Who’s a U.S. Citizen? (Colin) | Lineup | Cut

Who’s a U.S. Citizen? (Colin) | Lineup | Cut

– What did you do for the 4th of July? Did you watch a fireworks display? – No. – Can you recite the Pledge of Allegiance? – Yeah. I stand allegiance, wait. – I pledge allegiance. – I pledge allegiance. – My name’s Colin, I like to
watch educational documentaries and read non-fiction books. – Like, legally? – Oh my God, there’s a lot of tension over citizenship at the moment and I think people get defensive about it so I don’t wanna offend anyone. – I am a U.S. citizen. – I guess it just means
I’m a part of something bigger than myself, it’s like my homeland or whatever you’d call it. – Hi, how long have you
lived in Washington? – 10 years. – What did you do for the
4th of July this year? – I think I was like, in Disney Land. – Disney Land?
– Yeah. – Did you watch the fireworks display? – It was amazing. – Hurrah?
– Yeah. (chuckles) – Give your best woo! – Woo! – Yeah I think so, I think
you are a U.S. citizen. – Okay. – Hi I’m Colin.
– Callum. – Callum? – Callum like Colin with an M and an A. – What do you like to eat? – I’ve been eating a
lot of pasta recently. – Okay, you said pasta?
– Yeah. (group chuckling) – He doesn’t sound like a U.S. citizen. I’d say initially off the bat you’ve given me European vibes. Yeah, I think he’s not a U.S. citizen. I’m gonna have to lean on the accent. What do you do for a living? – Bilingual educational assistant. – Okay, what is your favorite food? – Tacos de Lengua, the tongue tacos. (speaking Spanish)
– You’re gonna have to explain – The cow tongue, cut up, in a taco. – The shoes are giving me Latino vibes and the Tacos and everything. But I’ll say that you are a U.S. citizen. It’s the vibe, I’m feeling
vibes and auras right now. – Throwing out my U.S. American vibes. – Hi.
– Hey. – I’m Colin.
– Paul Lim. – What was that, Paul? – Paul Lim.
– Paul Lim. – It does, it seems
very East Asian, right? But I’d say you are a U.S. citizen. – Do I look white or sound white? – Like my dad dresses like that. (Paul laughing) What did you do for 4th of July this year? – I’m from Florida so over
there we go to the beach, watch fireworks, but it’s hot. – How many times have
you been to Disney World? – Twice. – My guess is that you are a U.S. citizen. The way you talk, just
all your experiences seem pretty American. – Go America!
– Go America, go U.S. Say, can I speak to your manager? – Can I speak to your manager? – Can I speak to your manager?
– Can I speak to your manager? – I’d say off of your vibe,
you are not a U.S. citizen. – What’s the vibe that I’m giving off that I’m not a U.S. citizen? – Just so bright and bubbly. – So U.S. citizens can’t
be bright and bubbly? – In this case, I’d say no.
– No? (group laughing) – I’m Colin.
– Laura, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. Your accent sounds like
not an American accent. But that (laughing) I’m sorry. – It’s okay.
– Yeah. I guess, try to speak like I do. – I guess, try to speak like I do. (group laughing) – How long have you lived here? – 18 years.
– 18 years? How old are you?
(group laughing) What percentage, I guess. Man, oh man.
– Relax. – Let me think of another.
– Relax. – This is putting me on edge. Because of the accent, you
are not a U.S. citizen. Hi I’m Colin. – Jordan.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Who was the third U.S. president? – What? Was it Taft? Do you even know?
– It’s Thomas Jefferson. Who’s the second U.S. president? – Don’t even. – Who was the president
during the Civil War? – Andrew Jackson just keeps
coming to my mind for that. – I’d say by the way he’s dressed and his poor knowledge of U.S. history that he is a U.S. citizen. (group laughing) – That’s 50%! That’s pretty good, I think
that’s passing in some classes. (group mumbling) – You got me wrong, I’m from Ethiopia. I’m not a citizen but I’m
actually a green card holder. – What’s a green card, exactly? – It allows you to go
to school and like, work without really having to be a citizen. So it’s like being here legally. – Can you like, apply later? – Once you’re here for
five years you can apply for your citizenship
but I opted out not to. – Why not? – All of my family is back home and eventually I’d like to
go back and live with them. I’d like to say Ethiopian and Ethiopia doesn’t
allow dual citizenship. – Okay, I don’t think, the U.S. doesn’t? – The U.S. does.
– Oh okay. – Yeah, with certain countries. Awesome, thank you.
– Thank you. Hi, did I get you right? – No, dual nationality. – You were born here? – No I was born in England. – So your parents are U.S. citizens? – My mom is a full U.S.
citizen, my dad is not. – I don’t get it, I’m confused. – Yeah so by blood or
whatever you wanna call it my mom was able to pass
on to me and my sister and then we can pass
onto any kids we have. – Wow. I guessed you right.
– Yes you did. I was born in California, when I was three I moved to Mexico at seven I moved back. – Why did you move to Mexico? – Because my grandma was sick so my mom, she was
pregnant with my sister. My sister is that one in the red the one that pops out, the colors. – The colors?
– Yeah. – So is your sister?
– She is not a U.S. – Not a citizen?
– No she’s not a citizen. – What are the downsides of that, like? – If I want to travel, my
parents can come with me my sister can’t come. – But you can travel inside the U.S.? – We can yeah, travel but then again then fear of deportation, like airports even greyhound you just have that fear that you’re gonna get stopped and checked. – They can just like–
– Grab you and detain you. We have a, if you’re here in Washington they’ll take you to the
detention center in Tacoma. – Wow.
– Yeah we have one here so. – Hello again.
– Hi. You’re a U.S. citizen?
– Yes. My mom came in as a refugee,
she applied for citizenship, green card, the whole thing. Once she qualified, she passed the tests was part of to me, my
pain is that this country is the greatest country in the world because if I’m looking at
it from the perspective of migrating people, migrating, right? If you ask anybody in the
world, where would you go? The percentage of it, probably be the U.S. That’s just my opinion but. – Did I get you right?
– No. I’m a DACA recipient.
– DACA? – Do you know what that is? – Yeah it’s– – Deferred. – Action Children.
– Childhood arrivals. – Arrivals. – Did you become a DACA
participant out of necessity? – You do get a social security number, you get drivers license
and working permit. So I guess it would be
necessity because if not I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself. – Hi, did I get you right? – Yeah, I was born in Mexico but I came here when I was three. So I’m from here, I grew up here. So my look is from here? (chuckling) I guess. – I was going off of
vibes and looks today. – Yeah. – How did it make you feel when I said you weren’t a U.S. citizen? – I didn’t feel like,
offended or anything. – Like in your everyday life is it something that you think about? – I also have DACA, it’s just like a fear of getting that taken away from me. Then just being deported,
I mean it’s a fear that I always have in the back of my mind. I don’t know, I just
kind of feel privileged that I do have DACA and I can work and have a social security number, I can go to school and get
all the funding and stuff. – When did you become a U.S. citizen? – 2007, I got a green card from my mom. She is a U.S. citizen.
– Okay. – Yeah so she apply me the green card then I come here then
get the citizenship test. Nice meeting you.
– It was nice to meet you. – Hi, did I get you right?
– Oh yeah. – Oh yes. (group laughing) – You could tell by the knowledge. – Yeah the knowledge.
– All right here. – The U.S. history. How does it feel to
have a limited knowledge of U.S. history when non-citizens are required to take a
test for stuff like that? – Usually I don’t get asked
that randomly on the street like hey, who was the
third president? (chuckles) – Quick, who is it?
– I already forgot, see. – I learned a lot about how
people can become U.S. citizens and more about DACA since there’s so much about it on the news, I
have a better appreciation for what it means to
be not a U.S. citizen. – Definitely, thank you
for sharing your stories. It was a wonderful experience. (all mumbling) (applause) Thank you so much!


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    Should be a chris hanson looking border patrol guy in the back *speaks in spanish or some other dirt language "take a seat"

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    This guy is playing the game correctly. Asking a lot of questions, getting people to share their experiences. You can tell it's not the subject that interests him the most (cause otherwise he would know some of this stuff already) but he's playing along and helping to create a good video. Cool dude.

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    I'm happy this episode was done. It shines light on the injustices committed by the Trump administration on the DACA people in our country. These people are not being treated fairly.

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    i'm a dual citizen, who was raised partially between the USA & UK and i only got one of those presidential questions correct. and that's after a long thought process. it started with "he's tall, right?" (guess which one i got correct)

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    Jennifer Murphy

    I'm gonna sound like an idiot but can't you become a US citizen no matter where you're from? Obviously not that easy but if you're from another country and you want to move to America you apply for a citizenship?

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    Bessie Bear

    Ugh….here goes the white bashing. Everyone, quick! Say something about white privilege…. Here I am, a Native Canadian woman. I am married to an Acadian man. My children are mixed race. Both parents descendants of oppression and yet, one is white. Loves, stfu if you actually hate white people for absolutely no reason other than 'a privelege'. This conversation woild have been more meaningful if the hard tongues would have shut up, and the soft tongues speak up. People wanted to say things but couldn't and the people who could, were idiots 🙁

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    swiss cheech

    So based off his "vibe" I'm getting a strong sense of ethnocentrism.

    "I guess like try to speak like"😑😑

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    kristina l

    he’s very ignorant. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s good they’ve educated this colonizer. i’m also glad he learned that you can be a citizen without being born here. no shade.

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    Oscar Hamilton

    Answer drive crawl express injury shuttle gift choice prepare significance split briefly agreement.

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    Abigail Cawthorn

    Try "Who's a college student?" I think it could let people see that those of all ages can be attending college

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    My question will be:
    1, Have you ever abandoned your US citizenship
    2, What's your birth place?
    3, Are your parents U.S Citizens?
    4, Have you ever passed the U.S citizenship exam

    That's all the actually questions that matter.
    Everything else is non-sense.

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    Shemar Collier

    Damn the first doca girl was Beautiful not on some weird shit and the second one was pretty we need to save doca facts y’all these women are voluptuous 😫😂

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    Elliott Smith

    written perhaps virtual emotion minister perhaps conservative familiar emotional minority wall continue.

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    i need an @ name for the girl from florida with the stripes!!! she can catch all this love and affection!!!!!!!

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    Michelle Wei

    Interesting, the one girl talks about "grabbing, detaining, and deporting"… the other one says it right… "green card, here legally". Hmm… knock, knock.. maybe the police are waiting for the sisters after the video. And heres hoping that DACA girl gets her shit together with the grace period to straighten things out!

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    Gabriela Contreras

    People need to understand how emigration is. So everyone can talk about this in the most respectable way posible.

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    Alan Kerlidou

    I am no US citizen, not born in the USA, and learned the language on-site. (Been 7 years) Still proud to pay my taxes & help my community. Gosh I wish sometimes it was easier for those, like me, who wish to not feel like an Alien anymore & be recognized for what we really are, that is humans and valuable. 🙁

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    Lucy Alvarez

    The makeup department should have covered up that Hickey it literally took up his whole ass neck and was ORANGE????

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    Why do accents make citizens like… wtf xD Also, I have citizenship through inheritance as well, and it seems like most Americans don't even know it's a thing. I had one person tell me to my face that that isn't possible LMAO

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    Lillian Adele

    im sorry but an american white guy saying another white guy w/ an accent "has a european vibe" is so fucking funny to me like damn bro u really guessed it

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