ betrayed the (social justice agenda)
    Anti-Police Brutality Movement, you did so with all the 'grace' of a
    Benedict Arnold drunk on his own arrogance. There is nothing clever
    about filling one's hypocritical mouth with (wannabe) bougie
    catch-phrases like 'actionable item(s)'. What about far simpler
    concepts, like: "police brutality", "murder-by-police", and "police-gang
    assault"? It is impossible to undermine a Movement and yet be
    pro-Movement, so your brand, JayZ, is anti-social justice. You did what
    you did to undermine Colin Kaepernick et al. taking a knee during the
    National Anthem, because had you not undermined these, American and
    global corporations would have become responsive to The Kneel. JayZ
    violated the 'birth' of a social justice Movement that was gaining
    momentum. The kneel was a passive nonviolent resistance tactic. If MLK
    were alive today, would JayZ still have done what he did? If he had,
    rest assured he would have been excoriated by The Movement- if not by
    Dr. King himself. What this should prove to we, the public, is which
    side of the Police Brutality Issue JayZ stands on. And, we should take
    note that JayZ did not only fail to stand alongside black men who took a
    (very public) stand against Police Abuse, he failed to stand alongside
    black men who took a (very public) stand against Police Brutality WHILE
    THEY WERE ON THEIR JOB! So, despite what JayZ claims, it is germane, to
    we the public, that CK (once) had a job: a very important and
    high-profile job! Just like it was important to Dr. King that the
    sanitation department workers in Memphis had jobs. Hence, JayZ actually
    took a stand alongside the NFL: an Oppressor. Didn't this type of
    bull-ish happen during slavery times? Isn't JayZ from the same New York
    City that Eric Garner was from? Why did JayZ take a position that gave
    himself the image of kneeling to the whim of a (corrupt) Establishment? I
    am no longer a (thought-full) JayZ 'fan'. I think he needs to go and
    listen to "The Story Of OJ", on repeat, a few times. It is one thing to
    try and make money for one's self and/or one's family. It is yet another
    thing to be greedy. It is yet another thing altogether to be a (race)
    traitor. And it is still yet another thing, entirely, to undermine
    (an)other black men's Initiative. JayZ, you are not only a business,
    man; you are a renegade. So we, The Movement, 'gets no love' from you?
    No, thank you, son. We don't want none (any). We want CK playing in the
    NFL, again- still kneeling if he wishes to- and, for you not to be in
    the crowded stadium when that happens.

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    I dont know why…well I do. But watching this didn't just piss me off it fractured my heart as a black person mainly the rhyme at the end summing everything up but also all the white people speaking openly racist, subjective, and flat out entitled opnions and thought out in the open and not facing backlash from it. And please understand I don't blame all white people nor think everyone is one way… But for people that think their not apart of the problem think about this. Are you doing something to stop those around you that speak or think this way? Do you cut them out of your life. Seeing someone hurting and not helping them can be the same as hurting them. At the very least let black people fight thier battle and speak their truth without getting in the way or trying to convice of to stop because "were just stirring up more hatred". The only reason that would be true is because rasict entitlted people still live in and control this country and allow and promote other to act and think the same way. "They should be grateful they can make millions of dollars and live in this country…" Black people owe you NOTHING don't forget the literal BACKS this country was actually built off of. Both the ones that labored to construct it and the ones put into the dirt and stepped on in the name of forging a racist goverment and society that you somehow think we should be greatful full for. "You're welcome"

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    Timothy Gathings

    How did so many dumb white ppl get in WH or on TV for that matter . Please if you can't say something thatake sense don't say nothing then you are looking intellectual like you think you are .

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    green 420

    If i could have one wish, id wish all the people who disagree with what they're protesting to wake up black. That would change their views for the rest of their life. If you can't see the white privilege we have then you're as crazy as trump. It's sickening people choose to turn their heads.

    Don't let my name throw you off. Im actually a 6 foot blue eyed half Mexican . So im basically white privileged under the radar. I hear sooo much racist shit. After trump was elected it was like a way for people to start a conversation. It's getting crazy. Hopefully one day it'll change.

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    damn it

    noah should be the new shakespear (im not sure if this comments already been done but i just wrote without thorough checking of the comment sections)

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    Othman Abubakar

    All the way from Tanzania. This here is one powerful message……..and i feel for black folks in misery all over the world. Trevor, Allah(s.w) bless you for your courage.

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    Ingrid Green

    Im ashamed to be white…UNGRATEFUL!!!! The arrogance! No wander were hated. 😢 Here have the scraps off my plate and be GRATEFUL. WTF? 😡 America is horribly racist! ( by this I mean in the political/government arena) I’m sure like us the average American is a good person.

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  73. Post

    This just proves that slavery still exists. It never ended. It just evolved. And it's even worse 'cause you live your entire life living in it than dying from it at a very young age. We need to do something about that country before its bullshit spreads to the entire universe.

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    Vielka Rodriguez

    Lol. Got his sight and complained about colors. And it had to be a pastor. So how do you protest the police. Love your f*## poem. You nailed it. If black can't protest, us caramel that are lots are s .o. l. We appear to have fewer and lesser rights.

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    Alex McD

    It'll never be the right time to protest, it'll never be the right time to talk about gun control. Which is why the time to protest is always now and the where is anywhere.

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  80. Post

    Bars!!!!! When white folks say the darndest things about what we go through as minorities, then that all lives matter bullshit is a contradiction.

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    Sky duster

    fucking American whites. I am racist towards every fucking American white. even those who claimed to not be racist. Not because of their color, but their actions. Spare me the speech. It's not like these fucking American whites gives a fuck that there is "good blacks" too. Every fucking American whites, thinks they are superior because of their fucking skin color.

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    raj shah

    Why people don't wanna respect their flag and anthem is beyond my understanding.
    What's this protest about?
    I wanna here protesters side of story.

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    R3Ddeuce Fellows

    Man sheesh Trevor stand up guy …coming from the inner city L a I truly love his spirit and no nonsense approach mixxed with humor keep it 💯💯..

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    Musings by Muñeca

    I really despise how he's gotten such a potty mouth. Thr content is great– even exceptional at times but the language I'd not what I've been accustomed to from him. 😓😓💔

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