Who Are Sovereign Citizens And Are They Above The Law?

Who Are Sovereign Citizens And Are They Above The Law?

In 2010, two police officers were shot and
killed by “sovereign citizens” in Arkansas during a routine traffic stop. In most cases,
sovereign citizens tend to be more of a nuisance than a deadly threat. They claim that US law
does not apply to them, and refuse to pay traffic tickets and taxes. However, a 2014
survey of law enforcement officers found that sovereign citizens were the number one threat
in the US, more so than even islamic extremists or neo-Nazis. So, what exactly is a sovereign
citizen? Well, the concept is a little difficult to
explain, mainly because it doesn’t really make any sense. Basically, sovereign citizens
believe that through a series of loopholes in common law court decisions, selective readings
of the constitution, and obscure tax codes, that they do not have to follow US law. They
tend to argue that because they never agreed to the federal government’s authority, they
cannot be arrested or charged with a crime. It is difficult to summarize the reasons behind
this belief because every sovereign citizen tends to have their own interpretation of
common law. Sovereign citizens often renounce their US citizenship, driver’s licence, marriage
license, voter registration, birth certificate, and anything else they see as a contract with
the federal government. In nearly all cases their claims are dismissed as frivolous. Most
sovereign citizen organizations charge memberships or sell DVDs, promising to explain how to
achieve sovereign status. The movement was originally started by a 1960s
Christian white supremacist group called “Posse Comitatus.” One of their core beliefs is that
the United States is controlled by a global Jewish conspiracy. In order to distance themselves
from supporting this government while still continuing to live within the US, they developed
the belief that they are not subject to federal laws. The group is most known for pioneering
techniques known as “paper terrorism.” This includes filing frivolous lawsuits, fake reports
of tax evasion on government officials, and similar false documents. This forces their
victims to spend time and money responding to these illegitimate claims, which sometimes
even leads to bankruptcy. One of the simplest arguments against sovereign
citizens is that the constitution, and by extension, the federal government, has express
authority over the citizens of the United States. This is according to article six of
the constitution, known as the Supremacy Clause. Those who renounce their citizenship must
do it in a foreign country and in front of a US diplomat or consular. They cannot simply
declare themselves “sovereign” while continuing to live in the US. As of 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center
estimated that there were about 100,000 hard core sovereign citizens. Another 200,000 have
attempted sovereign citizen arguments against things like traffic tickets and taxes. Although
their beliefs are completely illegitimate and borne out of anti-semitic racism, they
are a disruptive and growing force within the United States. Although the fear of islamic extremists has
reached an all time high in the United States, attacks are actually almost nonexistent. Check
out this video about what terrorist threats America is actually facing. Thanks for watching
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    Dan Conner

    If they are above the law and that they feel that they don't have to follow the law, then why do they continue to get locked up? SUCKERS

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    Randy Wright

    These clowns aren’t right wingers, right wingers believe in limited government, not that we’re not subject to the government, we believe in rule of law not that we’re above it

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    Katrina Price

    I find it offensive that these people call themselves Christians. Being a Christian I know that no true Christian would embrace these beliefs and Christians support Jews.

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    "Sovereign Citizens" Man that's just a new handle on an old problem….back in the day we used to call them bloody nutcases!

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    Bobby Greenwald

    There needs to be a data base for anyone that claimed to be this in there life time. They should not get any us benefits ever. They should not be able to ask for police aid at any time. There children should not be allowed to attend public school. They should get nothing, ever!

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    Jas. Strong-Oak

    Ah, I remember this. Lefties were talking about how "tea baggers" were just weeks away from killing tons of people. The Maobama Administration even produced a report warning of conservative combat veterans returning and wreaking havoc. Then 2016 and 2017 comes around and its a bunch of leftists shooting people up. Cool story, bro.

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    Completely illegitimate LOL. If you ask me they sound like people that are just getting tired of being screwed over by the government. Either way this is a fake report.

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    Semper Boat

    Had me until you made it an attack on the right wing, sovereign citizens have nothing to do with the right wing, they are a no wing party numb nuts

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    I love how this video says the movement grew out of out of antisemitic racism…..wait a second, if this video is saying their movement grew out of antisemitic so it is not legitimate??? Is the Democratic party not legitimate as well because it was founded with racism and fought during the Civil War to keep racism.

    These kind of videos are sad because the subtle propaganda they use are not intended to educate you but only further indoctrinate you. The reason the Government has power over you is not because you willingly submit to it but because men with guns will come and FORCE their will upon you. That isn't an opinion, that is a fact. If you have paid off and own your house in full……stop paying money to the Government to rent your house and land from them and see if men with guns come and take it from you. How could they legally take it from you if you have paid for the home and land ? They can do it because they will use gun and violence to force you to either comply or die.

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    Jm firelord

    Being a sovereign citizen is like being
    Dying of thirst and drinking water from a water source and saying they aren’t drinking from that said source

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    Wildchild96 jr

    I think Your propaganda video that you play said 337 right wing is wrong it's more left wing That causes terrorism in America

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    Risky B'Niss

    Sovereign citizenship only existed under Article IV of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles were abolished and the US Constitution took its place. Now we have Article IV of the US Constitution.

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    Troy Megill

    Anybody or any person or any Corporation or any alphabet agency that is speaking one word of a lie would be subject to the powers-that-be to diminish their influence on any of society.
    Every word that is spoken in a lie with now backfire on the ones who have spent an eternity trying every single angle to diminish your rights on this planet.
    the below document speaks as if the corporate law that is the law of the land currently is the right law that was chosen by the people for the people.
    He who is learning this understands that admiralty or civil law was created to control people not allowing anyone to become independent of the system no matter what level of thinking or what level of understanding a how independent they want to be.
    First we were sovereign and then we were kidnapped and then we were brainwashed and then we were given admiralty or civil law.
    Give to Caesar what is Caesar's.
    Give to God what is God's.
    give to the system what they have invested in nothing but lies deception poison and slavery.
    Give to God what is truth.
    Honor prosperity Harmony love affection abundance freedom.
    He who sews shall he reap!
    And it is not your souls for you to keep.

    So because Pages like this exists I know set a decree that these people who wrote this will suffer the consequences of deception that they inflicted upon many people who were thinking of being sovereign.
    The sovereigns will outnumber the corporates this will be as spoken will manifest.

    The Sovereign court is God's court, is the original court, is the fair Court, the People's Court is the truth court, is the only court of justice!

    As corporations are not real persons and not the child of God and has no authority except for what has been given by the sovereigns themselves.

    if you do click on this page and you read this this is absolute folly! Lies!
    and will cause the FBI and whoever is behind these statements to lose all power that they think they have and will cause a total dysfunctional state of being or mental disabilities, because once anyone who is in their sovereignty, 🙂 and in their " I am presence" feel that something is injust or deseptions, and finds evidence of it !!!! Decrees a motion! Through emotions and set into motion the universe to conspire to dismantle.
    as a write I create if I speak I create once I know that something is true or untrue everything starts to happen.
    Laughing or disregarding or not believing makes no difference.
    If you're reading anything I write for the first time go back in time and look what they've written and look out your window and look what's happening the joke's on you.
    I may be one person but I speak as part of the collective my job is to clean up all that has endured human freedoms with the exceptions of what people except to be the norm.
    Cultural society is not your friend it is your enemy but how would you know that's all you have ever known is the enemy as your friend.
    Look at your bank account look at your car payments look at the food in your fridge and start to realize who you thought with your friends are not your friends.
    You are only being used against your own brothers and sisters and because you may have facilitated this false reality it is you that would be on the other end of the spectrum when you realize the whole magnetic pole shift really meant that everything that was based upon a lie will be at the bottom buried in the Darkness to grow brand new again.
    Abracadabra alakazam I know who I am now watch the plan.


    Troy Megill

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    Richard Bambenek

    Wouldn't be a wonderful world if we could just do as we please with no regard for others? No, wait, that would mean others could do whatever to me, not good. See the problem with a society where you are totally free. Human nature kinda messes that idyllic world all up. Humans have not evolved enough for that to be a reality any time soon.

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    jeff James

    I had a feeling that some kind of religion was the root to this B.S.
    If they aren't a citizen of the U.S. Deport them to someplace that doesn't have taxes or laws.

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    Michael Todd

    My neighbor in the apartment complex I live in tried to convince me of this today and I just sent him this video. Some people's children.

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    gnewb e

    I had not known it was an anti semetic argument also. I appreciate the anarchistic views and values of these clowns. They are quite entertaining and have a perpetually humorous way of abstract comprehensions.

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    Jessie James

    . A Definition of Sovereignty

    In his classic, The King's Two Bodies (1957), medievalist Ernst Kantorowicz describes a profound transformation in the concept of political authority over the course of the Middle Ages. The change began when the concept of the body of Christ evolved into a notion of two bodies — one, the corpus naturale, the consecrated host on the altar, the other, the corpus mysticum, the social body of the church with its attendant administrative structure. This latter notion — of a collective social organization having an enduring, mystical essence — would come to be transferred to political entities, the body politic. Kantorowicz then describes the emergence, in the late Middle Ages, of the concept of the king's two bodies, vivified in Shakespeare's Richard II and applicable to the early modern body politic. Whereas the king's natural, mortal body would pass away with his death, he was also thought to have an enduring, supernatural one that could not be destroyed, even by assassination, for it represented the mystical dignity and justice of the body politic. The modern polity that emerged dominant in early modern Europe manifested the qualities of the collectivity that Kantorowicz described — a single, unified one, confined within territorial borders, possessing a single set of interests, ruled by an authority that was bundled into a single entity and held supremacy in advancing the interests of the polity. Though in early modern times, kings would hold this authority, later practitioners of it would include the people ruling through a constitution, nations, the Communist Party, dictators, juntas, and theocracies. The modern polity is known as the state, and the fundamental characteristic of authority within it, sovereignty.

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    Ricardo MAGARico

    You are under the laws of the United States, not maritime law nor
    admiralty law. You are on a road maintained by public laws and funds
    and under the jurisdiction of that state. If you are not a citizen then
    you have to produce a passport. You are a fraud. You also have
    probably filed a baloney UCC-1 which only applies to contracts between
    corporations and a sucker for others propaganda. And the criminal
    statutes apply ironclad for drug possession.

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    The old 18th century definition of "driving" only meant moving livestock or a wagon pulled by horses. And at the time of the US Constitutions inception travelling generally meant walking or riding horseback. These Sov Cits simply ignore the fact that driving a horse carriage became driving a motor car-riage and only when horses were replaced by a motor did it become necessary to expect more serious accidents. It was the Christy vs Elliot or Elliott Illinois decision that confirmed that States could regulate all traffic on public roads as part of the police powers of the states. " To secure the safety of travellers upon the public roads "

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    brian deleon

    Ok, southern poverty law center……. give me a break, this must be apropaganda video attempting to target freedom fighters in a negative way. Thanks, but no thanks to George Sorros's minions!!!!!

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    Misty Watson

    This is a one sided attack. When you are sovereign, you live under God's law, which was the law of the land until United States the corporation, enslaved us through our birth certificates. They ended slavery, and then made us the free slaves via the birth certificate and social security number. So, when you live under God's law, the whole idea is that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You live free and do no harm. And the perfect example of why someone would become sovereign, is the federal government mandating vaccines and removing the religious beliefs exemption and personal belief exemption. The constitution is supposed to protect us from a tyrannical government, yet its happening anyways. With forced vaccinations, the first amendment right is violated, and if it's the federal government mandating them, then the 10th amendment will be violated too.
    I personally have never harmed anyone. I'm a nurse. I care about people. And above all else, I'm a mother first and foremost and I can tell you that if I have to buy a motor home and go live off the land to stop the government from injecting my already vaccine injured eldest child, with more poison, and from injecting my baby girl with the same poison while her neuron synapses have not finished connecting, then I'll do it. I'll become sovereign.
    The real reason why they consider sovereign citizens a threat is because they don't want it getting out of hand where they lose control of the people . Dont listen to this guy. Think for yourselves and do the research.

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    William Lord

    I'm making a movement that allow citizens of the United States to kill Sovereign citizens We're going to find them we're going to execute them we're going to blitter ate them they don't follow our laws then their subject to our tyranny they don't want to comply I'll be happy to blow all their heads off

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    Augusto Pinochet

    Yeah I'm not concerned about them you leave them alone and they won't do anything to you unlike Islamic fundamentalism

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    Juji Mainvilles

    Its funny how they mention 337 attacks by right-wing extremists, and yet there was no mention of a death count.

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    Craig Brown

    I guess sovereign citizens is considered a dirty word these days, because the United States is nothing else but sovereign citizens, I always thought that all Americans are sovereign citizens, but some are twisting the word sovereign out of proportion to be sovereign is to be above, or something like that as God is sovereign and almighty… America is based on sovereignty as a christian nation and christians are believers in God.. but also that includes any being whom believes that God is creator, and almighty…. this includes all
    religions that have God as the creator of all things… That is what is America and all citizens of these United States are sovereign citizens… because this is America land of the free home of the brave..

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    Real BigSwede

    Yes they are very dangerous. Remember the tim and his pay and the federal building bombing they where soverain citizen

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    James Michael

    Who ever put this video are Anti American. .There is no such thing as the sovereign citizens . You either a Sovereign or a Citizen you cannot be both. People are Sovereign . Who ever put this propaganda is a fucken terrorist

    Sovereign means a Man ,A King in Status . mean while Citizens means Subject Slaves no rights 14th Amendment citizens.

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    I would be down if they were just complete philosophical skeptics that denied the existence of all concept mapping but yeah of course they just don’t wanna pay parking tickets.

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    Ven Geance

    There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. There are State Citizens and there are U.S. citizens. State citizens owe allegiance to their birth state and U.S. citizens are federal citizens subject to the United States corporation 28 USC § 3002 15 (a) and statutory law. State Citizens or American nationals fall under the laws of the Republic (the Constitution for the united States of America) whereas those claiming U.S. citizenship are subject to statutory law and the UCC.

    See Jones v. Temmer 1993

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    Ven Geance

    This video is the biggest demonstration of someone who has absolutely no clue as to what he is talking about.

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    ru bee

    LOL most of these people want freedom from slavery and youre posing it and people are commenting like its a bad thing or something.. why cause you all still have to pay taxes? these are our people, the government(al)(control-mind) system is not

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    Lee-Anne Griffin

    Who Are Sovereign Citizens And Are They Above The Law? Answer part 1): They're idiots. Answer part 2): No.

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    Cory Venezia

    There r no Christian white supremacist groups cause if they truly r white supremacist than they are not real Christians. Christian mean Christ like and Christ was never like that

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    Sound Logic

    A relative of mine got caught up in this bunk cult and literally lost nearly everything and still can’t see the light. Smh

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    Paul Crooks

    Who do they call if they are a victim of a crime? Do hospitals have to the treat if they are injured? Are toll roads free for them?

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    Screw You

    No they are not above the law. That is about the same BS as that Moorish nonsense. Question… If they are a sovereign citizen "country of their own" can I attack them and declare war because they invaded my country?

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    I mean if they aren't us citizens nor have a visa..aren't they technically saying they're illegal immigrants?

  71. Post
    Art Palombo

    So basically they what the privileges of our great country but think they do not have to follow our law's. So in that case can I shoot them and not be arrested because there is no law.

  72. Post
    John Hawk

    Read the constitution. Its about taking our country back most of you dont know what it is like to be free corporations run this country wake up

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    Jim Beaux

    Sovereign citizens are morons.. the Bible says to follow the law of the land. If you want to stop following the laws of America, you’re more than welcome to go give Russia a try. Or China. It sucks sometimes, but laws are there for a reason, to keep this country intact. Yeah, America is not perfect. Yeah, there’s a lot of corruption, but America with all her flaws, is as good as it gets. <3

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    James Robinson

    I hate to tell you but you are so extremely wrong it's not even funny the Constitution gives the power to the people not to its government you should probably read the Second Amendment.

    Just how powerful is the United States citizens as the United States military is the most powerful military in the entire world there are actually pretty weak compared to the United States citizens.

    In the Constitution the United States military cannot own or possess any weapon that the United States citizens cannot own this includes military aircraft military vehicles and Military firearms.

    I don't think a lot of people are aware of this but the United States citizens actually owns its own military outside of the United States government.

    This is called the National Guard
    Go down to your nearest National Guard Station and find out what kind of military vehicles military aircraft and Military Firearms they have.

    Outside of the National Guard the United States citizens own over 40% of all firearms in the entire world over 400 million enough guns for every man woman and child in America and you could still have 67 million guns left over.

    This does not count the United States military Firearms which only own 27 million.

    And I'm sure that you have heard this on multiple of occasions when someone is sworn in they swear to fight foreign and domestic.

    Domestic means within its own country.

    If the United States was to come over a dictator president it would be left up to the United States citizens to fight.

    This actually is what separates America from every other country in the entire world this is also why the United States is one of the most powerfulest countries in the entire world.

    If you happen to get past the United States military which is one of the strongest ones in the entire world you would be faced with an even greater power and that's the United States citizens.

    However I do disagree with Sovereign citizens groups. I just don't agree with how you explained it because you are absolutely positively wrong.

    The Constitution gives the power to the people not to its government

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  77. Post

    Sovereign means a supreme ruler. They do not believe in supreme rulers (ie: the US Gov’t). Their name literally represents the antithesis of what they stand for. Mental illness is so sad.

  78. Post
    Justin Luckenbach

    I like how NowThis is trying its hardest to paint this issue as an extension of right wing culture when in reality most “sovereign citizens” are liberal hippies that take libertarianism to an extreme.

  79. Post
    B. Chuchlucious

    Wow, label someone a Supremacist or Anti-Semite: guaranteed results! Automatically shut down any intelligent debate. We were all sovereign, free people before 1871, look it up.

  80. Post
    William Vinyard

    We have people that now we even have them in Our capital buildings as Governors, law enforcement, banking (example Wells Fargo caught with 1 million fake accounts) this is actually what this nation is trying to do this to me because I am of a Jewish bloodline

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  82. Post

    I didnt realize what channel I accidentally clicked on. Of course everything is racist, even when it's not. This video did very little to explain what sovereign citizens are, so typical liberals, cant do anything right.

  83. Post
    Nate _____

    In my opinion there is no point in being a U.S citizen at this point, although while on U.S land government laws still apply. I personally do not consider myself a U.S citizen, I'm not loyal to the U.S in any way nor do I participate in civic functions like voting or jury duty. But I still follow laws to a extent just like if I where to visit another country I would follow local laws. And before you cry that I should relocate, It takes a small fortune to move out of the United States especially with the cost of living I would if I could.

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    El Coyote

    These insufferable Sovereign Citizens should have to pay the court costs PLUS a $5,000 fine (just for being spectacularly annoying and breathtakingly dumb).

  86. Post
    Matt Mercado

    This dude who's doing the video knows zero!! And the lot of you clowns who think this "Soverign thing" is bologna owe it to yourselves to do your own research before you knock down the idea….

    The only people that knock down these ideas are the ones that benefit from them and ones that don't know the difference between what the law and what's legal…. Almost the same word but not quite
    Information is key!!! Everything that's talked about can be found and verified through the "Lawbooks"

    A good place to start for anybody wanting to know is, ask yourself why all of your identity material/CC's/Debit cards have all capital letters….
    Everything that identifies you is Capitalized for a reason

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    S.E.D Fargo,ND

    you all want Money come to Turtle Mt. Belcourt tax Free all riiiggghttt all alright . team free ask for me… Millions I mean millions Mr. Spotted Eagle North Dakota Kid

  89. Post
    Devin Hinkson

    If sovereign citizens are not bound by the law then they also are not entitled to the protections granted under the law.

  90. Post
    Cristopher Fistunenko

    Do what your master (government)
    I'm not anti-Semitic,nor racist,nor a criminal
    But I am anti government,I don't agree with much they do,and I'm not contributing to evil,just cause master controls millions of minions(EVIL IS STILL EVIL)

  91. Post
    parkour boss Tedward

    Let's see this video is very biased against them so I call bull on the video and not all sovergn citizens are like that the people who get pulled over and argue with the cop about the law are considered sovereign even though all they're doing is knowing the laws

  92. Post
    C Cash

    You’re a piece of trash. How can you call yourself news? You bash right wingers out of nowhere and use a picture of obama for your logo? Garbage

  93. Post

    You are of your father. DECEIVERr!!!! Why dont you read the part where it states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and that codes and statutes are not in harmony with it because they take away our God given rights which the Constitution protects.

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    Jim Dooley

    Why is above the law on there…everybody is a sovereign citizen until your parents signed in 1935 strawman act which is the birthright contract to the District of Columbia that you will be a federal employee of the state. Sovereign citizen just means you would not be taxed evaded and that you're a person of land and not corporation.. PLAIN AND SIMPLE WHAT'S SO HARD TO !UNDERSTAND

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  99. Post

    Sovereign Citizen is a fake term that is created out of ignorance to derail the truth if you know the truth or to misinform the public to keep them in the dark.
    Sovereign is a word that stands alone, it represents a set of values that are intrinsic within all living beings. The right to self govern and to be in control of yourself as your supreme being. We have delegated some of that Authority over to the government which makes us Citizens not Sovereigns.
    A citizen is someone who is under the control voluntarily, by a governed body. If you are a citizen you can't be a sovereign by definition. You can only be one or the other not both. I hope this makes sense, because what you are seeing today is that the US of A is a corporate entity and it was created by people for people. There are instruments and tools within that too help us with our pursuits of life and happiness and liberties. We ignorantly do not know how to use these tools and rely on delegating even more power to those that say they know, like congressmen, lawyers, doctors and etc. Please know that there is a way to live as a sovereign even after you have become a citizen, but in return you have to not be a citizen anymore, because citizens pay tax to show allegiance, and sovereigns are "fountain of youth" so to speak, because they understand they are the Credit0rs to the nations unwavering unintelligible debt ceiling.

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